New terms and conditions of employment in effect


While we remain at the bargaining table, ready to negotiate, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) today began strike action. As a result, Canada Post will follow the process in the Canada Labour Code to change the terms and conditions of your employment.

Read a letter from Interim Chief Human Resources Officer Ann Therese MacEachern about this.

Read the details of the new terms and conditions of employment for employees represented by CUPW-Urban.

We will continue to keep you informed of developments through your team leaders and the Negotiations Hub online. You can also see updates by visiting and clicking on “I’m an employee.”


  • Dr says:

    Common sense needs to be used on both sides. let’s put our best foot forward meet in the middle and get a deal done so we can all move on.

    • Pay true Equal Now says:

      I don’t think our demands of key issue was wrong. CPC need to move forward to talk. The ruling of pay equity report already stated very clear CPC are cheating on using rsmc RMS to pay less working hours and using different mail carriers title to pay less. Mail carriers L/C, Mobile L/C, Temp L/C, Delivery agents, RSMC they are in different title name in different pay and benefits even they all perform the same work duty condition. Who’s the last beneficial ? CPC

  • Steve Dore MSC Regina says:

    It’s so nice the way you have dismissed employees stdp, it’s bad enough how you took away our sick time & replaced it with stdp , shows how really classless you all really are , dedicated long term employees who have worked very hard over the years , were tired of paying for your over inflated wages perhaps it’s time we were givin a fair share . You should try treating us with some respect for all the hard work we do to make CPC so profitable for once

  • In the limbo says:

    How can we accountable the executives for their responsibility on the decisions they make, leaving the Corporation in the limbo, losing millions of dollars everyday and even supporting high salaries of vice-presidents, chiefs executives that nobody know them and are not important in the Corporation.

    The main discussion still is on the table, through arbitrators, mediators and on, still none of those magicians are able to break out with a solution and the operation employees face the closing problem with customers while the CEO and others executives laugh themselves throwing the business of the Corporation.

  • What a joke says:

    Both sides will loose ,it’s a joke of a circus. May as well put a bunch of kindergarten kids together probably get better result ( what a joke)

  • C says:

    Management would rather spend (or lose) 5 dollars fighting us to the bitter end than settle for the dollar we are asking for.

    There should be enough money to make everyone happy. Yet we gotta fight for every nickel. We are only asking for a fair and respectable contract.

  • Wayne says:

    Bargaining for 10 months is too long! Some form of agreement should be made prior to bargaining stating that an agreement on at least a minimum must be given after a specified duration in time. The bargaining units on both sides must be accountable, if an agreement can’t be concluded within that time frame change the members on both sides. Prove to the people of Canada and the employees of Canada Post that we want resolve!

  • Peter Kempa says:

    Cupw is keeping us in the dark.What , specifically have we achieved and what, specifically, are cupw’s proposals and how can they be met? To fix the problem of over-assessed routes, for example, would require restructuring every single route across the country instantly.It seems cupw is trying to flex its muscles, prove that it is still strong and relevant by calling a destructive & unneccesary strike.In fact, it’s just going to disillusion a lot of its members.We need back to work legislation asap, as cupw is being totally unrealistic and unwilling to compromise.

  • Don't worry Let is be says:

    Don’t worry, New contract will be cover all your loss.

  • Cheating Restructure says:

    Total cheating, our route restructure again new route level 5 max value only $37,500 my service over 10 years every year wage increase was gone with their new system. So why we need to wage increase? If after route restructure our rise wage will gone. It mean we are going back to square one. Total cheating CPC. That way we need to fight 8 full hours plus mini hour. Every time restructure our rise wage by new contract will gone with new route.

  • Need to Strike says:

    Our pay check with sweat and blood on every dollar count. If no full 8 hours pay as urban side for new contract we need to strike.

  • CRAIG says:

    So it looks like your dirty little secret got into the media. Are you going to do the humane thing are give these vulnerable people back their sick and injured benefits?

