Canada Post tables offer to CUPW-RSMC


Earlier today, Canada Post tabled an offer to the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW-RSMC).

The offer builds on an earlier one presented on September 7, 2018. It provides wage increases in every year of the proposed agreement, improved benefits and makes no changes to employees’ pension.

The improved pay and other changes in this offer go beyond the pay equity ruling on September 20, 2018, including pay protection for employees after a restructure.

In a letter to all CUPW-represented employees, the Chair of the Board of Directors and Interim President and CEO Jessica McDonald explains how we address concerns in both the RSMC and Urban groups and confirms the company’s commitment to work with CUPW to grow and improve the business.

While the conciliation process has concluded, talks are ongoing with the help of a mediator, and Canada Post continues to work toward a negotiated settlement.

The collective agreement between Canada Post and CUPW-RSMC expired December 31, 2017 but the terms and conditions continue to apply for now.

We will continue to keep you informed of key developments through your team leaders and the Negotiations Hub.

Read here the detailed summary of the offer tabled with the Union.


  • Belinda Legere says:

    Let’s just get this thing settled already . We are not gona get everything we want and the union wants it never happens.

  • Curiosity says:

    Please help!
    Wage vs compensation
    Pay equity vs pay package (contract)
    One of the things I surly can do when filling my personal income tax is:
    I can write off related expenses against compensation as contractor or
    None of all as wage earner.

    Let’s go back and say:
    Sorry, we are now your wage earner employee just like those urban side and change name to RSMC DA, RSMC LC, or RSMC MSC cause we all do the same things under the same roof.
    Just a reminder CPC, should consider high. way services contracting structure and wonder why there isn’t any grieving noise

  • First class L/c says:

    @Charlie. You are totally don’t understand the ruling of pay equity stated very clear and explain *WHY* RSMC should pay equal under the same working condition. Did you read the report ??? NO..of course . We don’t use walk or drive to decide the pay. Urban group have Walk and Mobile LC. Are they got the same pay condition? Please go to study the report. What about MOBLIE LC TO MOBILE RSMC? They both delivery mails and parcels at same depot. Some depot no walk LC only mobile LC and mobile RSMC work together. What is the different? If you think your pay is lower and unfair condition go to fight for what you want. But don’t bring down others. Professional speak will welcome everywhere. What is your point???

  • Craig says:

    I love reading the salty comments here. Very entertaining

  • Leo says:

    Each day you go to work you are agreeing to do the job for the wage you were offered, if we get a raise great if not that’s ok too . I for one as an RSMC love my job whether it’s a hard day or an easy one, yes we’ve been under paid for a long time but this was the wage we were offered in the very beginning and yes we make less than walkers but again we agreed to do the job and do it well for the wage offered. I struggle like everyone else but that is not Canada post fault , it’s mine for accepting this job and not finding a better paying job in the beginning , and yes I’m sure I will get lots of feed back from the few that hate their jobs, the rest know I speak the truth

    • greg says:

      @ Leo. Thank you for sharing you khumbaya story.
      I like my job. I knew when I signed up what was offered. I also knew things will get better as we go along and sure enough PAY EQUITY became the LAW. So is that my fault??. Please Leo if you want to continue at the pay rate you started at, I am sure CP will come up with a different position for you and your types and you can continue to LUV your Job. What do you say??? You’re IN.

    • greg says:

      Heather how about sharing the link for Pay Equity settlement papers that are in English. Both the CUPW and CP stated on their websites that they would be available soon. I guess the translator must be on vacation. I guess both sides do not know of Google Translator. Seriously. You download the Pdf copy off the CP’s website and have Google Translator Translate it into English.

    • greg says:

      Heather thanks for sharing the link….but seriously there is nothing new. Look it’s hard work for negotiators on both sides to sit down for couple of hours throughout the day to come to a settlement. After all who wants to give the hot tub, massages, expensive dinner and drinks. If they settled on the first day then that would just spoil the party.

  • Ha ha ha says:

    You rsmc don’t see the big picture. Because of your 25% raise cp won’t be making the profits that it did n so when the conservatives get back into power next election we will definitely be privatized. When cp does that guess what the first thing they are going to cut??? The answer the least profitable which is the rsmc. So enjoy your raise for the next couple of years but you better save as you won’t have a job when cp privatizes. You sealed your own fate

    • Kate says:

      Ha ha ha…what a ridiculous statement. So it’ll be on the backs of RSMC’s if Canada Post loses money (which they won’t)?? Come on man! Their parcel business grows exponentially every single year and it’s just going to keep growing…and if they want us to keep up with the stupid volumes that they expect us to, then they can pay me appropriately to do so. They make more than enough profit each quarter…

    • greg says:

      @Ha ha ha – Please the real big picture is the RSMC group is most profitable. The first place they will cut is with in the urban contract. It is not a raise, its pay equity, it’s the LAW. We are finally getting paid equally we hope, after over fifteen years. I guess you must be one of the dead beats who is worried that they might get cut, when we privatize. I will certainly enjoy my so called raise which I work hard for. Privatization will make CP more profitable, once all the dead beats on both sides, CP Management & CUPW are cut. So please take your big picture and smoke it.

