Letter to all employees from Jessica McDonald about this difficult time at Canada Post


Dear Employee,

I wanted to write you to share my thoughts during this difficult period. No matter what job you do at Canada Post, our current situation affects you personally. I understand the uncertainty and strain of the last few months have made this a difficult time for everyone at Canada Post. While we continue working at the negotiating table with the assistance of the special mediator, efforts to reach negotiated settlements with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers have unfortunately failed to this point to find the common ground necessary to reach a resolution. We are now advising Canadians we will make best efforts to deliver the holidays, but they should expect lengthy delays as we deal with backlogs across our network. This is unfortunate given our proud tradition of delivering the holidays, but it is our current reality.

I am therefore writing to acknowledge your concerns and thank you for your contributions and patience through this process. First it’s important to recognize that many of you are in the middle of an important and difficult discussion about your livelihoods. Something that is very personal to most families is part of a very public discussion. Yet, despite these challenging circumstances, you continue to process and deliver mail to the best of your abilities. Everyone working in our operations has done a tremendous job keeping things moving and doing their best to support each other at a time when patience and understanding can be strained. Our shipping customers have also shown tremendous patience as it is their livelihoods, and the livelihoods of their employees that are also at stake.

Throughout this period, I want to reassure you that we made all decisions with our employees in mind. We’ve tabled offers that we believe are fair, recognize the contributions of employees and respond to the union’s concerns such as health and safety, which we agree requires increased attention in every respect. Our commitment to work collaboratively on important issues with the union on an ongoing basis has been sincere. When strike action began, terms and conditions changed, but we took measures to ensure cases of extenuating circumstances and undue hardship are addressed on a compassionate basis.

We have made numerous efforts to resolve these negotiations and return to normal operation. In doing so, we had to reach a difficult balance, because we also have an obligation to keep the postal service strong and financially viable, not just for today, but also for future generations. In our efforts to find the middle ground necessary to reach an agreement, we have made every effort to be fair to employees while also being responsible.

There is still a long way to go, but this stressful chapter at Canada Post will come to an end. When we do move forward, I recognize there will be work to do to repair many relationships – with customers, with Canadians, with unions, and especially with employees. The postal service is an incredibly resilient institution, but together we must win back the confidence of our customers. Together, our service and dedication will be imperative as we regain the trust of Canadians. We have work to do to improve our relationship with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers to build a strong postal service for the future. Finally, and most importantly, we are committed to always act with the best interest of our employees at heart, and ensure this guides our decisions.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, and the senior leadership team, I sincerely thank each and every one of you for all you have done during this difficult period and all you do every day to serve Canadians.

Jessica McDonald

Chair of the Board of Directors and Interim President and CEO


  • CH says:

    Many folks posting are mentioning the division between inside and outside workers. There used to be two unions The Letter Carriers Union (LCUC) and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). In 1989 to “simplify” things there was a vote for which union would represent all the workers. The vote is considered controversial, especially among letter carriers. Oh and by the way, it is LCUC that made the most progress in bargaining with the corporation. I am not sure if the consolidation idea was the labour board or the union (CUPW). So that ship has sailed, you will not see a separation of labour along those lines. Another thing I see posted is how much executives at CPC make. For a little bit of a reality check – UPS CEO 13.7 million; FedEx CEO 8.2 million CPC CEO $500,000 – the other two are total compensation so even if you add 30% to the CPC salary only # you are not even coming close to what private industry pays. Comparative to private industry all management in CPC are below the average. Wages to CUPW members is a huge number, not just the wages portion but the BENEFITS including pension. If we make 5 billion and total compensation for just one group is 3 billion that is more than 50 % of your operating budget for just one group so if we make a profit of 500 million with an operating budget of 5 billion that is a 10% profit margin…if we had to go to a bank to get a loan, we could not get one because that margin is too low and it would only take the loss of a few major customers to wipe it out.

  • almost retire postie says:

    Alert, I think union not follow the order even penalty. They may request walk out from all location after 1:00pm…Haha “All options are on table” They know end of the day for them is coming. Folks get ready..

  • Ghjk says:

    What a disaster this all is. CUPW leadership has disappeared entirely and workers have no idea what to do. Some places are refusing to work.

    No guidance from national about what to do. Appalling.

  • Waste of time says:

    Cupw you screwed us. We aren’t mad at The government, we are pissed at you. We will remember for sure. If that’s your new war cry. We will remember how your fat incompetent ass’ lost us our wages, overtime and customers. And for what!? The same shit we had since 2011. You’re out of touch. Next time you go on tv Mr. Union president, do something about your appearance. You look like a sweating sausage. You are no leader. You are a loser. #notmypresident

  • Po4 says:

    Government already stated no plans to privatize

  • Clooch says:

    Why now, we were just pulled out on strike till noon, then we report to work to deliver mail? We should have all been out 5 days ago, when we new about back to work legislation, this makes no sense, it just creates hardship for the workers! Get it done already,

  • Postiegurl says:

    It’s time to request to see the count for the 94% mandate CUPW said they got!
    It should included no shows as absent!
    How about it CUPW, it would go a little way into getting your credibility back with your employer! That would be your membership in case you’ve forgotten!

  • 29 yrs and still here says:

    I thank you Justin and your government for ending this madness.
    Now we can get on with our lives and try and get Christmas out to our remaining customers.
    Please forgive CUPW’s ignorance and spare the rest of us when you give whatever contract you have in mind.
    Our union is still living in the past and never get it even when history keeps repeating itself. Stop trying to fix what is not broken.

  • C'mon Man! says:

    What an ending ……my last contract before I retire,thanks for the memories….A stark reminder to my children to get a degree! They will never work here!

  • Gateway Inter says:

    CUPW why you don’t call a full strike???Not gateway again.time to change our contract into two group indoor member and outdoor member. I can beg 200%
    if we still keeping outdoor postie with us. Next round we all get screwed again. When CPC bring back their stop door to door plan. For indoor nothing affect stop door to door plan. I don’t wanna to fight for your outdoor nonsense
    key issues anymore. For your health and safety stop walking go mobile delivery to support our auto worker pal.

    • Lost on the union says:

      The outside workers do not want to fight for your inside issues. I cannot wait for this company to be privatized, then all of the hard core members will see how the union helped everyone. The union is calling an all out strike for the 27th, this union needs to wake up in the times. This is not the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s when they did do good for the company. When it was two separate unions and each one fought for each ones right. I’m tired of this union not helping the people that pay the dues for them only to help themselves and ensure that they are taken care of. The members that should be fired or not have the job is the only ones they help.

      When you members are without a job remember this cupw union and thank them. Yes I am a employee of CPC and I wish we had a different union that was with the times and cared about all their members not some.

      • PO4 temp says:

        When you apply your job, you already know you need work outdoor and facing to a difficult weather condition. You understand what is your health and safety issues will be. You got your pay higher than indoor. Your work is outdoor not indoor. Now you wanna to change the game, more indoor time less outdoor time. If you don’t like your outdoor work switch to indoor. No one will stop you. I also want more outdoor smoke brake time than indoor work time. Because I need fresh air to make me more concentrate to work for health and safety issues in indoor. CPC said convert your walk to mobile for more health and safety but you say NO….Now almost 50% of delivery area cover by CMB, The injury information data prove mobile route are less injury than walk route. So what are you waiting for??? Remove your nonsense key issues then back to work. 100% convert plan will bring back to save your life.So don’t worry.

      • Po4 says:

        Government already stated not privatizing Canada Post
        Even Harper Conservatives stated this

  • Screwed again says:

    Wow no surprise we got screwed again by or union ! There slogan We will Remember is exactly what we will do as we will remember how our union screwed us in lost wages , no bonus, no overtime , lost business . Its same old stuff ever 4 years in this case twice in last 4 years . We are being held hostage by these money grabbing union leaders . We Will Remember !

  • Harm no one says:

    I just took the time to read bill C89.If the government is serious about being fair.Things may still turn out ok for CUPW members.If the government does not appoint a stooge like the Harper government did.And if the mediator-arbitrator is a without prejudice.He or she has the power to piece together a contract themselves.Almost like a issue by issue arbitration.Failing that they will choose one side or the others final offer.,which would be bad for employees.The mediator-arbitrator must be guided by the need to ensure that the health and safety of the employees is protected,That employees receive equal pay for equal work.Temp and part-time employees are treated fairly as comparable to full timers.On CPC side mediator-arbitrator must ensure financial sustainability.Create a good culture between parties.And the employer provide high quality service to Canadians.This bill reads a lot more even handed then PM Harpers did.Both sides will submit names of 3 individuals for mediation.If there is a match the minister will select that person.If the government does not stack the deck against employees.This could turn out to be a very fair contract…..

    • Regular Joe says:

      @Harm no one,
      You are probably right. Your leadership should have gone down this road last week or so. You would be here anyway and you would have had $1000 to spend on a new tv, or whatever you need

      • Harm no one says:

        You must be thinking of someone else.I’m just like you.A party that can see both sides have issues that need to be addressed.And hope there is a level playing field.And a contract comes out of this that both sides can live with.

  • Déjà vu says:

    Thank you, Mr Trudeau! All, but a 100 or so Kool aid drinkers, are greatful for the actions you took to save Christmas for thousands of postal workers and thousands of businesses, not to mention millions of Canadians. You can count on our votes in the coming federal election. Looking forward to a LOT of OT!

  • Interpol says:

    CUPW said that “all options are on the table” Did anyone see it??? We should took the last offer with $1000 bonus and remove the nonsense key issues from our contract.

  • Matt says:

    In contract law there is such a thing as “Failure To Perform” where members could use this clause, I am referring to media’s reports of CUPW’s threats of expulsion of union members for working OT, as well as Not giving these same members union representation while continuing to COLLECTING union dues. Do I smell a nasty class action law suit. CUPW constructed their own constitution but you still have to follow the Laws of the land. Can Not take money (as long as it is legal) for a service or services without providing the services agreed upon. Although some the services provided lately could be conceived as questionable?

    • The public says:

      Hey Matt, google “Mandatory union in Canada” read the laws. Cupw can not force anyone to do anything as this is not a union of choice, unlike many unions where you opt in or out. There are specific laws for mandatory unions. All these threats they gave you were total bull.

  • Justanothernumber says:

    It’s over!! Senate voted. Strike over by noon Tuesday! Hope the lost wages, lost OT and signing bonus worth it! Now let’s get back to delivering Christmas!

    • Mike says:

      Cupw roller the dice and lost . The greedy actions of this union have cost me several thousand dollars already and I will not forget this . This union is stuck in the 70s and 80s . Time for change!!!!

  • post mortem says:

    The pointless charade is almost over!

  • LC23 says:

    I CANT WAIT !!!
    CUPW has failed its members once again, nothing new. They will have the same useless plan next contract…..

    • Free Speech says:

      Ha ha ha.
      If CPC gets its way with the flex employees working for straight time during high volumes (I.e. Christmas) this will be the last year for the overtime.
      I guess you were blinded by the not so generous pay increase and the whopping signing bonus.
      Oh yeah just Incase you weren’t pay attention that is before tax. Time to break out the calculator and do some math

  • Postie PO4 says:

    Good News, Auto worker from GM are line up to apply our job. Welcome to join us. Starting wage $14/hour for new hiring no benefits, no pension, no walk, no hope, only mobile to CMB.Haha haha haha hohoho,

  • jc says:

    While I do appreciate the things cupw have done in past negotiations, Iam frustrated by theirs actions….they have lost touch with the membership at the grass roots level….they say what the government is doing is unconstitutional and undemocratic but so is cupw! By not letting membership VOTE on a contract is by definition undemocratic….we need to put new language together which MANDATE S that we should have a vote when an offer is presented..that way WE as a collective decide what is best for Us..kudos to Trudeau and his team.. if they didn’t take action we would still be in this situation a year from now…rhe needs of 35 million outweigh the needs of cupw

  • CH says:

    Did anyone ever read Aesop’s Fables? You know the one about the goose that lays the golden egg? The greedy owners decide that rather than have to wait each day to get the golden egg, they’d just kill the goose and get them all at once! All they ended up with was a dead goose! No more golden eggs. No Canada Post – No CUPW. Think about it folks!

    I say to both sides: Pick the hill you are willing to die on and bring it forward to the mediator and settle this thing today. Let’s all get back to work and show our customers how awesome we can be by delivering Christmas.

    Going into parcels was Canada Post’s possibility for survival – we were on the road to extinction. Someone saw an opportunity in parcels that could save CPC and keep us all working and our pension’s safe, that is now in serious jeopardy.

    Of the 54K members how many voted? Did apathy of those that would have voted no to a strike put the vote in the hands of the yes crowd?

    Our labour laws are outdated…time for a new code. I say focus on getting excellent arbitrators with final offer arbitration, force both sides to really think about what is important and actually feasible and put it on the line.

