Canada Post tables offer in ongoing negotiations with CUPW-RSMC


On Friday, September 7, Canada Post tabled an offer with your Union that provides wage increases in every year of the proposed four-year contract and makes improvements to your benefits.

The offer recognizes your positive contribution to the company’s success and sets a new, collaborative path forward.
Jessica McDonald, our Chair of the Board and Interim President and CEO, outlines what this offer means to you and your colleagues in a letter, below.

Negotiations began at the end of 2017 and the parties have been in facilitated talks for more than eight months. The conciliation phase ended at midnight on September 4, 2018 and we are now in a 21-day cooling-off period that ends at midnight, September 25, 2018. Meanwhile, negotiations are ongoing.

The collective agreement between Canada Post and CUPW-RSMC expired December 31, 2017 but the terms and conditions continue to apply, in accordance with the Canada Labour Code.

We will continue to keep you informed of key developments through your team leaders and the Negotiations Hub.

Read here the detailed summary of the offer tabled with your Union.


  • Syed Abbas Burlington says:

    The Canada should match and increase the wage according to the overwhelming workload. We employees now seriously have no quality time to spend with our family and kids. Daily in order to finish the whole walk because of increase work load, Parcels and neighboourhood flyer we have to do forceful overtime.

    The Canada post should come up to support its employee.

  • Von says:

    The Canadian cost of living inflation rate is up to 2.9% on average so far this year. So how can Canada Post justify offering any less than at least 2.5% ? Also vehicle expenses have increased even more than that and yet no wage increase there either ? Come on CPC … get real! If you want us to do our jobs then pay us a fair wage for the work we do. I challenge anyone in upper management to deliver the mail on my RSMC route using their own vehicle for a week anytime from November to March out here in Saskatchewan and then see if they think I am being underpaid. Also the union should learn to concentrate on whats important – the employees – not infrastructure upgrades such as electric vehicles or solar panels or questionable post office banking schemes !

  • Craig says:

    So here we are going on three weeks and yet you havent responded to our global offer. It’s almost like you want a labour disruption. If the answer is no than prove me wrong.

  • Lorraine says:

    This offer is not reasonable considering the back breaking lifting, carrying and the amount of stairs we need to lug our fully loaded satchels up and down. now with the restructure it is even more parcels and more walking up and down stairs. Also let us not forget the flyers …counting collating and carrying…this is of course after our long day of delivering because no one wants to spend the hour or hour and half doing it in the morning along with everything else.
    The cost of living has increased so much over the last five years alone and the wage increase should at least meet that requirement, so we can afford to live in this city. we should not be living paycheck to paycheck with the increasing hard work the pay at least meet the cost of living increase minimally.
    Also not everyone is looking to have babies or require help doing so…its great that this is added to the benefits package however if we cannot afford to live how can we afford to have babies and go on mat leave.
    PAY for the work you expect and show the appreciation we so greatly deserve as we are the backbone of this company and deserve to be paid as such just like big guys behind the desk who physically don’t work as hard and don’t have to slave like we do to move the mail and parcels to make the people of this city happy and content as they get their products and mail reliably and in reasonably time to keep ordering and rely on the postal workers.
    This job to be a great paying, hard work was acceptable because we got paid for the work we did…now its not a job that pays well when you consider the cost of living and how hard you have to work…the pay increase offer is laughable…..also vote no
    oh yeah and no thanks to the skort as well would prefer COMPENSATION for the work we do!!

  • SM Dore says:

    Tell me why nothing is going on as far as as a contract , let’s go this is ppl’s lives it affects so many

  • Diane Seeley says:

    I am a single MOTHER and can not live off Canada Post wages. We have falling so behind, compared to others corporations. And again they only offered 1.5 % per year. What a slap in the face, the cost of living in Toronto so far is 2% my pay can’t take all the increases in food etc. I make less and less pay each year, when are we going to get some of all this profit Canada Post is making off are backs, and pay up. Or does most of the profits go to managements bonuses

  • Craig says:

    Get to the bargaining table CPC management

  • Anon says:

    Happy to see the increase in pay.

    Public think we are over paid.
    Public think CP have been given all kinds of taxpaying money.
    Public should be informed of facts about how corporation truly operates.

    Not really 100% certain of all the points put up for negotiations.
    There are a number of issues the employees have besides $ …

  • Diana Suglio says:

    Happy to see the increase in pay.
    Not really 100% certain of all the points put up for negotiations.
    There are a number of issues the employees have besides $ …

    Will we be getting Family Day in this new offer? People are surprised we are delivering on this stat holiday as it is. The Postoffice peeps don’t have any family is our standard answer.

    I think we should all have the option to be able to order belts and bucket hats with our points for uniform too. We all wear the frumpy pants … we all need the belts. The baseball caps that are there for the RSMC to order only fit kids heads.

    If we are treated equally – we should have the same clothing. One would think this would save CP from having different clothing orders made for their employees.

    Gas money and wear/tear on personal cars/vans don’t cut the expenses we have on our vehicles – would be nice to see this increased.

  • Gary says:

    Flyers always make me extra hours even no overtime counting! It’s not right!!! Too much timing bec of these flyers beside sorting and delivering!!!!!

  • annette says:

    We should not jump to conclusions until all the cards are on the table things do sound better than they did 1 year ago.We are accomplishing something with our negotiations,thankfully.

  • Jamie says:

    I am interested in how these negotations will proceed.

  • Peterson says:

    Welcome the equity pay final, But we still loss a ton of money from our group. The justice comes very late. I saw a lot of new babies from our group just walk in and walk out in a few day time. The work load as same as urban but the pay is under and below the reasonable.

  • Belinda says:

    Its gona br like last year nothing will be settled and there will be no strike. Rsmc are treated so unfair I have nothing against urban carriers but it’s TRUE we all lost as hundreds of dollars off our cheques and I really dont think we will ever get it back which is bullshit. Us rsmc have to drive on snow blocked gravel roads flare ice highways thick fog that u have to shut your vehicle off and listen for vehicles coming. And yes I just about forgot and this happens in minus 50 weather so what is our union doing rsmc not much.

  • Tam says:

    And why would any increase be retro January 2018 when we have been waiting over a year without a contract? Should it not be retro January 2017? And I’ll pass on the skort! Thanks though.

  • Tam says:

    What about a flyer increase and parcel delivery increase per PCI. NO value at ALL for the parcels 1000’s a week we have to scan, lift, organize into the CMB’s or clearing the outgoing mail boxes. This is the backbone of Canada Post right now and will be for some time. We can not continue to work for free, we can not continue to pay the Corporation to deliver their parcels, we can not continue to work for no value. RSMC.

  • Craig says:

    This “offer” is totally unacceptable. No relief for all, No job security, no hourly wage, ocre’s stuck at the bottom of the pay scale. You did offer us skort’s, so good job addressing the inequality there.

    This is a big NO for me.

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