Canada Post tables offer in ongoing negotiations with CUPW-Urban


On Friday, September 7, Canada Post tabled an offer with your Union that provides wage increases in every year of the proposed four-year contract and makes improvements to your benefits.

The offer recognizes your positive contribution to the company’s success and sets a new, collaborative path forward.
Jessica McDonald, our Chair of the Board and Interim President and CEO, outlines what this offer means to you and your colleagues in a letter, below.

Negotiations began at the end of 2017 and the parties have been in facilitated talks for more than eight months. The conciliation phase ended at midnight on September 4, 2018 and we are now in a 21-day cooling-off period that ends at midnight, September 25, 2018. Meanwhile, negotiations are ongoing.

The collective agreement between Canada Post and CUPW-Urban expired January 31, 2018 but the terms and conditions continue to apply, in accordance with the Canada Labour Code.

We will continue to keep you informed of key developments through your team leaders and the Negotiations Hub.

Read here the detailed summary of the offer tabled with your Union.


  • Coffee Girl says:

    Wondering why it’s being so quiet on both sides?

  • Masterrew says:

    On Saturday, June 25, 2016, Canada Post tabled offers for the separate negotiations under way with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW-Urban and CUPW-RSMC), which represent our delivery and plant employees.

  • LCiO says:

    Yea right, it took a strike mandate for the corporation to give their first offer?lol and they’re trying to drag this out into the busy season right? Another P05 drinking the ‘koolaid’ CUPW doesn’t know anything else but 70’s tactics of bullying and fear mongering.

  • Carl says:

    Everything we pay for gas hydro water property taxes groceries have sky rocketed in the past 10years while our wages have stayed the same it’s time we get a decent raise since canada post is making profits in the hundreds of millions

  • gail says:

    I guess the way I look at it as an employee of Canada Post accept we are never going to get everything we want and the offer isnt bad so the Union fighting for everything is going to screw us again like last time . We are lucky that we have good jobs and pensions most places dont

    • Belinda says:

      I think its gona be like last time we get nothing and they will say we will fight again.In the mean all us rmsc have lost hundreds of dollars off our cheques. And everything is going up our insurance and gas and everything else sorry I dont have much faith.

  • Tech says:

    If we did get locked out or go on strike CUPW doesn’t even have enough money in the strike fund for any extended period of time, most of our dues go to the CUPW fun Pot or vacation fund. On another note it won’t matter because we risk losing one of our biggest customers “Amazon” and God knows who else, therefor bye bye all of us.

    • Charlie says:

      Time to change the National office.
      Get rid of everyone that has 4 years or less to retirement.
      They will make sure we get a good contract if they are going back to doing our jobs.

  • LCiO says:

    Sounds like negotiation committees are working hard to get a deal done and probably into the evenings hope you’re paying yourselves well? Furthermore we didn’t get to see an offer and won’t, before the usual suspects gave our representation a strike mandate!

  • Tech says:

    All I keep hearing is RSMC, I guess all the money goes to them and the rest of us get whatever is leftover. Thanks CUPW…

    • Coffee Girl says:

      Tech…I agree with you 100%…But there won’t be any leftovers once CUPW raises our Union dues(once again) By the way where does our money go? Oh right to buy whistles,send people on trips, Condos in Ottawa, defend DEADBEATS…etc…etc…

  • Charlie says:

    Always the same story, we deserve a good raise, I lost 250$ in flyers alone, with the change of rate. My net salary from 10 years ago is almost the same as today.
    Cost of living hasnt stopped going up.
    Grade 12 education? let me tell you that a lot of us have a lot more then a grade 12 education.

  • greg smith says:

    so I see cupw wants 3,5% a year…..good lets price ourselves out of job for a grade 12 education. also always the threat of a strike. boy I would want to bank here. medical marijuana deliveries will not be made. we will become an essential service. here we go again. drink some more koolaid. and lose your pension as we close up or are sold!!!

  • PO5 says:

    New Global offer by CUPW….Read on CUPW website…

  • gail says:

    As a employee of Canada Post I ‘ve seen so many changes over the yrs but, I think a positive thing would be to put a bank in the Offices as it would benefit the customers and would benefit the company and I know this idea has been floating around so why not

    • PO5 says:

      Postal banking is a great idea…No matter how much sense it makes…The big banks would do all they can to never let it happen….Plus I don’t really feel this is a issue for a employee contract negotiation…CUPW would be better served to sway the public that postal banking makes sense….And have the public pressure the government to include this issue in the future business plans of CPC…

  • Chris meyers says:

    Just a side note if canada post is still looking for a way to save the drop in letter mail profits and make a ton of money and stay sustainable. its very simple are you ready for this?we become are own amazon.we already have the delivery network which amazon uses they made a trillion dollars with our network. All we need to do is house the goods change the name to postazon lol and we will crush amazon .its that simple

  • po5 says:

    benefits&pension left alone for us already on staff.More important than anything else for me as a po5.If you want more $ have to work in the private sector.Can”t have it all this day&age.

  • PO5 says:

    So inflation in Canada outlook looks to increase an average of two percent per year over the next few years….So a 4 yr contract would see employees salary increase by 6%…While inflation goes up by 8%…Rollbacks in some areas,A small increase in a few areas that don’t match the roll backs that took place in the last 2 contracts…There is not one place of gain in this offer….

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