  • John says:

    CUPW has held the Canadian consumers hostage for five weeks. Now CUPW is threating to punish it’s members that are willing to work overtime. Everyone at the depot were I work at wants to vote on the Canada Post offers, the union President will not let us. I have read that most of the employees want this same right to vote on the offers. CUPW is a dictatorship not a union for the members !!!

  • greg says:

    @Regular Joe, I don’t know what the Globe & Mail reporter was comparing. Private parcel firms could be little courier companies within cities and towns that deliver within the town or city limits.
    Within the unionize parcel delivery companies the wages similar. Funny it’s always the Labourer wages that are costing the company the most. CPC’s revenue for the last 5 years averages at $6.2 billion a year, if the executives can’t manage to make a decent profit with that kind of revenue every yea,r they should be let go period, just like in the private firms. Let the Globe & Mail do a comparison on executive salaries, benefit & bonuses at CPC and we the Tax Payers get to see how much of that $6.2 billion is for the executive’s salary, benefits & bonuses

    • Regular Joe says:

      @greg almost 3 billion is straight time wages for the union members and we know that most make more than 55k a year. Almost half of your estimate is straight time wage expense…that is before, benefits, uniforms, vehicles, buildings, fuel, heat, water electricity etc.
      That doesn’t leave much for the executives that everyone likes to trash. Those people don’t have a union to cover their mistakes. If they don’t get the job done, they are out. Novel idea that isn’t part of the union lexicon. You carry your weak, at the expense of the strong. By the way, what do taxpayers have to do with this? They only money we get is from people that mail things, not taxpayers

  • John says:

    CUPW must be near out of money without dues being taken from members for five weeks !!!

  • West Coast Letter Carrier says:

    CUPW has a new slogan at the end of their last bulletin. WE WILL NOT FORGET

    Thats right CUPW WE WILL not forget

    We won’t forget how we have been represented since the debacle of the 2011 strike/lockout

    We won’t forget how you shrewdly negotiated a reduction in our admail compensation

    Next go around when you are wanting a strong strike mandate we won’t forget how you never brought an offer from Canada Post to the membership to let US decide if it’s good enough. We won’t forget how every strike vote the numbers are oddly well into the 90 % to strike

    We will not forget how you “swing for the fences” every negotiation…how you criticize Canada Post for not negotiating when the likelihood is you are doing the very same thing.

    Just the fact that you are now using the slogan WE WILL NOT FORGET is already setting up a negative tone for future negotiations.

    You are correct CUPW we will not forget

    • Coffee Girl says:

      @ West Coast LC…let’s all make that our slogan going forward with CUPW…WE WILL NOT FORGET.

      • West Coast Letter Carrier says:

        @ Coffee Girl unfortunately there is no edit button because i forgot to mention the threats from the union about defying the OT ban. Emails from the National Executive and the local one as well. We shouldn’t forget those as well.

        • Coffee Girl says:

          @West Coast LC….Nope that won’t be forgotten either because a lot of employees children will not have a good Christmas thanks to CUPW…DISGRACEFUL BUNCH.

  • post mortem says:

    Maybe The Wizard will give the NEB the contract they want, and throw in:

    A Brain – obviously

    A Heart – So they’ll stop screwing the public and small businesses at this crucial time of year.

    The Nerve – well they have a lot of nerve but what they’ve been doing the last six weeks hasn’t involved courage, just obstinance.

  • Snail walk says:

    Time to change now, convert all walk to mobile cmb, Why we need to keep walk door to door a non sense delivery method. A very non efficiency way and non safety way to do delivery. We need to stop it for sure. Our health and safety values is more important than folks wanna enjoy their deluxe door service. After convert to mobile delivery method even 3 bundle system no problem for sure.

  • YYC LC says:

    Now the union proclaims “All Options are on the Table”.

    Funny how that didn’t apply to letting the membership vote on an offer.

    Also note both sides have said “…the parties remain far apart.”

    All that extra talking and “negotiating”, a complete waste of time.

    • Coffee Girl says:

      @ YYC LC…as usual, money down the Drain…people worried about Christmas…OT…their jobs…etc…All options are on the table could mean anything from our “OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY”NEB and their 100 Kool-Aid drinkers.I wouldn’t be surprised if they expect us to defy legislation…THESE PEOPLE WILL STOP AT NOTHING and ruin us all in the process.

  • Regular Joe says:

    From the Globe and Mail, this explains why the union is out to lunch on things…

    Labour costs at Canada Post are much higher in comparison with private parcel firms operating in Canada. According to a 2016 report titled Canada Post In The Digital Age, inside workers are paid 44 per cent more in salary and benefits. When measured in labour rate per productive hour, that is 66 per cent higher than private competitors.

    The report also found outside delivery workers are paid 11 per cent higher in salary and benefits while their labour rate per productive hour is 26 per cent higher than private competitors. Finally, benefit costs across the board are 60 per cent higher at Canada Post relative to private parcel competitors.

    There is no monopoly on parcels…that is what we have to deal with now. The safety jag is a false flag by a dying union. Cast them out and move into your new roles as parcel delivery people.

    • Postie pay below says:

      @Regular Joe, Are you sure indoor pol are over paid than us??? So we need a pay equity between indoor and out door. Total all outdoor are under pay. To save Canada Post, hiring new member for indoor for new wage and new title. Postal
      associate assistant temp. $14/hr week working only less than 12 hours week No benefits offer, No pension, No hope.

  • Ghjk says:

    I’m not feeling confident that the senators pass the bill.

    Can cupw really just keep doing this to us for as long as they want? They should need a new strike vote, this law needs updating.

    I am embarrassed of my work right now. I saw the news discussing cupw hecklers in parliament and I don’t want anyone to know that I work here anymore.

    If this law doesn’t pass, I think we can all expect to lose multiple thousands due to cupw. Merry Christmas!

    Contact senators and beg them to pass this legislation. It’s our last hope

    • Resigned says:

      @ghjk…here’s what happens if legislation fails: a CPC lockout, which means no work until the cows home. A merry Christmas brought to you by CUPW. But it’s comforting to know that the union top officials will not miss any pay.

      • Coffee Girl says:

        @Resigned….and probably already have their flights booked to Cuba for a Christmas getaway. Compliments of their membership who won’t be having much of a Christmas….Wonder if they ( the NEB) loses sleep over this? My guess is NO!

  • CUPW is a clown posse says:

    I would love to see a written report from Mr. Mitchnick regarding these negotiations. We all know how it would go tho right..which is probs why we are seeing Legislation. Cupw has no intentions of negotiating only demands and the mediator has already informed the decision makers.

  • John says:

    CUPW is threating to punish members who don’t follow them, and will not pay members who don’t enough hours in their eyes. Isn’t this why we had unions in the first place ???

  • Postie! says:


    News!!!…. well not really. At least it’s getting out there.

  • Gateway Pal says:

    Wake up folks, next week back to work as normal. CPC will not give you any free stuff. Year End big sales was done. Change is coming. We should seperate indoor and outdoor member in 2 contract for the future. We almost have 30000 indoor member. If without outdoor a nonsense issues, we got it done. Totally nonsense values.

  • CUPW is a clown posse says:

    I would love to see a report from Mr. Mitchnik to see an insiders take on these negotiations. We all know how it would play out tho rite..which is why we are seeing Legislation, CUPW has no intention of negotiating just demanding.

  • Michael Martin says:

    WELL it looks like they still can’t come to an agreement-Funny how CUPW negotiators say the union rights are being abused by back to work legislation-BUT for a number of weeks they have refused the union members the DEMOCRATIC right to a vote on an offer from Canada Post hmmmmm

  • Donna says:

    Cupw…you are the laughing stock of Canada and all your followers too.

  • Out of touch with its members says:

    I am kind of interested to hear the thoughts from our kool-aid drinkers on how CUPW worked for them. A week ago we where scabs for not supporting the clown posse. Just wondering I haven’t seen any post lately from them. Maybe the kool-aid wore off.

    • Free Speech says:

      We will see how you fare after binding arbitration is finished. Once the raise is decided on anything over the 1.5 percent you were ready to settle for you should donate the remainder back to CUPW. I am sure that you don’t need the additional funds,besides I am sure you have a belly full of corporate kubasa

      • Out of touch with its members says:

        we are all in this together. You should be so lucky to get 1.5%. After your union gave everything away over the last 25yrs it is insane to think you can get it all back in one contract. Arbitration is the only logical move when dealing with a self destructive group(CUPW) that is so extreme it is all or nothing with them. The clown posse was not negotiating anymore then CPC.

  • Disgusted says:

    @ Captain Scabbin I admire your thoughts and scabbing ways for after all, I too am a scab.

  • Captain Scabbin says:

    Some of the membership has a memory that only goes back a few months. When you hear people talk about 2011 they act like we were locked out just out of the blue. In 2016 we were used as pawns for the rsmcs and got a two year deal instead of a much better four year one. Some how this union managed a 94% strike mandate after that. Either the membership is brain dead or the vote was rigged. Some are pretty dumb but it is probably more the latter. Try to remember this. This union is still robbing people and is trying to keep us on strike indefinitely. My god! In case these votes are legitimate don’t ever vote yes for a strike again.

    • Inter enough says:

      @Captain Scabbin, we are hijacked by CUPW fighting for LC for these round contract. Total unfair to all of us.

    • Warrior postie says:

      @Captain Scabbin, We only fight for true worker value. Pay equity is coming from law of human right of Canada. No ,matter you are male or female. When they are perform the same working duty condition. They should treat as equal values.We need to stand up to defensed our Canadian values. For rsmc pay equity decision I also have the same question like other but after I read the whole report of pay equity. All my answer was there. A full details and perfect report. I agree rsmc are 100% deserved it. The true is we won on one hand and loss on other hand. Nothing is perfectly. But these time I think we are wrong for fighting a nonsense demands of two bundle system.Totally go to wrong direction. All non-sense demands need to remove.

    • Free Speech says:

      Wake up you live in a democratic society.
      There are countries in the world that don’t value democracy, maybe you new to move

    • Out of touch with its members says:

      Captain you are so right. From what I heard any member that did not go out and vote yes or no to a strike mandate CUPW counted them as votes for yes. This is how this dishonest bunch came up with 94%
      Time to resign!!!!

  • Curiocity says:

    Attention, brain stormers,
    Please use your brains to help identified in order to solve, to learn, and to understand the real problems of this mess. No personal or group fingers pointing but strictly business.
    First of, CPC and CUPW should campaign and encourage vested pensioners to consider vacating their position for new/young generations. Imagine a full time position can creates 2 part time positions besides, the new retirees can be hired as mentorer (contractors or exempt).
    This is just my starting idea that may help to achieve a win/win solution.
    Any one else?

    • A P erson O f C aring says:

      Bargain in good faith.Create full time positions where needed.Follow contract that both parties sign.Don’t hide profit or company loss.Report the real numbers.Pay out bonuses when goals reached.Really work together to find answers to problems(example health an safety).Don’t just use personal files for negative letters.Also include positive letters.When one side or the other does something positive.Acknowledge it,Bring it to the employees attention.

    • Food for thought says:

      That is a great idea… But the union would never allow it as these self employed contractors/consultants would not be subjected to union dues.

      • Coffee Girl says:

        @ Curiosity…I’m not far from retirement so that would be an incentive to leave…Plus it wouldn’t feel like prison like it does now! Lol…Now onto another topic….GM is UNFORTUNATELY closing down operations in Oshawa ..So after this debacle don’t be surprised if CPC starts following suit.Again thanks CUPW…you had to bite the hand that feeds you..
        Next up layoffs.Sad…

  • Had enough says:

    If the Toronto local is going to pay picket pay for the five days of picketing, even though they weren’t in a row, that would explain why I saw a shop steward handing a group of her friends union cards one Friday and having them fill them out and she signed them. She’s trying to get her friends picket pay even though they weren’t on the picket line. More dirty dealings by CUPW.

  • Scott says:

    The writing is on the wall and legislation will likely come into effect on Tuesday and what does CUPW do? They continue to have the membership on rotating strikes. They continue to say the union actions are working and are successful. Well if you consider costing your members lost wages and ending up with a contract that is less than was offered, then yes well done! The great news is that unless people are willing to enact change with this union going forward then hit the repeat button in four years time. I will be gone but I feel for the newer employees. You that are left need to hold this group of union leaders accountable for their disregard for members’ opinions and the bullying tactics and threats they used against those who disagreed with them.

  • C'mon Man! says:

    Let me put this fiasco into baseball terms.Cupw you have 54,000 fans in the seats,it ‘s the bottom of the ninth, ( game) is tied, bases are loaded. Just to hit a single would have got you a few rbi’s , but you wanted the grand slam homer……You got thrown a curve ball , you struck out……Time for someone else to come to the plate ……There is still time for someone to be a hero…..Who will it be?

