Canada Post offers special payment of up to $1,000 to all CUPW-represented employees as part of a last-ditch effort to deliver the holidays


With no deal emerging from the weekend’s efforts, Canada Post is focusing on saving the holiday season deliveries that are so critical for retailers, charities and Canadians.

In a last-ditch effort to deliver the holidays, Canada Post has proposed to the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) that the two parties work together through January during a cooling-off period that would immediately end rotating strikes, allow for mediation to resume and introduce a process to achieve a final resolution.

“With the rotating strikes, resulting backlogs, and the massive Black Friday and Cyber Monday volumes that will arrive within days, we are trying everything we can to work together with the union – urgently – to deliver the holidays to Canadians,” says Jessica McDonald, Chair of the Board of Directors and Interim President and CEO. “This proposal also includes a way for the parties to resolve their differences and these negotiations.”

There is an urgent need for Canada Post to restore full operations. With hundreds of trailers loaded with parcels already backlogged at our facilities – and the growing repercussions for customers and the Canadian retail economy –this proposal is open for acceptance until 5:00 p.m. on November 19. After that time, Canada Post would lose its last window of opportunity to clear the backlogs before the oncoming wave of volumes reaches its facilities.

In an effort to restore full operations and deliver oncoming volumes, Canada Post is proposing:

• A cooling-off period, effective immediately and lasting until January 31, 2019, which is past the holiday peak volumes, as well as high volumes driven by Boxing Day sales and the return of holiday purchases in January. During the cooling-off period, CUPW would not strike or take any other job action, and the Corporation would not lock out employees;

• Immediately starting further mediation with a jointly-agreed, government-appointed mediator until the end of the cooling-off period;

• A special payment of up to $1,000 for CUPW-represented employees that would be paid at the end of January if there is no labour disruption before the cooling-off period ends;

• To reinstate both collective agreements with CUPW, including all employee benefits, for the duration of the cooling-off period;

• If agreements have not been reached by January 31, the mediator would submit recommendations for settlement. If they are not adopted by the parties, binding arbitration would be introduced.

Canada Post is making this proposal in a spirit of cooperation and in hope of delivering the holidays to Canadians and avoiding the significant financial and economic damage that would be felt if rotating strikes continued.


  • Diasu says:

    Christmas SURPRISED – Not.

    What is the problem … Pay us what we work! Pay us what we deserve!
    Mileage for the deliveries to the door (Within no limit! I have always spent way more then I receive delivering parcels … wear and tear is never considered and the $ doesn’t cover the gas!) I am shorted ALWAYS!
    $2 per parcel … +
    Everyone wants to work and get this solved – but want fair payment for all those that do all jobs. RSMC or URBANS – Volume matters!

  • Brassed Off says:

    This is absurd . Please please get something done already..
    I am sick to death of Cupw holding / putting up roadblocks to everything.
    The corporation are being more than fair.lets do this cooling off period .
    It’s going to go to arbitration anyways eventually . You can’t stop the inevitable.

  • gerg says:

    Not Interested. NO DEAL, STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE.

  • Craig says:

    This nonsense has been rightfully rejected. Putting that contract back would only have us working hours for free while you have shown ZERO interest in bargaining in good faith.

  • Effective immediately says:

    I am going to signing the new cooling off period offer with my condition terms:1. 4 hours OT pay on weekend delivery effective immediately. 2. pay all hours we work effective immediately. 3. pay all full 8 hours hours as urban side effective immediately. Done. Very simple

  • Susan Seager says:

    I’m a cPc employee for the last 32 years ! I was always under the impression RSMCs read and signed a contract ! Signing your name to the contract means you accept the terms ! Sorry I see how in large cities how RSMCs operate ! I question a lot about holding my contract up !

  • therealityis says:

    This is a solution we can live with even though it’s not ideal. WE need the uncertainty & stress to STOP so we can try to enjoy this holiday season with our families. Let’s be realistic as well. As RSMC’s we know these things always take too long & we deal with it. We’ll get a fair deal through arbitration because most of us already know that’s where this is headed….

  • Mr,Trudeau Said says:

    Mr.Trudeau said we need to stand up to defense our Canadian values. Pay equal now to all RSMC if you still respect our true Canadian values.

  • Wake up now says:

    CPC our demands of full pay equal 100% reasonable follow the final ruling of pay equity decision. We are not asking higher than others who’s work the same duty condition. We need treat as equal as a first class carrier. Do you understand???

  • Belinda Legere says:

    Just give us fulltime and partime rmsc a raise and better benefits. Us partime rsmc dont get much of anything and I have been on my route for 15 yrs my boot allowance is $30.00 what a joke!

  • Show Your Respect says:

    No problem, we want to work together. But need respect first, give us OT hours on weekend delivery now without delay, give us all hours pay we work.

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