CUPW-RSMC issues strike notice for next week


Today, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) issued a strike notice, which means that that there could be legal job action as early as Monday, October 22. Meanwhile, Canada Post remains focused on reaching a negotiated settlement.

The postal service will continue to operate if the Union initiates any rotating job action.

In past rounds of bargaining, rotating legal job actions have been isolated to one or two specific locations at a time, affecting those areas for a period of 24 hours. In that situation, Canada Post would continue to accept, process and deliver mail and parcels in all areas that are not affected. Once the temporary disruption ends, we would return to normal operations in the affected locations.

We believe that a negotiated settlement is not only best for our employees but for every Canadian we serve. We continue to pursue that goal while trying to minimize the impact any disruption might have on the customers who rely on it every day.

The collective agreement between Canada Post and CUPW-RSMC expired December 31, 2017 but the terms and conditions continue to apply for now.

We will continue to keep you informed of developments through your team leaders and the Negotiations Hub online. You can also see updates by visiting and clicking on “I’m an employee.”


  • Bob says:

    never mind that canada post is offering 1.5% for four years.
    like the letter carriers we at the plant should receive the same pay equity
    as the people doing the same job.
    That is a start.Period.

  • Jody Smaggus says:

    RSMC’S ARE STANDING THEIR GROUND! We need volume counts and an accurate route measurement system. ENOUGH with all the hours if unpaid work!
    We deserve overtime for extra work…even McDonald’s pays that!

  • Janet Barney says:

    We need pay equity and pay equality . We also need to be paid for all hours worked. We also need a balance between work and home life . Lack of staffing is a chronic issue .

  • Andy Pavuls says:

    What is so difficult in giving us a 3% raise? Do that and give us some job security and you probably have a negotiated settlement. Simple.

  • Ebm says:

    We as urban operation in plant we also should get equal wages like those working with us doing same job
    And the yearly wages raise should be at least 3% cut the unnecessary supervisors who are surplus in most of the departments

  • C Hales says:

    RSMCs need coverage for all absences. RSMCs need to be paid for all hours worked. RSMCs need equity and equality. Nothing less. We are not the competitive advantage. We are hard working employees.

  • Joseph Trottier says:

    31 years service,I have learned cpc is an unscrupulous employer,sees their employees as a liability not assets. we are hard working people who deserve a living wage..shame on are bullies. show some respect , fair contract is essential..2.5% raise..minimum

  • Diana says:

    So many things to negotiate that matter to the workers
    1) wear and tear on our vehicles – less then $5 a day – not enough doesn’t cover gas expenses for the most part.
    2)Hundreds of PCI items – with many more coming in our future with legal POT – we won’t get paid for this until next year. Need to have PCI items paid every pay period – why should someone wait a year for this work to be reflected!!!
    3)Flyers – we don’t get paid for complete set. Why – we didn’t develop the Consumer Choice option … I think we should get paid full amount for every flyer we deliver. CP certainly charges enough for distribution.
    4) STOP the POSTAL CODE MAIL – this is taking away from our Flyer distribution and it takes us twice the amount of work – sorting it into our case and delivering. Handling it 3 times – when it is truly a FLYER. People still throw them back at us in the outgoing mail like a flyer. Consumer Choice people are getting them too and don’t like it! We should be paid 3x the amount for Postal Code Distribution – not fair! CP is taking $$ from us with this development.
    5) We should have FAMILY DAY OFF. General Canadians have it off and are surprised we don’t. This should be added.

    Listen to these things and you should make a majority of us very HAPPY – Long Term!

  • Craig says:

    If you mean this than come to the table with something that is fair to the hard working employees.

  • Kate says:

    If a negotiated settlement is something that canada post thinks is best for its employees, why has it been 10 months with no progress??

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