  • Out of touch with its members says:

    All you members who got duped into giving this Union a strike vote need to take your phones and video yourselves. Leave yourself a message and really show yourselves how you are feeling right now with loss of wages and no contract that will benefit you. Then store that video on your phone setting up an alert for the date that this so called contract will end to pop up and remind you how being duped feels. Never give this union a strike mandate again!

    • John Marsden says:

      Best comment I’ve seen on this entire board!

    • Big Load Every Day says:


    • Coffee Girl says:

      @ out of touch…Anyone who has dealt with these clowns before should have known better…But then again…there will always be the CUPW DEADBEATS who, know matter what, will always believe in them…I talk to retirees that drank the Kool Aid for years and still think CUPW is great.There was a time they were…But it’s hard to remember when. This NEB and the one before this were the worst we ever had.

  • West Coast Letter Carier says:

    I am willing to bet that when CUPW signed the last contract (the short one) they probably thought the Corporation would do exactly what they did. Stall negotiaitons for as long as possible and wait for the Government to bail them out. CUPW likely thought they would be in a great position the later it got into 2018 and the closer to Christmas. Well obviously they thought wrong and anybody could have seen that coming. There was NO WAY the Government was going to let us strike whether it be full on or rotating at Christmas holding the public hostage and hurting small business owners. ABSOLUTELY NO WAY! I have to admit that if I was an MP and I had 10 crying business owners in front of me and 10 crying postal workers in front of me my sympathy would be with the small business owner. I would have liked to have been given a chance to vote on the last offer or at least be able to go to a CUPW forum similar to this one to see how other members felt about the offer. Oh that’s right we don’t have one. The FB site is not very good and I’m pretty sure any negative comment towards any aspect of CUPW would be promptly deleted. My only hope is that after this recent debacle there are big changes on the horizon for CUPW. The way they have conducted themselves and the way they have represented the members over the last decade has been nothing short of a travesty. And this is not union bashing. I have been an employee for over 3 decades and have been on the picket line every single time up until this strike. It’s just time for a wholesale change in how things are done and I’ll use CUPW’s own slogan they use when referring to CP’s offer…IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

    • Coffee Girl says:

      @ West coast LC…Me too…I have been on the picket lines through the years but this time it took the cake.1997 we were close to Christmas also but it seemed different.This time CUPW wants everyone to go down with them…It was all REVENGE…plain and simple.

      • veteran says:

        @Coffee Girl. Me too. I remember the 1997 strike and that is when my attitude towards the union began to change. This union wants nothing short of a total surrender of the “enemy” i.e. the management. They fail to see that we are all in the same boat. After more than 30 years, I still see the same tired old men and women running the union with a mindset that has not changed by one iota. Perhaps, they sense their demise from prominence is imminent and they are putting up their last stand. But there is no way a company can survive in such adverse labour relations. Perhaps that is their goal, who knows, they are Marxists. It is sad though that so many of our co-workers remain oblivious to the real issues at stake instead of believing the union pipe dream.

  • Matt says:

    Does anyone know if the union officers still get that severance package of one week pay for every year of union service from union coffers. It was voted down at meeting I went to, next meeting ( the NO vote Missed) it was voted in on a technicality. Sketchy? The membership loss that in negotiations. There was a grievance for part time people working more than their routes values, money was given to union to divy up, I received nothing some received 50 to 100 dollars.What happened to the money also sick time pay out. Need I go on?

  • YYC LC says:

    Remember, if CUPW leadership wanted to….

    1. They could spend the money to do a thorough online survey of every person in the membership. Paying $50 to each person once completed. Find out truly what’s important to the membership. They -don’t- do that.

    2. They could have let you vote on at least one offer in this contract round. They -didn’t- do that.

    3. They could have go to online voting (by independent third party) years ago. They -didn’t- do that.

    4. They could reduce your dues by ending spending on the political rubbish. They -don’t- do that.

    CUPW leadership LIKES the current system. It works for THEM.

    What happens to the membership and the business is just collateral damage.

    Remember the CUPW leadership motto….

    “It’s always someone else’s fault.”

    Keep contacting the government and tell them the system needs to change. One way or another, CUPW needs to be pushed into online voting.

    We must be able to vote on offers. A strike mandate is much too easy to get, and abuse.

    • Coffee Girl says:

      @ YYC LC… I agree with you 100%….This giving automatic strike mandates with no offer even tabled yet is absolutely ridiculous….They had no intention of ever negotiating at all. And how many members actually showed up to vote? Online Independent voting is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL moving forward.Again thanks to all for ruining Christmas.

  • Coldbrain says:

    What about the letter carrier? No increase for us? Is all of this strike is for urban?! I’m new employee earning $19.95!!!!

  • Toronto local member says:

    Just letting you people know that Toronto local is telling us that even though we didn’t picket for 5 days in a row, we were out for five days so if you picketed for each of those five days that you will receive picket pay. You guys should contact your locals or National about your picket pay

    • B-guy says:

      The union told us straight out at the Strike mandate meeting there was no strike fund, they are broke. Perhaps the 3.7 million they spent on electing our union president would come in handy.

    • Déjà vu says:

      @ Toronto local… Eh, tell the NEB to keep my 50 bucks… Tell them to have a drink on me next time they’re on one of their union dues-paid vacation.

    • Not right says:

      That’s not fair, so if you were on the picket line from 1 to 4 days you don’t get paid even you you picketed. If 1 person gets paid, all people should get paid that’s the fair thing to do.

      • Out of touch with its members says:

        Your right it isn’t fair. This is the union way however. They do it this way so they don’t have to pay. It’s a little difficult when they have no money after spending it on their so called humanitarian trips to Mexico to visit there slums and head back to the resort for the next 6days sipping Margaritas on our dime. Ya It’s not FAIR!!!
        CUPW is more dishonest the CPC.

      • Coffee Girl says:

        @ not right…Since when has CUPW been fair? I’ll believe it when I see someone actually getting paid…They were telling the same where I work 5 days picketing…uh huh…they just want people out there.How can they pay people when they weren’t calling FULL OUT STRIKES? Oh wait…that’s right…they had NO MONEY ( another lie)

  • Matt says:

    When the process gets to the present your sides best offer Cupw has a chance to save face and present an offer that is do able (CPC’s last complete offer, no non issue demands) this way no cost of vote. Then claim greatest victory ever, then straight to travel agent and start booking that next greatest trip ever. CUPW don’t forget to send us all a post card. Have a good trip , oh and don’t come back. NO chance to vote!!!

    • Coffee Girl says:

      @ Matt…lol…Well of course a nice postcard is in order since they’ll be ” Vacationing” on our dime…50,000 souvenirs would be nice too but that’s right…WE DONT WANT THEM BACK!!!!

  • Rob says:

    I’m sorry but inside workers or the ppl on the two tier system are getting screw.so rsmcs are getting roughly 26.60 no matter when they start if that true that bs

    • that's false says:

      RSMC’s are on a tired system they start at 85% of there wages and get a 3% raise every year for 5 years. I wish people would inform themselves before they come and post things that are false. Just creates problems.

    • Walk post wanna change says:

      @Rob, You are totally was wrong. Inside are good paid. Outside member LC should get more wage $35.00/hour hard to walk and rsmc should get paid $26 is fine for them.

  • Out of touch with its members says:

    Well I hope you’re happy CUPW. You and your posse if nothing you are Consistent at losing everything for the members whom you claim to fight for. Are you really that stupid to think that the outcome was going to be any different then the last 25yrs!!!!!!
    CPC is not to blame. You are for not allowing us to vote!!!!!
    They play this game better then you idiots and it shows. Greed does not look intelligent. After giving everything away over the last 25yrs to get more union dues from another group called the RSMC and then trying to get it all back in 1 contract that is the very definition of greed and stupidity.
    You have no one to blame but yourselves for negotiating your members out of a contract.

  • Postie! says:

    Now that this is coming to an end that could have been predicted 10yrs ago. Tell us to what capacity you are with CUPW.
    Anyone and I mean anyone who just repeats the childish pouting about “negotiating in good faith”, “women’s equality”, “health and safety issues” has no idea what CUPW has actually done in any meetings with CPC. They don’t share any specifics with over 50000 paying members that they “represent”. Far too many customers have actually looked online at exactly what we were offered is disbelief that this was shot down at all. I still have not received any response from CUPW on the details of their “global offer” other than the general crap they posted.
    How can anyone in a right state of mind want this to drag out further?
    In response to CPC eliminating compulsory OT CUPW comes back with a study on it………..
    How much in wages did these rotating strikes cost employees? How many total customers lost out on our service? How many contracts did we lose because of this juvenile acting out?
    CUPW seemed to revel in posting how many “members” were out every day…… how about these numbers???
    In true fashion, they have been having a temper tantrum all weekend pointing fingers and blaming anyone.
    I would love to see what CUPW actual considers negotiating.
    Far to easy for CPC to look good, once again CUPW actually tries to engage CPC through the media…….children.

    • veteran says:

      @Postie. I too, have been watching this show in disbelief at how intransigent this union is and also how gullible some/more/ most/ of the members are. Anyone with average IQ and common sense would have predicted this. But it may be self interest that blinds people. I am tired of seeing this nonsense continue for 30 years. I am relieved I won’t have to go through this again.

      • Older Vet says:

        Well said, I just feel for the younger employees that will have to deal with the negotiating BS. I have always said this, “if we are an essential service like police, firefighters, customs officers, extra” why the negotiations? Is APOC essential to the operations of the post office when there is a job action? YA RIGHT. It does not matter liberals or PC, we will always have no bargaining power, so make it essential. Calling it as i see it.

  • Streetwalker says:

    I’m having a hard time understanding the RSMC issues. They knew what the job entailed and what the rate of pay was before they started. I get the fact that they perhaps they didn’t expect all the extra BS that happened afterwards but they weren’t
    chained down and could have chosen to quit and find other work if the pay wasn’t worth the work. I disagree that they are required to deliver admail in 1 day without additional pay but the RSMC routes and the new hire rate for Urban is exactly what CPC is pursuing long-term.

    • The truth postie says:

      @Streetwalker, You are wrong, because you never have time to read the ruling of pay equity details report. Your question and answer already in report. So don’t waste time again to bring down other. Also the report mention during the question for CPC said Streetwalker route are too deluxe and costly to maintain, CPC are planing make all route in one system. It mean no need streetwalker. The report also said that base on all information data, rsmc route got more STRESS POINTS than LC walk route. So the arbitrator said rsmc should get more high wage than LC if base on the result. But unfortunately she could not order offer high wage. but only equal. The report also showing the rms time value are less than actual working time value on rsmc. (it mean cheating). Finally I think you are indoor postie never walk, just make post here to make a joke.

      • Streetwalker says:

        I agree 100% that all employees should eventually be at the same rate of pay, however, they should have to earn their way up to that rate in a timely manner. CPC were designing these walks to limit the workforce and costs. I don’t agree with CMB sites but think logically to stay profitable LT we would need to go that route, however CUPW is all about the dues and couldn’t care about worker safety as this would address alot of the carrier issues now. CPC is trying to control costs and looking LT whereas CUPW sees it as a piggybank that needs emptying. CPC yearly profits on a company this size isn’t healthy LT either.

      • Streetwalker says:

        I haven’t bothered to read the argument, just stating what I’ve seen. CPC has never shared 100% of their build information with the union so there really isn’t a way to say one way or the other if anything is accurate. My question to CUPW about the pay equity issue is why weren’t the new urban hires included in the discussion when they aren’t paid equally to the rest of the urban group? Perhaps it was the sexism tag that CUPW used with the RSMC group that prevented that from happening. BTW, can anyone direct me to a link that shows what the actual makeup of URBAN and RSMC carriers are as far as male/female?

  • Self eviction says:

    Still,there is a chance that this legislation wont pass the Senate.If that is the case this situation will continue until CPC files for bankruptcy protection.Shopping malls are very busy this weekend.I have seen many UPS ,Purolator and Amazon subcontractors on the road today.Nobody really cares about CUPW and CPC.it is called SELF EVICTION.

  • Modu says:

    Am i glad its over? Sure i am. What a bloody waste of time. Its becoming a revolving cycle. We always loose money, TN time, allowances etc for nothing. What have the top Union guys lost, nothing. We pay them, not CPC, so they are not loosing anything. They even make more money while the negotiation is going on, they stay in hotels, get travel allowances, free meals. Wake up guys.
    Meanwhile they want to go to court, waste our money like they did in 2011. they are even claiming we won. Won what? Did we get paid for the period we were locked out?
    Why are they not giving us yearly financial reports? It is our money.

  • Spadolini says:

    Time to call full, Canada wide strike on Monday!!! Before “they” force us to accept shameful Bill C-89!!!! Struggle continues!!!!

    • Modu says:

      Full strike? I guess you must be one of them that get paid from Union Dues.

