Letter from Chief Human Resources Officer for employees represented by CUPW


Dear employee,

As you may be aware, the Union has filed a strike notice, which means they could begin strike action as early as Monday, October 22. I realize that creates uncertainty for you and your family about things that affect you personally, so I am writing to provide clarity and to reassure you as much as I can.

With the Union’s strike notice, the Corporation could legally revert the terms and conditions of your employment to the statutory minimums under the Canada Labour Code. However, we do not intend to change the terms and conditions unless the Union initiates some form of legal job action.

Even if that happens, we would continue to provide you and your eligible dependents the following benefits: dental, vision & hearing and the Extended Health Care Plan (EHCP) – including applicable prescription drug coverage. There is more information in this terms and conditions document.

We do not wish to cause any undue hardship to you and, if we implement new terms and conditions and receive requests for exceptions from employees who face extenuating circumstances that we could not reasonably foresee, we will review them in an effort to offer relief on a compassionate basis.

We will continue to negotiate with the Union. Our goal is to reach a negotiated settlement that recognizes your significant contribution to the company’s success and sets us on a more collaborative path.

I’m confident we will find a better way forward that supports all of you in your daily efforts to serve Canadians in urban, suburban and rural communities. I ask for your continued patience as we work through this process.


Ann Therese MacEachern,
Interim Chief Human Resources Officer

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