  • What the Heck says:

    CUPW just post the new update regarding rsmc demands. What the heck? I thought CPC give everythings to rsmc match ubran side. Haha. don’t dream . Be prepare to picket line.

  • Very frustrated says:

    Just hope that all this jerking around does not permanently harm CPC and end up costing jobs. All I know is that none of CPC management or CUPW will lose there jobs or money over this. Let’s hope they take this into consideration and settle this. Put your big boy pants on and get bit done before the company suffers permanent losses. People will only put up with this so many time, 2 times in 2 years is to much.

  • brent matthews says:

    i totally agree with you. it seems cupw feels its on a need to know basis and we dont need to know. we gave them the vote and now we are held hostage by them. i feel we need or should be allowed to vote on EVERY offer. i also am of the opinion that this union should be divided into eastern canada and western. the beliefs of the east and west differ on many things. i also believe that cupw president has HIS own agenda.
    the depot i work at DOES NOT force over time to ANYONE and as far as i can tell there isnt one route in the entire facility that requires 10 or more hrs to complete daily.
    something needs to give before all our customers leave. some will return and others wont which only erodes the precious job security cupw is after.

    • Tess Frech says:

      East and west……. really??????? What great strides we’re making!!

    • Inaccurate says:

      Guessing that wont be for long…. thanks for the insite. Count yourself lucky your depot hasn’t been hit yet. Those who are will feel your pain when it does. BIG PICTURE

    • Need to knows somethings says:

      @brent matthews, The true is we don’t have time to show up for unfirm offer vote. Even vote for demands not everyone show up. I wanna to enjoy my day after work. Who’s care the regular offer, If every offer we need to vote.Bargaining offer always back and forth. Sometime over 10 times before reaching the final(call it final until vote confirm)Maybe you don’t know how it works. Forget what I say.

  • bing ke says:

    shame to the union

  • Times Running Out says:

    CPC coffee team are watching our post. So let tell them what we want now. I want 3% wage increase, job security , benefits improve and all equity as urban side. pay all hours we work, over time hour pay on X’mas season parcel delivery. OT pay after work sorting flyer..etc…Equal is not over or higher. I vote YES

    • Theresa Frech says:

      I know you pretty much covered it but I’ll throw company vehicle or true vehicle allowance that covers all expenses. Just in case CP is really listening, ha,ha.

  • Theresa Frech says:

    I might agree or disagree with many opinions but today I am dragging my hard working butt off to the picket line. It’s a shame it has come to this but I will show my support for the workers and also show Canada Post we mean business.
    Respect, fairness and compensation go a long way!!


    • Equal all now says:

      I agree with you. We just asking wage increase follow living inflation, job security and benefits improve that is.We are simple carrier. We are not asking somethings over than others. We asking equal benefits.

  • Jeremy Drought says:

    At the NW Calgary facility, we have heard next to nothing, and absolutely no details regarding the continuing sticking points in these negotiations, from either side. Who else thinks CUPW leadership should be in daily contact with its membership concerning what issues presently remain unresolved? Perhaps if they did this, we could provide direction (from the membership) about what issues actually matter most to us. When you are engaged in a process of negotiations, no side gets everything they want, or demands, or even asks for. Where is the art of compromise? Do the people doing the talking on our behalf actually have the necessary skills to bring this latest round of negotiations to a mutually amicable conclusion? They have been going at if for nearly a year already! Rotating strikes achieve little to nothing except raise the ire of the general public, undermine the confidence of CPC‘s corporate customers, and creates ongoing uncertainty for the union membership who just happen also to be CPC employees. Bring in some bottled water, sandwiches, and port-a-potties and do not let anyone leave the room till it gets sorted.

    • Just saying . says:

      Here here . A lthough it doesn’t seem right to bashing union on the companies website . Divide and conquer my friends .
      I would also like to know what the sticking points are . It’s kinda ironic we work for a communications company that doesn’t know how to communicate. Both sides are as bad as each over on that front .
      To me it’s simple . We’re offered 1.5 % union wants 3.5% ( which we will never get in a million years ) let’s meet in the middle . ) TA DA !!! . Both sides need to remember The Public rely on us and silly season is upon us . Give us a contract . Good luck everyone

    • D says:

      Agree. Let’s get together on this finally.