    • George f says:

      Full strike…what a joke. Do you even know what you are striking for???
      If it wasn’t for the government, we would be out for what??8 weeks 10 weeks or bankruptcy?
      And what are we demanding???only the RSMC’s would benefit and they have already won a 25% pay increase at everyone’s expense.
      I’m ready to go back even at less than what was offered…NO THANKS TO CRAPW!!

      • Spadolini says:

        Why don’t you quit if CUPW is that bad! I’m not a Kool-Aid fan, but this is a political fight for all unionized workers across Canada and I will support them this time!

      • K.O. George says:

        @George fxx, You can asking pay equal to you too. Match their wage as what you need done. If you are not agree then go to arbitrator with your professional data information to fight. But if you are just high school done. Sorry what you got is what your paid??? Feel better NOW

  • Truth is truth says:

    If I think of myself and just myself then my union is not doing good at all but when I look at the demands they all look genuine
    Health and safety. can anyone argue that a person be put into unsafe working environment for even an hour?
    Pay for the hours worked? I am not RSMC but I will support their genuine demand.
    Forced overtime, pay equity to me all these demands are fair and the union should not agree unless these issues are adressed.

    Laws are enacted and the govt.s are formed basically to protect the weak and poor section of the society but this govt is helping the powerful by making laws in their favour.

  • 29 yrs says:

    Still time to take whatever we can before Bill passed, or we get nothing and all is lost. Please CUPW do the right thing and get CPC last offer back, it’s better than what we will get when Bill passed.

  • Big Load Every Day says:

    It’s time to seperate RMSC and Urban CUPW. Urban employees do not care about RSMC issues. CUPW has Urban membership by the neck and we are being dragged down and into a nasty battle that does belong to the Urban membership at all. Time to get rid of CUPW. Sold out Urban to hit n miss rotating strikes where Urban membership looses wages and never gets strike pay. Total gong show!. CPC offered 4 yr ban on force back compulsary over time, CUPW said no!! They prefer a study!! Totally disgusted! Keep your membership in forceback mode.

  • Captain Scabbin says:

    @bill I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Go Stamps says:

    Well here we are, screwed over again. And you know what, nothing will change and everyone will be on here in 4 years with the same complaints as to what’s going on with CUPW. I hope I’m wrong but nobody has the courage to do anything about getting this union decertified. Morale will continue to be bad on the work floors and the job satisfaction rating will continue to decline. If CPC doesn’t take the initiative to present a decent offer to the arbitrator just to try to save employee confidence, the next 4 years is going to reach a crisis situation in production, profits, morale and health and safety. Employees will just stop going the extra mile for this company.

  • Coach says:

    Sick of reading the same BS from the union sheeple.
    “Won’t bargain in good faith.”
    “Meet our DEMANDS”
    “Negotiate a fair deal.”

    Your NEB told you over a year ago to start saving for a strike. Your NEB had no intention of negotiating a “fair deal”. Their plan all along was to use Christmas to bully the Corp into meeting all of their demands. Demands, not a negotiated deal.

    The Corp is not without blame here either but where we are now, thats is on the union.

  • 35 years says:

    We won this battle in 2011 in court. So why would we think we have to agree to this legislation now. This is not the Unions fault, CP I am sure had this out come all along. I say we go on strike, and ignore what this government is forcing upon us. This is going to be the end of negotiontion for ALL Unions a cross Canada, not just us. UNCONSTITUTIONAL for all workers. What next Sweat shops ?

  • somethingsmellsbad says:

    We are going to loose JOBS, maybe even be sold off, we are going to loose pension, the end of Canada Post is here.THANKS CUPW FOR DESTROYING THE COMPANY! I guess this is what you wanted? The end of door to door will come to all Canadians and once that happens, Selling portions of this company will be easy! We will loose everything! Thanks for ruining my future CUPW!!!!! All employees should be worried cause everything is now on the line!
    NO CANADA POST MEANS WE HAVE NOTHING! Well enjoy the rest of what ever is left and good luck to all on finding new jobs with no pension and this will be hard for the died hard union people that pushed for all this so enjoy cause no other company would ever listen to your whining!

  • Bill says:

    It s allways them faults , they dont listen and not agree with union? Gouvernement is not good??
    We hear that from thé Union .président of union is Perfect.
    Wow that thé democratie.
    Time To thank about our futur and To make right décision. Only thé employé can make that we need a’better union 2018 not thoose mentality who distroy our économie, gouv. ,
    Enough we love our work we we want free we want To décidé vote we want To work overtime. Stop your intimidatiin …

  • Gateway indoor says:

    Bill pass, get ready back to work. We lose everything now where is my bonus check??? Let’s get rid union, is time to change. My brother also a rsmc, he was a part time letter carrier before he apply rsmc job.Because long waiting list to become full time position. He almost crying after he got the rsmc as a route holder. The paid was not good, the route so heavy, the time value only below around 6-7 . paid him only $167 day which included gas, flyer, daily paid. He works over almost took 9 hours to finished his job. He need to buy a commerce insurance request by CPC cost him almost $3400 year at beginning too expensive then he find another co-operator then the rate down almost half.He almost resign after the first year. Now he survive get different route. He said that the route time value was wrong for rsmc route. No one can finished within time value only a few route holder which delivery to apartment area could finished on time. So I believed CPC cheating someone from their blood money. 100% pay equity for rsmc they deserved. They just fight for equal right?

    • Coffee Girl says:

      @Gateway Indoor? There will be no BONUS CHECK…no incentive…no nothing.Hey CUPW why don’t you cut us all a Christmas check? Like say a $1000 each towards our Christmas? Oh right…you don’t have the money for your members…Party on….
      Next up PITY PARTY!

  • Postiegurl says:

    As a 14 year RSMC I am insulted by your ignorance!
    We may not “walk” the route , however we have costs you do not have!
    We are required to provide a vehicle for our job, maintain that vehicle as well have a back up vehicle for breakdowns. The vehicle allowance does not cover much of that cost!
    Last November, I did not have fuel money so I was forced to take 3 days unpaid leave. That didn’t help the next paycheck! Talk about stress!!!!
    I had two jobs and quit the one due to the overtime we’ve had to work at Canada Post. I did not realize how much my other job subsidized my CP job. My maintenance on my vehicle is ALWAYS kept up, that’s my bread and butter! However, it costs money!
    We are required to deliver our flyers in one day, which is fine, we drive, however when there’s no mail and we have to stop, added cost!
    We are required to take ALL of our parcels, if they won’t fit in the mail box, we are required to take the parcels to the door and safe drop if possible. If not, we card them and bring them back with us and haul them back into the post office or retailer.
    Do not suggest we use a mail mobile, they are vehicle Canada post replaced with new. They are useless in the snow in town let alone on rural roads.
    I was hired as a contractor in the summer of 2004, hired as an employee in February 2005. I did not have to bid on my route, the pay was done before my time!
    Shame on Canada Post for putting loyal employee, er, contractors in the position of having to underbid themselves to keep their jobs! Kudos to those employees who loved the job enough to underbid themselves to keep working for Canada Post!
    Thank you CUPW for fighting for a fairer wage for us.
    Was the last offer perfect, no however it was most of what the union was asking for. However, according to our union rep, because CP made the offer sound like it was their idea and not the Union’s that why it was rejected. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!
    If that’s the truth, then shame, shame, shame on our union!
    I love the job and I love my customers! I cannot see myself ever leaving! I do believe we deserve a living wage like our “Brothers and Sisters on the other side”! We work the overtime we need to to make sure our mail,flyers and parcels are delivered!
    Stop treating the RSMC’S like we’re asking for something we don’t deserve!
    Have a good day “Brother or Sister.”

    • Postie! says:

      This is the job YOU applied for.
      I took me years and years to become a full time LC, including casual work, part time, working the over night shift for 5 yrs, transferring to another city.
      LC’s are not responsible for your decision to latch onto being an RSMC and not putting the time in to be an LC.
      My family has lost enough in the past 2 contracts on the backs of RSMC’s. To use LC’s at this point is pure selfish greed .
      If your “pay equity” win was just through arbitration, hand this over to an arbitrator too.

    • Doug says:

      You have gotten enough – as in the largest retro/pay raise in CPC history. Sit down for awhile. I don’t want the two contracts mixed! Nor do many members. Be happy.

    • Postie girl says:

      Very Surprise, our outdoor postie rsmc group look like not too exciting as their wage match with us. Why his guy so angry??? Union fight for what they deserved. I am grad they won the battle.I feel very sorry CPC should treat them as same as us. I mean at least the benefits. Even their wage should be match all outdoor postie. Because we are not over paid, but they are under paid. $26 is nothing today for outdoor labour. Outdoor work is very difficult not regarding walk or drive is stress and pressure facing different weather condition, peak season volume etc, You never know what is waiting for you on next day? Not easy job.

      • Screwed after Feb 2013 says:

        Well, now there are LC that are way underpaid compared to the RSMC’s. I am getting paid 21.79 per hour after almost 6 years of employment as a LC temp and permanent employee. I would be grateful to just be paid equal to any of my coworkers. Canada Post just ignores us completely. Never mind the fact that I applied for the job with a rate of pay of 26 something per hour and then last minute CP pulled the old bait and switch routine paying me 19 something per hr. on my hiring letter (which I might add was purposely delayed long after all testing etc. was passed) This would never happen elsewhere! If a company posted a rate of pay and then paid $7 per hr less after the fact, the labour board would be all over it.

  • m keen says:

    if upper management was so concerned about employees and the union you would not be stone-walling the bargaining process for a year and making fictitious statements to encourage the Liberal government to force us back to work which is against the Canadian Charter of Rights, and was upheld by the Supreme Court. Just another example of Canada Post doing whatever they want, whenever they want. Typical.

  • We want to work says:

    Cheers, Finally back to workbill pass house of common. We don’t fight for nonsense key issues. Now CUPW another lesson. Letter pal wake up time need to change. No more deluxe walk. Wake up, dream is over. let’s get back to normal.

  • greg says:

    Majority voted already. Negotiate, Don’t legislate.

    • Déjà vu says:

      @greg…give your head a shake… The vote was rigged, and you know it. It always is, because this union is not driven by democratic ideology.

      • Coffee Girl says:

        @ Déjà vu…Really? lol…CUPW rig a vote? Noooooo! Of course they do or they say 92% of the membership voted yes.But never have the numbers of across Canada who actually came out ..ONLINE VOTING done by an impartial third party from now on.

  • Happy it's over says:

    Now that it’s almost the end, I just want to say that it’s been interesting talking to all of you and hearing all of your opinions and experiences. Thank you CPC for allowing freedom of speech and i hope you have paid attention to what we’ve said and going forward, use our suggestions to improve morale. Talk to all of you four years from now……

  • Chris says:

    Should have took the last offer .greedy now it was all for nothing

    • Doug says:

      The last offer had rollbacks (i.e. flex and PO4/PO5 nonsense). If these were not in that offer I would almost agree with you. 2.4% a year and we would have got’ er done.

    • Coffee Girl says:

      @ Chris…Oh no! The NEB was on a “POWER TRIP'” CPC could have offered us everything CUPW asked for and they still wouldn’t have taken it.With that being said CPC knew they could count on the govt so in the end it was all for nothing and of course WE THE EMPLOYEES OF CPC ( not CUPW) lost again.

      • West Coast Letter Carrier says:

        @ Coffee Girl I made the same comment to a co-worker that you just made. We could have gotten everything we asked for and the union somehow someway still wouldn’t be happy. Even if we worked for the perfect employer this union would still not be happy. Thankfully like you this is the last work stoppage I will be involved with. Retirement is on the horizon and thankfully I won’t have to go through this again. The history of labour relations between CP and CUPW is absolutely awful but nothing even comes close to what has transpired over the last year. I blame both sides equally for this mess. Together they have completely sucked the tremendous pride I once had in being a postal worker out of me.

    • Bill says:

      Blah…blah…blah! Looking for a fair deal is not greed!

  • IN says:

    by mail 52000 x $1 =cost is 52 000 but with cupw everything cost triple
    we got hundreds of CUPW on payroll so no additional cost
    too simple
    it would take 2 weeks max CUPW does in 6 week at cost 2 mil !
    contraption is the name
    we should report CUPW to CRA to investigate
    i will be gone but next generation dont you ever give those crooks right to call a strike a deside for what is good for you.
    NDP i will make 100% my goal that you do not get a 1$ from this Union.Please get involved .20 people can take over any CUPW Local
    1000 of us (2 %) can take out this communist dictators and bring power to members and save our dues >we should pay max $30 a month .

  • Streetwalker says:

    All this talk from people on here about what is being asked for and what has been offered is amazing to say the least. I would actually like to see what both sides original negotiations were and what they look like tonight, then you could truly see what’s what, other then that it’s simply speculation and heresay.

  • Matt says:

    @ free speech: you asked earlier does anybody know how much a vote costs? At the strike mandate vote, Gord say it cost 2 million to do that vote. 2,000,000 divided by 54,000 = $37.04 each. I would pay $37.04 to vote and settle this, would you? TIME to vote!!!

