Federal Minister appoints conciliators, who have 60 days to build consensus


Today, the federal Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development notified both parties that conciliators have been appointed in the ongoing negotiations with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. This follows a request last Friday from CUPW.

We understand that quickly resolving negotiations is in the best interest of our customers and are hopeful this process will help both parties get there. We understand that our employees and customers are looking for certainty.

Under the Canada Labour Code, there can be no legal work disruption for roughly three months after initiating the conciliation process.

The conciliation process is a normal phase of negotiations and we remain committed to work with CUPW to resolve issues and find the common ground needed to reach a deal that sets up our customers and Canada Post for future success.

Next steps:

• Conciliators now have 60 days to build consensus and help broker a deal.

• After the 60-day conciliation process concludes, a mandatory 21-day cooling off period follows before any legal work disruption may occur. A 72-hour notice must also be filed before there can be a legal interruption in work.

• Under that scenario, the earliest a work disruption could occur is at the end of the day, Tuesday September 25, 2018.

We will continue to keep you informed of key developments in negotiations through your team leaders and here on the Negotiations Hub.

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