    • Find out says:

      Public don’t need us anymore. Go to cupw site just post next strike location

  • Joseph says:

    Winnipeg is going on strike tonight. Customers don’t drop off your mail because CUPW wants to hold you and your valuable customers HOSTAGE for their greedy needs.

  • Andy says:

    So. I accumulate hundreds of days of sick time. It gets reduced to top up credits. I have a surgical procedure performed. After 20 years of never missing work for any length, CPC stops my pay. So greasy. Always considered myself a company man . No more!

    • c nicoll says:

      I have worked for the Post office for over 34 years and at the moment I am on short-term leave. Paid into the program have hundreds of days top up and now my claim is not being paid? I would understand not being paid for the days my colleagues are on strike but you are punishing your injured staff? If this strike is not resolved quickly how do you suggest staff on leave pay their bills???? This is from a 34 year staff member. Tell me this is not true

      • Leo says:

        You can call access hr and request your stdp be reinstated because of the financial hardship, they’ll ask a few question and get back to you within 48 hours, I have a friend that was already approved and receiving her pay

  • Lenora Watson says:

    As a P04 on evenings: short staffed, not enough casuals and loads of heavy lifting parcels , my coworkers and myself question why it’s all about RSMCS ??

    • Cycleguy46 says:

      Because we are the group that are taking the most abuses …
      Please verify your facts!
      We have to supply our own vehicle as urban does not
      We are not allowed overtime got to do the job in the same day what ever the load is …
      We are paid by the day not by the hour
      The vehicle allowances does not cover the commercial insurance needed nor the maintenance ( had to put a rebuilt transmission in my van in order to keep my job recently ) that took a month of my wages away from me …
      Lovely when you work side by side with delivery agents that can take the bus to go earn their living doing the same job as you and they are getting paid more for Admails ( given times paid to put them together and paid more per pieces and given more time for delivering them !)
      So why is it all about the RSMC’S ???
      We are even given different uniforms !
      Our sorting frames are even differentes !
      The mail does not come dotted to us fir your info we got to spend hours to sort what the same machine shuffle for is ….
      And at the end when it will come time to sign a new contract the union will more than likely throw us under the us
      Why are we so view as different
      Same work different everything
      Think about it brother
      In support we are for same pay same work !

    • Mix up says:

      Pay equity settled is from 2016 rsmc contract. So this contract is all about us. RSMC is a part of our member. Don’t mix up

    • Understand or not says:

      This round is all about us not only rsmc. RSMC pay equity was done last month completely finished. They will get all wage and benefits same as urban side starting 2019 Jan 1, Did you read the ruling pay equity report? Did you attend the meeting at your depot talking about final ruling pay equity to rsmc? You should received a letter from our CEO to explain to you how the pay equity important to CPC.

    • CRAIG says:

      This is about everybody not just rsmc’s. Group 1 staffing is a major demand this round.

    • Again says:

      Totally wrong, It is all about us. Pay Equity was done on last month. Check post on cupw request group 1 staff increase.

  • twall says:

    My local is working but you cut off my claim for edp. Why are you attacking the sick and injured

  • Rsmc qc66 says:

    You’re at the table…but you’re not bargaining! You’re just sitting there saying no to everything…

  • RSMC in AB says:

    Can someone from HR explain to us how they can cancel vacation? By Labour laws we are entitled to vacation pay or days off. Since January I have accrued 1.25 days a month so why can’t I take days that are already accrued? It’s just giving us more reason to be out because in the end it doesn’t matter. If I take a week off unpaid then you pay my vacation week out at the end of the year. You didn’t gain anything!

    • Curiosity says:

      Labour law: no work on pay. it called voluntary or freedom of your choice and no one can stop us from fighting on what we believe. Many don’t mind LWOP except those are in needs, guess CUPW never care.

  • Craig says:

    So so so solidarity
    So so so solidarity

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