  • Donna says:

    If this Bill does not pass Canada Post will lock out CUPW.

  • veteran says:

    Final thoughts. Those who learn the lessons of history, knew all along that the voracious appetite of the union for more “gains” would never be satisfied. This union lives in the past and shows incredible inability to adapt to the current business environment. But, of course, in being real Marxists, they remain truthful to their ideology. However, we should not forget, that entities that fail to adapt die off, and, regrettably this is the path that this union walks on. Canada post is not the monopoly it used to be, for it faces competition from more efficient and aggressive competitors. Every time there is a strike those competitors salivate at the thought of stealing customers. Yes, Canada Post is cheaper, but private enterprises are very adept in finding ways to steal the most lucrative business. If my reasoning is correct, you may want to think twice before you give these communists another strike mandate to “force the employer to negotiate” in three or four years from now. I feel lucky that I will not have to go through this again.

    • Who's Cheaper Carrier says:

      @veteran, Canada Post is not cheaper than some carrier. I used to be a business owner before i join CPC. My business have agreement with Canpar. Canpar offer us much cheaper rate than Canada post. Almost 30% cheaper . But we charge my customer little cheaper shipping rate than Canada Post. Still make a different gap shipping profits. Haha.. But the truth is some remote location only Canada post can reach, Like north, yellow knife area, etc.No others carrier want go to the north. because losing money shipping to north.

  • Claude says:

    It is such BS that rsmc workers get same wage as us . First off they bid for there routes back in the day so they low balled them so they could get them . Second there is no door to door delivery that is lc do . Thirdly if they would spend a day in our shoes 80 percent of rsmc would not survive the daily grind of walking with flyers ,mail and parcels . Let’s get real it’s not the same job !

    • Postiegurl says:

      Claude, go back and read Postiegurl post.
      It was directed at you my “BROTHER” and the other “BROTHER AND SISTER’S” who think the way you do!
      I am her.
      I couldn’t do the walk and I know that but I am a dedicated and proud employee of Canada Post just the same!
      On October 10 2014 I had just left the post office to start my run. One minute out a car ran the stop sign and hit my driver’s side, I was spun 180 degree the first hit, the second hit spun me back 180 degrees, the third hit spun me back 90 degrees. I remember thinking my head was bleeding and was trying to push my mail out of the way so I wouldn’t bleed on it and make a mess!
      I was taken to the hospital where I suffered severe bruising, whiplash and severe concussion. I still struggle daily with the concussion and whiplash after effects! I am very lucky I’m able to return to work, many others are not!
      So please do not tell me our job isn’t dangerous!!!

    • Sven says:

      You dont deliver parcels,supply your own vehicle,pay for fuel and pay for extra insurance out of your pocket to perform your duties and still make 28% more. You are right it is bs and not the same job!…Solidarity for RSMC’s

    • Postiegurl says:

      As a 14 year RSMC I am insulted by your ignorance!
      We may not “walk” the route , however we have costs you do not have!
      We are required to provide a vehicle for our job, maintain that vehicle as well have a back up vehicle for breakdowns. The vehicle allowance does not cover much of that cost!
      Last November, I did not have fuel money so I was forced to take 3 days unpaid leave. That didn’t help the next paycheck! Talk about stress!!!!
      I had two jobs and quit the one due to the overtime we’ve had to work at Canada Post. I did not realize how much my other job subsidized my CP job. My maintenance on my vehicle is ALWAYS kept up, that’s my bread and butter! However, it costs money!
      We are required to deliver our flyers in one day, which is fine, we drive, however when there’s no mail and we have to stop, added cost!
      We are required to take ALL of our parcels, if they won’t fit in the mail box, we are required to take the parcels to the door and safe drop if possible. If not, we card them and bring them back with us and haul them back into the post office or retailer.
      Do not suggest we use a mail mobile, they are vehicle Canada post replaced with new. They are useless in the snow in town let alone on rural roads.
      I was hired as a contractor in the summer of 2004, hired as an employee in February 2005. I did not have to bid on my route, the pay was done before my time!
      Shame on Canada Post for putting loyal employee, er, contractors in the position of having to underbid themselves to keep their jobs! Kudos to those employees who loved the job enough to underbid themselves to keep working for Canada Post!
      Thank you CUPW for fighting for a fairer wage for us.
      Was the last offer perfect, no however it was most of what the union was asking for. However, according to our union rep, because CP made the offer sound like it was their idea and not the Union’s that why it was rejected. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!
      If that’s the truth, then shame, shame, shame on our union!
      I love the job and I love my customers! I cannot see myself ever leaving! I do believe we deserve a living wage like our “Brothers and Sisters on the other side”! We work the overtime we need to to make sure our mail,flyers and parcels are delivered!
      Stop treating the RSMC’S like we’re asking for something we don’t deserve!
      Have a good day “Brother or Sister.”

    • LC OK says:

      @claude, I don’t think you are letter carrier. You don’t know the job. You are indoor worker wanna divide us make us kill each other. All LC know what happen to their outdoor pal. Except you….Where are you coming from? You may come from Gateway. I don’t know what are you talking about my job. I am mobile LC to cmb. No walk like rmsc delivery to cmb..Get out here indoor. #@X*

    • The truth says:

      @Claude, Are you walk or mobile now? Walk is safety or cmb is safety to delivery? Most of LC said they want walk because much safety than CMB. Did you see our @YYC LC, post talk regarding CMB. If CMB more dangerous to delivery so we should give than more money to do the job right? Second, Did you go thought the report of final ruling of pay equity statement? Of course NO, The full report already have your question and answer with full details on it. Please go to study first. Third, i don’t carry a lot of letter mail only flyer and small package. My carrying weight much less than before. How can you carry parcels with you? Are you a Santa Claude mail carrier? I don’t carry parcels. Sorry again, don’t bring down other. You need to learn respect. We all are same mail carrier under one roof.

  • dazed and confused says:

    Unioun has no intention of signing a deal that does not cripple the company, they are spiteful, vengeance, bitter, and without legislation we would be doomed. I have never voted Liberal before, but their will be an election sign on my lawn, thanks Justin and Patty

  • scratch head says:

    Me no understand legislation.Plenty options for public to ship their parcels.If up north you live.Or south you live.CPC not a essential job.I think PM justin send us back because business save money. Use us cause we cheaper and best deliver.And business tell him to do it.Not canada public.Even Fedex and UPS use us.They charge their customer big money.Then we charge them little.And do all the work.Public don’t know that.But true.Outside worker problems always.Inside workers pay price.Not good.Sign new contract for inside 3 yrs.And outside 4 yrs.Then bargain at different times.

  • Tim says:

    I agree with the equal pay for equal work, the days that some to most of these carriers are going home 3 or 4 hours and are getting paid a full 8 hours of work, yes its harder and hours are longer in the winter. I know carriers that have seconds jobs and are still at home by 330 to 430 pm every day. If this was a regular job where if you work 4 hours you get paid for 4 hours. Some carriers do work longer hours and a lot of the complaints coming from the union have been dealt with, the RSMC’s are getting the same wage as the carriers now, the forced overtime hasn’t been around for over a year.

    The union is only thinking of themselves, there is communities in the north that rely solely on CPC to deliver everything they need, medication, food, clothes and cheques. How is it fair that these people are suffering.

    I hope this strike is over soon and yes I hope they do get their equal pay for equal work.Ffour hours equals four hours on their pay cheques.

  • Bill says:

    If only you believed what you were writing. Our livelihoods mean nothing to you and your co-conspirators. Keep the propaganda for them.

  • Mortified says:

    Sure is nice of all the union people and ndp defending our constitutional right to strike while they get paid. It’s very easy when it is someone else doing the losing.

  • LC23 says:

    You would think with legislation about to happen our great union would try to get the most for its members before it is final. But NO instead they will “fight till the end”. If they would just take as much as they could we would all be a lot better off. Can’t wait to do this all again next contract. All members of this negotiating team should be replaced. Remember to vote NO on the next strike mandate so we can vote on an offer

  • YYC LC says:

    If only CUPW leadership cared about the membership’s right to vote on offers as much as CUPW loves the right to make demands. (Ha! Someone gave the “voting is expensive” excuse)

    We need a better system. Someone came up with this an an example.

    Ways the system could be improved….

    1 – All voting goes online and is conducted by an independent third-party company. (including voting for priorities before negotiations start)

    2 – When Canada Post makes an offer, Canada Post and CUPW have ten days to negotiate any changes or improvements. Offer is then locked in. Eleven days later membership votes on the offer. This allows CUPW time to communicate with the membership.

    3 – Two days to vote online. Results are mailed to each member. Also available online or via email and text. Gives National, Local and Regional results. Also gives the number of folks who didn’t vote.

    4 – If membership votes down five offers from Canada Post, membership votes on two options…

    Move to Binding Arbitration or Give CUPW a Strike Mandate.

  • Time Limited says:

    Workers are right to strike by law. Court said should give a enough time to labour to send out a message. I think over 30 days rotate strike is good enough to pass your message to your employer? Right of strike activity should have a time limited. A reasonable and acceptable time limited. Do not misuse your right. Let’s pass it to arbitrator.

  • Captain Scabbin says:

    What a country. You have the “right to strike “ but you don’t have the right to work. Also, organized crime is completely legal if you call it a union.

  • KSS says:

    Can anyone tell us why CUPW have convention in Edmonton in the same week as Grey Cup? Every Canadian knows date & time of Grey Cup at least one year ahead. I think rooms will cost lot less in any other city this week like Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon or any other city. No wonder CUPW can’t afford to go all out strike. Money well spent again!

  • Curiocity says:

    Postal banking” why not postal lottery, postal food services, postal day care, and postal liquor, or postal joints, and postal…..?
    They all seem like money generator. Wait, I need upgrading from economic school again. Unless we live under socialist society.
    CLC, please stay out of this or you are welcome to joint our fight by sending an eighteen millions $18 Mil certified cheque in express post toward CUPW’s 2 weeks strike fund and together we can occupy our ruling postal master.

  • Captain Scabbin says:

    Tumour? I am a scab not a tumour. A scab forms after a wound has been inflicted. Cupw has inflicted a great wound on me and are still at it. A tumour needs to grow to get noticed. They are harmful if they get too large. I think cupw is a better example of tumour.

  • po4 girl says:

    To everyone complaining about what an awful place CP is to work at…go find something else! All the pro cupw people obviously have never had a ‘real’ job. I worked in a factory for over 20yrs…this job gravy!!

  • Jeanette Bennett says:

    All we want to do is work . We as Postal Workers take pride in our jobs . There is no respect any more for our health and safety , Mental and Physical . Between harassment , intimidation , being overworked and injuries . Right now we do not see that changing in the near future unless it is put in black and white in our Collective Agreement . Please reconsider this Back to Work Legislation .

  • Interpol says:

    To all my love letter carrier members, your dream is over. Wake up folks, You wanna a more time working indoor like us and less time value working outdoor for a health and safety reason. Are you sure??? Total bullshit. You can stay at home now. Folks are line up to apply your deluxe outdoor job. Even mobile L/C want your walk. Mobile L/C said that walk more safety than cmb.
    @YYC LC post said that not me. From you own group. Why no one like mobile delivery? Is not safety or others reason? rsmc are all mobile.Give us your information data to prove it you are not safety working out outdoor and carry a lot of weight ??? Where is the weight coming from??? Need data??? Walk is safety than mobile cmb prove it??? All bullshit too lazy. You guys should thank you CPC still keeping your walk even losing money.

    • Out of touch with its members says:

      Sounds like you have no clue what a letter carrier does. Let me know how cozy my outside job after you have worked outside in -30C with the North wind blowing trying to put a flimsy flyer in the box. The letter carrier job is so easy that it has the highest turn over rate of all the jobs in the post.

    • Lc says:

      You need to learn about the letter carriers job or even better come out and try it in the winter you would not last a day.

  • retired and still cares says:

    I have always said “CUPW does not have a true right to strike, they only have the right to walk out, lose pay and be forced into binding arbitration.”

    The good news is, binding arbitration has always provided a better settlement then CUPW has ever negotiated. I remember back in the early 80’s being forced to accept a 6% and 5% raise, and still the Union had us protest with signs saying “we can’t survive 6 and 5”.

    It would be better for everyone involved, including our customers, if an arbitrator settled all contracts.

  • Déjà vu says:

    The biggest problem with this union is that time after time they have their members vote on whether to strike or not before cpc even presents an offer… I’m sorry, but that just axe-backwards. Should we not have the opportunity to judge for ourselves the merits of an offer, before deciding yay or nay? To me, that would be the proper democratic way. It has become painfully clear that this union has no interest in democracy, and even less regards for its members’ prosperity. But, of course, none of this would make a difference in the end, as the NEB decides what the vote results are going to be regardless of what the ballots say. Thank God we have a government that believes in democracy and the well being of its people… And the people have spoken loud and clear.
    Now, let’s get back to work and do this!