  • greg says:

    Christine – I for one welcome the privatization at CP, that will get rid of the nepotism and the a$$ kissing appointments that exists at CP and get rid of the dead beats on both sides. As for the union, we need to combine all the federal employee unions into one union as in Germany. The German postal workers union signed a new contract with a total 5.1% wage increase over 28 months this year. So privatization will still maintain the union protection. In private sector most successful corporation compensate their employees well with similar benefits.

  • Christine says:

    I’ve been working for Canada Post for over 10 years as an RSMC. Am I the only one who is happy with the pay and benefits? I am sick of all of your whining and complaining. If you don’t want to deliver parcels – I hate to break it to you but THAT IS THE JOB so if you don’t like it, get a job elsewhere.
    I think the union has made you all think you are down trodden and oppressed. They have to to justify their existence – good luck getting these kind of benefits in the private sector. You all just keep asking for more and more until pretty soon Canada Post will be sold off and privatized (as in Holland and Germany). Then you all will be forced to live in the real world

  • David says:

    In this day in age how is it acceptable for an employer to require employees to find and train (at employee cost) their own replacements so that they may take holidays, attend doctor appointments, and attend funerals?

    • Adele Skogan says:

      Well said. I have spent more time and money trying to take time off than is acceptable. And having to train again everytime C.P. implementation new procedures. In the last 5yrs I’ve had my route re- aligned, and 2 different PDTs introduced. Shame on C P. The workers we find are valuable.

  • Gillian says:

    It is time to level the workload, pay us a living wage and guarantee us a solid future. Anything less is unacceptable. We have high expectations placed upon us and we rise to the challenges daily. We need to be compensated in line with industry standards immediately. We work for the Federal Government, this cannot continue, it’s outrageous.
    We will stand up for our rights.

  • Francine says:

    While CPC might think that 1.5% over 4 years is an improvement, it is not. I am an RSMC and I am a woman. I guess that means I have 2 strikes against me. We were told that we are the same as a letter carrier, but not when it comes to wages. Pay equity is law. What makes CPC above the law.

    • Charlie says:

      Give me a break , the woman card ??

      You guys won by playing that card. I dont kmow why.
      Not very bright representation from Canada post.

      I got news for you.

      Men Rsmc get paid the same as female rsmc.
      Female Urban get paid the same as male urban.

      The only difference is letter carriers walk all day, you drive.
      So if anyone should get a 25% raise it should be the female and Male Urban members.

  • Greg says:

    Ms. McDonald
    We the RSMC’s have been receiving $1.00 for delivering PCI’s to the door for over 15 years. So if we are able to carry up to 5 items to the same door in one trip we will still get ONLY $1.00, while CP is paid for 5 items. So with the proposed 1.5% increase in activity value, it amounts to $1.015. So am I excited?? NOT.

  • Greg says:

    Ms. McDonald
    We recently went through a restructure and some of the RSMC’s lost up to $13000 annually which works out to $500 monthly. So the Pay protection for 3 months would have helped the RSMC’s deal with the financial impact. It’s a little too late for stations that have been restructured already.

  • Greg says:

    Offer is seriously lacking on FAIR compensation for parcel delivery, which is basically the new first class Mail. We need to divide the RSMC’s into two groups, one being Urban RSMC’s and one being Rural RSMC’s to deal with fairly compensating the high volumes that the Urban RSMC’s are experiencing. The volume and the sizes of parcels are unbearable for the Urban RSMC’s on high volume days. Also the Neighbourhood Mail (Flyers) which has to be delivered the next day puts a burden on Urban RSMC’s to accomplish within the allotted time on schedule our “A”. Ms. McDonald, it’s been over 15 years that we have received only $1.00 for every parcel that we attempt or deliver to the door and if you are able to carry 1 to 5 parcels in one trip to the front door you will still get $1.00, while CP Collects up to 5 charges for delivery. So the 1.5% increase on our parcel value, amounts to a measly $1.015. Seriously??

  • Joseph says:

    Time for a real raise, 2% a year, minimum! Tired of no respect for workers in the po.We deserve better. Hydro,water,groceries and taxes all are going up,we are falling behind at 1.5%.inflation is higher!

  • Cliff says:

    10% over 4 years is fair…..or the answer is no……have a nice day

  • Craig Power says:

    This proposal isnt that different than the first one.

    No relief for all
    No guarantee of hours
    Shifting parcels to other people during peak times therefore reducing your pension obligation.
    Same wage hike
    No Overtime rules
    The list goes on

    You waited nearly 3 weeks for this? Shame CPC Shame

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