Canada Post is moving forward with an Indigenous and Northern Reconciliation Strategy.

Our new Indigenous and Northern Reconciliation Strategy

I am incredibly grateful for everything you’ve done and are doing in this challenging year. Thanks to your efforts, this year has renewed the trust Canadians have in Canada Post. Our service is incredibly important to Canadians. They all expect more from us, and we are embracing this responsibility in our words and actions. We are committed to doing better.

That’s why I’m excited and extremely proud that Canada Post is moving forward with an Indigenous and Northern Reconciliation Strategy. It commits us to taking concrete action to renew our long-standing relationship with Indigenous and Northern communities.

As Canada’s largest Crown corporation, we have a unique opportunity to play a meaningful role in reconciliation. This Strategy is going to guide us in our relationship with First Nation, Métis and Inuit communities across Canada. It has four key pillars:

  1. 1. We’re going to improve postal services to Indigenous and Northern communities. With a five-year, community-by- community approach, we’ll strengthen our retail network in Indigenous and Northern communities.
  2. Some communities will see new full-service post offices, while others will see existing services improved. Options include centralized delivery such as parcel lockers and improved access to financial, remittance and government services.
  3. 2. We will develop and implement an Indigenous Procurement Policy. With a new policy now in development and expected to take effect in the second quarter of 2021, we’re going to redefine our business relationship with Indigenous-owned companies. It will be based on trust, economic reconciliation and good business sense.
  4. 3. We will improve Indigenous employment and retention. We’ll do this in partnership with our unions and Indigenous Peoples. We can and should improve Indigenous representation in our workforce so that it reflects the country and the communities we serve.
  5. 4. We will support the viability, wellness and safety of Indigenous communities. We will collaborate with community leaders and local Indigenous law enforcement to ensure that we serve these communities safely. This includes working to reduce the non-mailable matter, such as alcohol and illicit drugs, that enter these communities.

This Strategy is at the core of who we are and what we do. Canada Post is a trusted network of people committed to serving every community. How we serve, how we operate and how we make decisions can all have a profound impact on each one. That’s why it’s so important that we work with with Indigenous and Northern communities and our bargaining agents on reconciliation – to move forward and make real, sustainable progress.

Work is already well underway. Many of us will have a role to play as we integrate the strategy at all levels or our operations and workforce. Please get behind it, knowing you’ll be contributing to positive outcomes in these communities throughout Canada.

Thank you for all you do to serve Canadians, and please, make it safe, make it home.