    • Free speech says:

      I find this hilarious. Most of the comments have people whining about how much union dues they pay and how the funds are spent.
      Can anybody make an educated guess on how much it costs to hold a nation wide vote ?
      And Incase you don’t realize using legislation to remove one of your charter of rights is not democracy, maybe the next right you lose is your freedom of speech

      • CUPW is a clown posse says:

        online vote using impartial 3rd party. Easy and cheap, but Cupw would never allow cuz would be impossible to manipulate and they wouldnt be able to drone on about how the struggle continues.

  • Grateful says:

    I don’t need to be publish my comments,I just want to say that I appreciate my job, I love working for CPC I am very grateful.God bless.

  • Online vote Now says:

    Total out of control, CUPW is time to get rid of you. We need a new union who can stand on true worker value. Let us freedom to vote, we are the boss not union. I think online vote is good idea for the first round offer , second round offer, Only last confirmation offer need to show up by manual , let the union rep to listen their members voice in public not under the table deal. Let’s do it.

  • Gateway Pal says:

    Time to change a new union, I will fight for real worker values fair, equity and reasonable key issues. Wake up folks, we fight for what we need not what you want. Let the two bundle system key issues to arbitrator to make a decision. Arbitrator is a third party judge, a professional person we could trust. If Union are not agree pass the key issues of two bundle issues to arbitrator. It mean they know what is the result? We fight for worker but need a true value to support. Also need a balance values to reach an agreement. I don’t mind to stand up fight for other to defence our Canadian values like pay equity for rsmc. I don’t know why CPC give them less benefits than us. I thought everyone is same on benefits.

  • cupwbegone says:

    Sorry cupw ….CHECK AND MATE !!

  • Matt says:

    Just getting ready to do my taxes for 2018 and I noticed my biggest right off this year is CUPW. TIME to vote!!!

    • Coffee Girl says:

      @Matt…lol….yep almost 1000$ a year we pay them…therefore they work for us.Actually I don’t think they’re worth 2 cents….They’re only there for their FOLLOWERS anyway…..

  • JasonYVR says:

    WOW, the list of on strike facilities is very long tonight….the longest yet.

    I guess CUPW is of the mindset that if they’re going to be ordered back to work with legislation from this corrupt, lying and dishonest Liberal government….they may as well go all out.

    I personally think CUPW should go ALL THE WAY….and issue a nation wide, full scale strike.

    Nothing to lose at this point as BTW legislation will kick in as early as Monday!

  • Inter enough says:

    Our urban contract and bonus are easy to settle if without LC nonsense request. Please kick them out from our urban contract. let them have their own letter carrier contract. Black Friday now.

  • #The postie says:

    well said. When I was a local president we were talking about this already it needs to get done. They are not worth the money we pay. It’s not a democracy but a dictatorship. We have no say besides when they need a mandate to vote for a proposal we are denied. Wake up members

  • Montrel says:

    YOU DONT KNOW TODAY REALITY. CPCW ON 1970 DOESN T WORK ANYMORE. YOU AND YOUR UNION WANT TO put our business and économie down. REALITY when you loose your job i m sur you will never get what you have…..anddd

  • Coach says:

    CUPW could have taken a deal earlier that would have checked most of the boxes they wanted. Unfortunately they tried to run the table by using Christmas as leverage to get CPC to bend the knee. Terrible bargaining.

    • Ghjk says:


      I agree. CUPW was not “willing to negotiate.” They were emboldened by the lack of government involvement and thought they could force CPC to sign on the dotted line due to Christmas. CUPW does not care if the company that pays us makes a single cent in profit.

      I personally do not want to bankrupt the people who pay my wages. If we hired real negotiators, they would agree. That is why we don’t.

      • Coffee Girl says:

        @Ghjk..Professional negotiators? Oh no ! They would have to pay them and that would cut into the CUPW party fund.These were the worst negotiators I’ve seen yet…Just wanted to prove a point and took everyone else down with them…Hope they’re satisfied because a lot of our members won’t be having much of a Christmas. THANKS FOR NOTHING.

  • dose of reality says:

    went to the strike vote, voted no, what a joke it was, 15 minutes, started with someone talking postal banking, then unioun guy spoke for 2 minutes, told those their the best way to avoid a strike was to the give the unioun a strong mandate. What a lie that was, employees you need to wake up and realize these guys are killing your future for their own agenda

    • Doug says:

      Yeah, if we didn’t have a strike vote I’m sure the company would have gave us a great, wonderful contract – right? Wake Up!

    • Ghjk says:

      More would vote no if CPC tabled an offer before strike votes.

      Why do they insist on waiting? Many coworkers told me that they only voted yes because CPC would not reveal an offer so all they had to vote based on was the union’s fear tactics. Felt they had no option.

      Next time, table a decent offer and I guarantee a much lower strike vote

  • Joe C says:

    Why do you guys even have a union? If Trudeau can just order you back anytime he wants. Doesn’t seem very fair that Trudeau orders you back before you have even completed with the mediator that Trudeau provided…Why would Canada Post even bother negotiating if they know employees will be forced back anyways? If you are not an essential service how can you be forced back? Is Canada Post essential? I thought police, fire, military, etc were the only essential services. I dont see other Unions being forced back. I rely on CP for my business but I also respect the rights of workers. I support you mail carriers. Shame on you Canada Post and Justin Trudeau.

    • Déjà vu says:

      @joe c…. Cpc is a crown corporation, therefore the government has a vested interest in its success… That’s what makes it different than the all the others, and also, if you had done a bit of homework on what’s going on here, you’d understand why we are being legislated back.. I’ll save you the homework: the reason for the apparent stalemate is that negotiations in this situation are impossible, as one of the parties make only demands. As far as I know, a demand is a non negotiable approach. There you go… You’re welcome!

    • Free Speech says:

      Well said Joe

  • JasonYVR says:

    They’re sitting, as we speak, in hot tubs having drinks delivered to them….raising their glasses to Justin Trudeau and his government, thanking him.

    But it’s not over yet. This can be won by CUPW in court. It’s already been ruled in CUPW favor once before.

    As iv’e said….we are NOT an essential service, and haven’t been for some time. Our services are all available elsewhere.
    Being among the “cheapest” does NOT in of itself make us an essential service. The government knows this, yet of course refuses to admit it!

  • YYC LC says:

    @Fed up. Put down your violin and spare us the finger wagging in our face guilt trip.

    It’s time for this union to be better. Do you understand the concept of Better?

    Folks are fed up with the Top Down Autocratic approach where the membership only matters until the union gets the strike mandate.

    We’re tired of the arrogance and hubris.

    We’re tired of the “oh gosh, it would take six weeks to have a vote, so we won’t let the membership vote. Ha Ha Ha!” excuse.

    Time for on line voting conducted by an independent third party.

    Time to CHANGE a process where a year goes by and we vote on ZERO offers.

    Time for union dues to go down $10 per month for 48 months because our union has far too much money to waste on stuff that doesn’t matter.

    Time for this union to give money back. $50 per member before Christmas.

    Status Quo CUPW isn’t good enough for 2019 and beyond

  • Go Stamps says:

    Isn’t it funny how Joe public complains year round how the postal service is redundant and really isn’t required but as soon as we are not providing the service for a few weeks the country goes into a panic. But anyways once CPC puts forward their offer for binding arbitration, their true colors will become evident with what type of offer they put forward. This would be their opportunity to show they were sincere about these negotiations and present their last offer they proposed to the members to the arbitrator. Anything less and morale at the depots will be as bad as ever. This is your chance CPC to show what you really think of your employees.

    • Regular Joe says:

      @Go Stamps they did say they would let an arbitrator decide. Your leaders said No. oh and they offered another $40 million to take what you are asking for. $1000 for most is no small concession.

  • post mortem says:

    I remember when I reached full time status 20 years ago. I was excited and happy, with guaranteed hours, benefits, and a job I really liked. Always worked my tail off from the get go and although i could have tough days, I never really felt ” overburdened” , but thankful for this job I had. Thanks to this last bit of ridiculousness perpetrated by both CPC and CUPW but mostly CRAPW this is the first time I’ve felt like I should’ve taken a different career path all those years ago. Now I can’t wait for retirement. The spoiled child that is CUPW is determined to hamstring any financial momentum that CPC can gain and compromise our future and those that come after us
    This Christmas season I’ve never been more stressed and it all falls on CUPW’s shoulders . It never should’ve gotten to this point. If we lose this signing bonus I figure between 2011 and 2018 CUPW owes me about five grand.

    I see the new “kids” coming in as casuals and happily note that they are all hard workers who “get it”. I only pray they stay away from the hard core grumblers who will indoctrinate them into the cult of the entitled. Maybe over time this attitude of being “owed something ” will disappear along with the culprits that have held CPC, the public and the employees hostage every 4 years. If we can ever eradicate this attitude both corp. and employee can reap the benefits of a growing successful business. Should this, by some miracle, ever happen, I can actually take pride in my job again.

  • dazed and confused says:

    Thanks unioun for costing us 1000 dollars, by not accepting the cooling off period, as usual you overplayed your hand, The damage your tactics cause to the business is damaging the future of all postal workers. Your history shows no finishing skills, things always drag out, you have more excuses than answers

  • Realist says:

    To CUPW . Well played! U sure R some shrewd negotiators. Good grief. To CPC. Just cause U can stick it to us, doesn’t mean U have to. The majority of us would have taken the last offer. We were held hostage by this excuse for our representatives. Please be kind!

  • Fed up says:

    To all you anti union people. Remember when all this is said and done, be sure to donate your benifits, holidays, personal days, maternity or parental benifits etc as remember this crappy union fought for all that for you over the last many years. You really beleive CPC has your best interests at heart , you are sadly mistaken. They collect bonuses on your back continually!

    • Ghjk says:

      You’re confusing anti-CUPW and anti-union. I love unions but ours is run by people who do not properly represent membership

    • JasonYVR says:

      They’re sitting, as we speak, in hot tubs having drinks delivered to them….raising their glasses to Justin Trudeau and his government, thanking him.

      But it’s not over yet. This can be won by CUPW in court. It’s already been ruled in CUPW favor once before.

      As iv’e said….we are NOT an essential service, and haven’t been for some time. Our services are all available elsewhere.
      Being among the “cheapest” does NOT in of itself make us an essential service. The government knows this, yet of course refuses to admit it!

    • Blah, blah, blah says:

      @ fed up… Speaking of charities… One thing is for sure, once this is all said and done, I will be looking into how to have my union dues redirected to the United Way or some other charity… I’m tired of funding union execs lavish vacations.

    • Postie! says:

      NOT “anti union” just CUPW. We don’t owe this current Union anything for mat leave, benefits, holidays etc….. that was fought for years ago by others (when Canada Post was a genuine essential service)

      This is about right now in 2018. I don’t care about what management gets for bonuses. Its CUPW’s job to take care of this contract every 4 yrs. They have failed miserably for decades now. The $90 CUPW forcibly takes from my family every month is put towards their own agenda.

      They can’t go more than a day without pointing the finger or laying blame on anyone else but themselves for this sad state. They are all entitled little brats who every negotiation act all smug when their labour stoppages are in effect, just to end up getting a pie directly in their face…..again and again.

  • Captain Scabbin says:

    I will bet that I have scabbed more hours this week than our freedom fighting leader worked before he became president.

    • Theresa says:

      Well, there is a reason they call them scabs, although tumour might be more appropriate!

    • Warren says:

      Must say im more disappointed in the can post moderator allowing you to continue this provocation and use if the “S” word when they claim zero tollerance for that term including handing someone in my local a 5 day suspension for usong that word. Im less disapointed in your hiding behind it and yet continuing to collect those union wage and benfits you so hate. Hope you and those who know you are so proud just wish you had the same fortitude to tell your local so they could begin article 8 process.

  • LC time to change says:

    Over 30 days rotate strike is good enough for labour dispute activity. Good enough for government table the bill back to work legislation. This time CPC catch you guys. The truth is our LC pal asking over you need. I feel sorry for other members.

  • JasonYVR says:

    CPC is NOT an essential service. I wish people would STOP spewing this nonsense. CPC has not been an essential service for a number of years now.

    The services Canada Post Corp offers, customers can get elsewhere.
    “Cheaper” does NOT mean essential service!

    CUPW can and most likely WILL fight this tabled BTW legislation….and if everything is done in a FAIR manner, they should easily win that fight.

    Unfortunately though, Justin Trudeau and his government have introduced new rules….to push BTW legislation through ASAP. The Liberal government doesn’t care about “due process”. They will however care when the next election is here….and they’re turfed out of office on their butts!

    • CUPW is a clown posse says:

      @jasonyvr. LOL.. who they gonna get turfed for!? NDP? Hahaha. The honeymoon isn’t even over yet for Jagmeet and they are in disarray. The few Cupw member who will vote like you will only give the Cons the split the so desperately need. You aren’t really paying attention are you.

