We’re ensuring that accessibility and inclusion is top of mind when it comes to our workforce culture, our customer spaces, our products and services and the partners we do business with. Our goal is to take the lead on accessibility and inclusion in Canada.

Learn about the four key ways we plan to strengthen accessibility within Canada Post and beyond.


Learn about our efforts in 2020 to meet Canadians’ higher expectations around social and environmental leadership



A $500,000 grant program that enables employees at offices, plants and depots to bring forward and implement projects at their site that support the greening of Canada Post.

If you have a great idea for an environmental initiative that could make a difference in your workplace and would like to apply to the SAF, click here.

Green Teams
Local, volunteer “action teams” that work to inject a culture of sustainability at Canada Post facilities.

If you want to be part of building a culture of sustainability at Canada Post and are interested in starting or joining a Green Team, email ESG@canadapost.ca.