Dear Colleagues,

Earlier today, Corporate Knights, an independent sustainability and research firm in Toronto, recognized Canada Post as one of the country’s “Best 50 Corporate Citizens.”

You’ll recall that last spring, Canadians named us Canada’s most trusted brand in a survey by the Gustavson School of Business. Now, we are on the list of the Best 50 Corporate Citizens, representing the rising standard and ambition for corporate sustainability leadership in Canada.

This recognition is a huge honour for Canada Post. It reflects the hard work of everyone across the company on top priorities like safety, environmental responsibility as well as a respectful and inclusive workplace.

How we were measured

To determine the top 50 performers, Corporate Knights independently analyzed 271 large Canadian organizations against Canadian and global industry peers, based on 24 key performance indicators. These included energy and waste productivity, employee turnover, injuries, and diversity among our board members and executives.

I was pleased to see we scored particularly well on carbon productivity, diversity and clean revenue based on our fleet of vehicles. I encourage you to check out the ranking published on the Corporate Knights website today.

Our progress and commitments

It’s still early days in our transformation journey. But this special recognition, and the results in our 2020 Sustainability Report, demonstrate that we’re already making tangible progress on the issues that matter to Canadians:

  • We continue to reduce our total injury frequency rate.
  • We diverted 73 per cent of our waste from landfill sites last year.
  • We have Canada’s largest alternative propulsion delivery fleet, which we continue to convert with hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • Last year we became the first Crown corporation to launch an Indigenous and Northern Reconciliation Strategy.

Looking ahead, we’re committed to so much more, like achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and eliminating unnecessary single-use plastics next year. These are just a few examples of our social and environmental achievements and aspirations. They are key to achieving our transformation and delivering on our new purpose: A Stronger Canada – Delivered.

Thank you.

Thanks to all of you for your dedication. We could not have received this esteemed recognition without your efforts, without your commitment to safety, to the environment, to social good at Canada Post and in the communities where we live and work. It has not been easy to achieve so much through this extraordinary period – so thank you.

Let’s take pride in this recognition today. And as we do so, know that that we need to accelerate our collective efforts in this area to deliver a stronger Canada.