    • Donna says:

      Trudeau never had the union vote. You not voting for him again is not his worry. Sorry. The fact of the matter is that he is probably winning the publics vote by doing this. The public is fed up with these strikes.

    • The End says:

      Exhibit A: The union needs to be purged of its political leanings or else be replaced by a professional organization with none.

      ps: “Turfed out of office” in favor of the Conservatives? Hahahahahahahahahaha! Good luck!

    • scratch head says:

      And a conservative government takes over.Good thinking.

  • Real losers says:

    Too late now, we all at same sink boat. Canada Post senior team are smiling at us. When cupw present remove the two bundle system and request more indoor time value. They almost laughing can’t stop. We just fall a trap now waiting government table the bill legislation pass. CPC can do anythings they like. We all are losers. Except CPC and CUPW.

    • Sally says:

      All Canada Post employees are going to loose everything thanks to the union they always want more they never once ask how we felt nore did they reach out and tell us anything we heard through the news we should of got a vote on the contract that they offered but the union answered for us thats wrong

  • Ghjk says:

    The last deal that you offered expired.

    CPC please let us know what is on the table right now. I hope that you offer a slightly better one.

    I am happy about being legislated back because cupw is too extreme for me but remember that you can still lose at arbitration.

    Make your best offer now. We will demand to vote on it.

  • Show Support LC now says:

    Without 2 bundle system remove, we will keep fighting until last minute.Reduce the outdoor walking time value to protect our health and safety is more important than anyone who’s working indoor. Together stay strong protect our health and safety key issues remove two bundle system, let us sorting our sequenced mail back to our sorting case, increase our indoor working time value and reduce our out door walk time value to reduce our injury. All urban members we are support each others. Stay strong. Speak louder Support LC working more time inside less time out door for safety. Support….Together.

  • Outraged says:

    What have you done for us CUPW? Make us lose income on your strikes, threaten us with $5000 dollar fines, threaten to blacklist anyone caught working overtime, wreck everyone’s Christmas with your militant bs! You bet there will be percussions you imbiciles. Starting with tomorrow where you will be slammed and shut down from your outrageous bs with legislation that will be pushed through and the bill will pass in parliament tomorrow!

    After that CUPW there will be multiple bodies within your membership that absolutely despise and hate you to the core so much and there will be backlash you morons! This is not going to end for you CUPW it’s only just going to start! There will be a revolution against you idiots and backlash is saying it mildly! If you still happen to be here in 4 years CUPW in the very least…… you will have an outraged membership in your face stopping you at every word as you lie to your membership requesting strike votes!!!! Which in future your membership is going to lobby for 3rd party online voting system either run by an official segment of government to oversee the voting rather then your bs kool aid stands.

    Expect and anticipate your membership to turn on you in ways you never thought would happen! You have outraged everyone and your lucky something doesn’t happen to obliterate your existence sooner.

    You’ve done nothing but cause grief! Useless idiots! Not only that you have made Canada Post employees and company a national embarrassment !

    CUPW you are scum and deserve what’s coming!

  • YYC LC says:

    Regarding CMB’s.

    I feel safer walking (one bundle) than doing CMB’s. My worse injury came on a CMB route. I got lucky. It could have been much more serious.

    Try sorting mail and flyers into CMB’s while protecting your fingertips from the cold. Seriously, try it.

    I haven’t seen them it yet, but the newest version of CMB’s where you have to keep the key in sounds like a Massive PITA. Those should be scrapped.

  • somethingsmellsbad says:

    I would like to thank the Federal Gov and Canada Post for putting a end to CUPW pipe dream of crap. CUPW you failed again, this is all your fault, you lie to us and all you want is more union dues. You hate this company and all your little koolaid drinking, can’t handle the job, cry baby, want to get paid for doing nothing i hope you enjoy the crap wage we will be handed. TOGETHER WE WILL GET NOTHING! LOL You ruined everyone’s CHRISTMAS and made us look so bad! Your time is coming to a end! Enjoy what you have left cause a new Union will be coming!

  • Inter says:

    Don’t wait to Legislation. Otherwise all of us will be the same except LC, Canada post will start their convert plan. give up your two bundle requested..good luck

  • greg says:

    I have been a carrier for 32 yrs. this job bought my house, put my kids thru school and kept me in shape. I love it. 2 bundle system combined means we would just cheat and x-cross and be done 2 hrs earlier.
    this is a 60k job plus benefits.
    if you wanted more you should have gone to school
    ok you can yell at me now

    • veteran says:

      @Greg. Bravo!!!! That is the best comment I have seen. Very well said and everybody should read it.

    • Tino says:

      Thank you Greg. I m totally agree. I wish cpc do something for those lazy people don’t want to anything and wants more overtime and raise. Cupw is there protect those.

    • Donna says:

      @greg…. well said. Everything I own is because of Canada Post also. Totally appreciate the company.

    • Wake up LC says:

      @grey, Yell, Well said, Bravo, You just tell the truth. two bundle for me is o.k.too. The truth is letter mail volume drop a lot. I have no problem to walk. Sorry I have to tell the truth. My pal just want more deluxe walk to enjoy maintain their life style. Wake up Brothers and Sisters, if we can keep walking we still can rock and roll.

  • Captain Scabbin says:

    Why in the hell would anyone that wanted to take overtime respect this ban? I am a scab and I couldn’t be happier. The union lost any moral high ground in niagara. Cupw is in no way the protagonist here. Look at neb still picking pockets when this is over.

  • New Plan bring a new life says:

    Benefits convert walk to mobile CMB delivery method:
    1. reduce health and safety issues(carry weight, slippy floor,knee pain)
    2. Mail lock in cmb more security than home make open door mail box.
    3. Profitable.( Parcels service make a lot of real money)
    4. Good exercise for all Canadian have a little walk to CMB. Walk is health exercise.
    5. CPC profits everyone will share year end bonus. $2500 for sure
    6. We need around 8500 LC convert to mobile cmb. What about the rest of 3,500 LC? No problem, New plan included mobile parcels express team for the rest of LC, only delivery parcels 7 days a week 16 hours a day to delivery all Canadian. Happy Ending

  • Jc says:

    To all my good friends in management, hope you enjoy your
    Bonuses this year.
    Thanks for giving the work force an offer that showed you cared. Heartless company to work for.

    • Fed up says:

      @jc…I’m sure cpc execs will enjoy their contractual bonuses, but I’m willing to bet that they pale in comparison to what CUPW presidents draw from our union funds. Ask yourself: where do the millions of dollars they collect every year go? Certainly not toward a full fledged strike that might have resolved this mess weeks ago.

  • Gateway indoor says:

    I am support all letter carrier walk route convert to drive route CMB to reduce injury walking health and safety issue. Even you request remove two bundle system but you still need to walk on icy road, broken stair, carry weight, knee pain etc. I believed if convert plan on table. Everyone will have bonus $2000 signing offer. Happy ending.. Let’s vote put convert plan and get $2000. for everyone.

  • Need to out says:

    Amazon Black Friday start today at 6:00pm ET So we need to delivery their parcels on time. Remove walk LC key issues now because they don’t delivery parcels. We don’t care letter mail, no one using letter mail service.

  • Not a real key issues says:

    After a cross examination information update from CPC and CUPW. There is no health and safety key issues to remove two bundle system from letter carrier route. CUPW remove your nonsense health and safety key issues as quickly as possible. Remove two bundle system and letting letter carrier sorting already sequenced mail back to sorting case to create more sorting indoor time value and reduce out time work time value. Is it can stop the health and safety issues? Is that all simple? I don’t think so. LC when you apply your job you know you need to walk and work outside. All outdoor postie facing the same problem like you. Why only you have problem.Your choice.

  • Power to vote says:

    CUPW, Stop fighting a nonsense safety key issues for LC now from our urban contract. Or let it to arbitration done. Time ins running out. We need work not strike.We have 42,000 members in our urban contract 12900 members is LC the rest 29100 is more powerful group from inter members. So we all vote get rid to fight for a nonsense safety key issues for LC. Make a deal now.Black Friday is here.

  • Convert all walk to CMB to reach settle says:

    Canada Post need to convert all walk LC to CMB is a final plan on goal. Because it will stop all health and safety key issues complaint. Now letter volume falling down in lighting speed. Maintain a non-profits walk route is another nonsense plan. Because LC have nothing to carry out only flyer and a few small bag. Letter carrier still complaint over weight, shoulder pain, knee pain, hard to walk. Now CPC got message change is follow and quick. After the change CPC will make another record of profits. I am very sure.

    • Mailmanwill says:

      All the injuries started when the great CMB conversion plan started! Getting in and out of a van hundreds of times a day is a recipe for injuries! The only time I hurt myself and hated my job was when I worked in one of those cold tin can transits. Walking is like putting clothes outside on the line. To some it doesn’t make sense but you have less impact on the environment.

    • Todd says:

      Yes switch letter carriers to CMBs ? Are you crazy. You will lose 5000 employees. Our PO went from 36 lc routes to 21 cmb routes after switch over. What do you think would happen if this was country wide? Do the math.

      • Inter PO says:

        @Todd, we just need around 8480 mobile route after converted, the rest of LC member can switch to other position. Total around 11950 full time LC, Around 897 part time LC, We need to changed. But if CPC guarantee no one laid off after convert plan. Do you agree to convert? If not I would be happy to hear your voice…

  • Déjà vu says:

    Just as I predicted on day one, legislation has officially been introduced in Parliament. Cupw wins again: not a penny spent on strike pay, and because of this we end up with a lesser deal than we could have had. But I’m not going to blame a single one of my co-workers… Our hands were tied all along, we never had a say in this: the strike mandate was bogus, and we all know that. What a sham and what a shame!

    • Mark says:

      @Deja Vu…Parties will still be negotiating…

      • Postie! says:

        Give us what we demand!!!!
        This not negotiating, it’s a tactic a spoiled 8yr uses to get what he wants.
        If only we could predict sporting events like this outcome…………keeping floundering CUPW

      • Outraged! says:

        They haven’t negotiated anything CUPW included it’s a stalemate with neither party willing to negotiate anything after a year, conciliators, 3 mediation efforts and no willingness to finish it! They can negotiate all the want they have until tomorrow to end it. Legislation has been passed in parliament and is set to take effect Sunday! They have until tomorrow to resolve on their own terms! Otherwise the legislation takes effect Sunday and everyone is back to work.

        Good job CUPW…….idiots! Thanks for messing this up and we will remember in 4 years! But you can fully expect your membership to turn on you and there will be a revolution on your table. Otherwise in 4 years you will have an angry mob at your kool aid stands and you won’t get a word in edge wise and there in the least will be a massive push for independent online strike vote mandate in 4 years. No one is going to tolerate your bs anymore CUPW ! You have done no one any favors except to lose income.

      • Déjà vu says:

        @mark…there never were negotiations… The negotiation process can not take place when one side “demands”… It’s not how it works.

  • Arlene Recto says:

    A simple “ thank you” goes a long way…. I hope this stressful situation ends soon… and I strongly recommend online voting for CUPW workers so we can also have a voice in a simple matter like “acceptance”

  • CUPW is a clown posse says:

    Here is my solution to the endless complaints of the double bundle system, CMB EVERYTHING, makes economic sense too. You’re welcome in advance.

  • Sloehand says:

    Lift the stupid overtime ban, we have lost enough money already. Admit you lost cupw, try and salvage anything out of this travesty. The members should have gotten a vote on last offer. Now we are at their mercy!

  • Johns boy says:

    Why do you fool around with negations for 11months because you know the panty waste govt will let you hide behind his skirts and sacrifice the employees human rights going against the constitution. You and Trudeau if he legislates the employees back to work are pitiful. As such claps c p and get it over with.

  • Quebec says:

    Cupw need To medirnezed To be on 2018 not 1977.
    Really sorry To put allways our clients ‘population ‘international commence ‘ gouvernement ON the trouble.
    Cupw need to be only realiste.
    One day when peopel start loosing job that Will bad
    My english is not Well but beleive me i m really max about this sttp aven To talk they dont listen thé membre and not les us To vote waaaaay.

  • Postie1 says:

    … again. The union does not let the membership vote on what should have been labeled the final offer and the employees get legislated back to work with what will probably be a worse offer than the one put forward will get imposed. Arrogance and 1977 idealists mafia needs to be replaced by professionals at the top.

    • Jim Jennings says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more on your comment. I’ve been with CP for 31 years and its been the same old BS ever time we have to negotiate for a new contract. Does the union not know how good we have it. No matter what CP offers us the union always has to flex its muscle. Does the union not care what we think. Let us vote on the latest offer from CP and get back to work. As long as this BS goes on the more the public is going to hate us.

  • Family together says:

    We wanna to work not strike or lock out. CUPW remove your nonsense key issues of two bundle system request. It is not for health and safety concern.We need to wake up make a fair and responsible agreement to make a better working environment to all of us. We are family together.

  • Warren says:

    You are correct when you talk about how stressfull thus all is on everyone, and the need to repair the working relationship. It might be an idea to make sure the next negotiations start 9 to 12 months before the contract expires that way the haggling may be out of the way at the end of the contract and a smooth transition into a new contract can take place for a change. And all those canada post vp and executives bonuses should be based on putting in the effort to that goal not just on what they cut out of our contract.

  • YYC LC says:

    @jc – Canada Post made its first offer on September 7th. It should have happened months earlier.

    Still, I blame the union 90% for this mess. Yes, the union should be letting us vote. They whine about voting taking six weeks. That’s why we need online voting by an independent third party.

    You’re right about union leadership’s MORAL DUTY.

    The #1 problem with CUPW is INTEGRITY. Union leadership says things that aren’t true. Both to the membership and the public. (Women work for free!)

    The biggest farce of the last 90 days is CUPW saying it wants a negotiated settlement. CUPW just sits at the table and demands a surrender.

    Are there issues Canada Post can do more on? Yes there are. Does it excuse the union for not letting us vote on anything? NO!

    CUPW needs to be reformed and modernized.

  • Shame on YOU says:

    Black Friday tomorrow, No one care. It will impact the whole country not only a small group of us. Both of us need settle immediate without further delay. Too dirty and evil in your negotiate plan. Shame on you.

  • brenda says:

    Fire the lazy upper management that can’t stop losing money and can’t create income streams. The main waste in this company is upper management who haven’t had success in years.

  • Déjà vu says:

    Kudos to the government for putting the Canadian public and economy interests first. And I think it is high time that the postal service be rendered an essential service. This has become obvious at every contract renewal…especially when dealing with a union that is stuck in the infancy days of the industrial revolution.

  • Brenda says:

    Canada Post upper management. Failures. Fail at their jobs every day. Lose money, lose contracts. I deserve better management at the top of my corporation. The management I have now they are failures who blame the employees. They can’t make money. They can’t get new contracts. They can’t stop losing money. Fire all upper management.

  • caught in middle!!! says:

    Here we go again! The same tactics by CPC and CUPW used in the last 3/4 negotiations! Demand, demand… than hold out till gov’t steps in and orders back to work! CPC wins… they do not have to do the hard negotiating. CUPW wins… they can blame the gov’t for stepping in with back to work order. Employees lose yet again… get less than what was on table, no pay on strike days… union keeps all its money to waste on itself, moral low and more work for less pay!!! Happy???

    • Coffee Girl says:

      Since 2016, the “Prez” and his minions have been strategizing how to put ” THE SCREWS TO THE MAN” and what did they do? Take the membership down with them…this is sickening and one of the worst I’ve been through in all my years. Hope you’re proud of yourselves CRAPW…You ruined Christmas for a lot of people especially children.And CPC…You need to take BLAME also.Sickening,Sickening, Shame on all involved.

    • Déjà vu says:

      @caught in the middle… Cosign… Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • jc says:

    Okay guys my take on this crazy situation is that it is a 60/40 split on who is to blame, with CUPW being the 60…CPCs biggest flaw is that an offer was not tabled until late October ( which may/not have been intentional)…the obvious rejecting/counter proposals occur and now we are in late Nov…..now the late offers/counters have put the union in a higher leverage situation, which is a gamble that CPC took and has lost (there is no way another cooling off period happens)…from the Union side, I give the 60 grade because they have a MORAL DUTY ( not an obligation) to let those they represent , to let MEMBERSHIP determine THEIR OWN future by letting us VOTE ON AN OFFER…I think we are in the legislation period legitimately because we have been given 10 MONTHS to figure this out and have not been able to! that is ample enough time for a COLLECTIVE agreement….the government is under pressure from small/large retailers to get this done…it also keeps the economy rolling,etc……so if CPC has rolled the dice by delaying so we can be legislated back, then they have won this rather important “poker” hand…we as employees have potentially lost, as who knows what a legislated contract looks like? When we go through this again (ugh) we should have language in the by- laws with our union, allowing us the RIGHT to Vote on our won future

  • caught in middle says:

    Here we go again! The same tactics by CPC and CUPW used in the last 3/4 negotiations! Demand, demand… than hold out till gov’t steps in and orders back to work! CPC wins… they do not have to do the hard negotiating. CUPW wins… they can blame the gov’t for stepping in with back to work order. Employees lose yet again… get less than what was on table, no pay on strike days… union keeps all its money to waste on itself, moral low and more work for less pay!!! Happy???

  • Fed up says:

    Wow! Great WORDS! Back them up! Still waiting on extra relay boxes that were promised LAST CHRISTMAS so we didn’t have to break our backs trying to carry exorbitant amounts of mail, flyers and parcels. Customer’s can’t believe the loads we are carrying. Many have made comments to me and shake their heads in disgust. To people who think we have it easy: Walk 20 kms carrying a small child on each hip through snow, where you can’t get any traction and have to go up and down stairs. Hold your bladder too. After work, flop on the couch while your family takes up the slack because you are too exhausted to have any kind of life after. Overburdening is real!

    • EyesWideOpen says:

      Sounds like CMB’s are exactly what you need on your route. You could drive to every delivery point, you would not have to shoulder any weight of admail, mail, parcels or packets! No need to amalgamate the different mail streams. You wont have to worry about walking on upwards of 600 sidewalks, there will be no stairs to navigate! Ohhh wait, your union doesn’t want that, sounds way to safe to me. CUPW does not care about your Health & Safety, or they would champion CMB conversion, they care about your Union dues.

  • Murray K says:

    This letter is just a lot of scripted white noise. It is clear that CPC’s endgame has been just to wait for back to work legislation in order to avoid dealing with our legitimate issues. Unless CUPW can prove in the courts, which will take many years, that CPC’s policies are harming the employees, nothing meaningful will change. The only thing that matters to CPC is their profit margin. The employees are just replaceable numbers. In the backrooms, CPC management is laughing at us, again…..

  • Darlene West says:

    Being an employee for only one year, my opinion here certainly is not based on years of experience as a letter carrier at Canada Post. However with years of experience , mostly sales, customer service, management and profitability, I am witnessing so many flaws in your/ our system that is costing profit, while putting the health and safety of the letter carrier, your customer service representative, and the ones that actually deliver and make the profit, at risk.

    Time is money, and the amount of money that has been wasted and or has been offered as signing bonuses to bribe us over Christmas, would be happily earned with a reasonable increase of pay.

    I would like to know how much profit is earned by flyers vs costs incurred and the overtime paid, to collate up to 11 sets. It must really be a lot to make it worth continuing. Flyers create much frustration and compounded weight.

    I would like to see/ read a play by play of the negotiations. What exactly was asked and exactly what the response was, to know who exactly is at fault for dragging these negotiations out for so long.

  • Adat says:

    Its just a matter of time and Amazon will be the end of Canada Post!

    • Concerned says:

      “We have gotten Weak” really…from a user name like MAM-11 C3, someone sitting in maintenance…in the warm climate of the plants…sitting on there butts until breakdowns occur…if they occur on your shift. Big word from someone who sits in a chair all day…Give me a break.

  • MAM11 C2 says:

    Please just legislate us back so that we can try and save what’s left to our jobs and move parcels for our customers especially the kids.
    I remember when L/C’s would deliver mail in any type of weather no matter how heavy the load.
    In 29 yrs I have seen it all, but the last ten or so we have gotten weak for some reason.
    I wish we never had the right to strike, we should be so lucky to have great paying jobs. Yes we have the union to thank for that but right now damage is being done to our business. Just remember we are not the only parcel shipper anymore. Right now the public sees us as lazy and overpaid.

  • PO'D says:

    The beatings will continue until morale improves!!

  • Mcphail Edward says:

    Please keep all disability programs and benefits in place regardless of the type of strike. It was a little scary the way some of our bon fires were built on the picket line. If you truly believe we have that right, it would be good to know we are safe.

  • PK Goodings says:

    please spare the rhetoric and make a fair offer that reflects our contributions to the financial success or Canada Post.
    Superintendents and supervisors offering us pizza and donuts paid with our own taxable benefits while they continue to collect performance bonuses on our backs is an insult.
    It’s not too much to expect a fair wage increase that reflects the value of our work and a number that keeps us in line with the rate of inflation.
    Please stop delaying and messing us around and make a fair settlement NOW.

  • Jenn F says:

    Methinks to many of these brainwashing letters and too few hours spent actually negotiating fairly and honestly.

  • Doug says:

    Why the need for “flex” and PO4s doing PO5 work (which breaks the contract)? Why? Are these rollbacks, that anyone with common sense knows our union would reject, simple there to ensure no deal is ever reached?

    • Regular Joe says:

      @Doug flex work will help alleviate all of the OT you have been railing against. These are demands that half of you want, but not the other half…hence your predicament. Inside and outside are too different to be in the same group.

  • Not again says:

    CPC We are ready for a full strike or lock out. Fair deal mean win win deal not one side deal. Because you say NO, we have no other choice to say NO too.

    • Ms. Annonomys says:

      Our boss thinks that just because they throw some money at us – which I personally do not even want – we are going to allow MORE concessions and rollbacks. What a disgrace of a company.

  • PACK MULE says:

    The routes are increasing. The weight is increasing. Our backs are breaking. You need a new system put in place to figure out fairness. Not some dated 1960’s route measurement system. A fair raise is in order. Equal pay for equal work. Take care of your workers and they will take care of you.

  • Go Stamps says:

    What an embarrassment it is now to tell people that I’m a Canada Post employee. I used to take pride in my job but now between CPC management and Cupw, I honestly can’t wait till the day I retire. The last three years I’ve never seen morale so bad and that is so sad. This company was in a great position with the transition to the parcel business but it’s clear that head office is strictly bonus driven at the expense of the employees. A little give and take between both sides and we all could have been sitting pretty but now things look pretty grim. Lies and greed is sinking this ship.

    • West Coast Letter Carrier says:

      @ Go Stamps I was going to make a post before I went to bed but you just said exactly what I am feeling. I’m a 33 year employee and I too am embarrassed at what has just transpired between management and the union. I too used to take a lot of pride in working for Canada Post. Unfortunately not anymore. Like you said we were in a great position…a position to really be the undisputed kings of parcel delivery in this country. Sadly the union and management both went into negotiations with a “Let’s ruin this company together” attitude. I laugh at the union suggesting CP didn’t want to negotiate. I don’t doubt that was true but does anybody seriously believe the union was “negotiating?”

    • LC says:

      We need to STOP fighting for RSMC’s. That’s why this deal isn’t done. We have ALL given up the opportunity for a good deal because CUPW insists on this RSMC’s deal (increase union revenue) . Sad time to be a letter carrier. I’m glad the govt is stepping in

      • |nter truth says:

        LC, we have different contract, We need to stop fight for you on our urban contract. Two bundle system key issues is a joke form you. Too lazy bone. You are asking over your price. You only delivery junk mails not parcels but you still complaints over weight. You only have 12000 LC full time 900 part time in our contract. The rest is indoor workers member. We have to kick you out from our urban contract. Because you are asking nonsense issues. You hold all of us as your hostage to fight for your nonsense health and safety issues. Without you the contract already reach. I don’t care about rsmc because we have different contract.I think they deserved it to be a fair talk. But not YOU LC.

  • Doug says:

    Our boss says: “I want to reassure you that we made all decisions with our employees in mind”. And yet each offer contained rollbacks and threats. Thanks, but no thanks. Full strike now until we get forced back to work and then no OT until 2019. Our owners thought everything could smoothed over by paying us off. Keep the money and listen to our demands!

    • Postie! says:

      In what capacity are you in with the CUPW?, the ONLY threat we have received though any of this has been from CUPW. Threatening all employees that take OT (they have as much right to do this as a stray dog).
      For our $90 a month, its fully on the union to get this done. There is no objective person that reads crap like “listen to our demands!” one sentence then whines about wanting to negotiate the next that would understand what CPC is facing.
      I am an LC, and in the 25 yrs I’ve been here CUPW has failed miserably every contract. They conceded to all the health issues including the 2 bundle system, the new size of flyers for their own self serving reasons.
      Tell us exactly what your “global offer” was, not this fictional crap about gender equality and your phoney plight for the rsmc’s (more union dues!)

      I had a customer comment to me today how can CUPW justify ordering actions that hurt the customer, the company, the employees and their families………

      Time to let the 42000 lc’s vote of their offer.

    • Déjà vu says:

      @ Doug… You do realize that once legislated back the new cotract is in the hands of an arbitrator, right? So what purpose would not working OT serve at point other than hurt the business that puts food on your table. Wow!

      • Larry says:

        Would love to work OT, but RSMC’S do not get paid for overtime! That needs to change! Do you think its fair this time of the year to show up everyday
        to 3-4 Trucks showing up and you are expected to get everything out and not be paid overtime while everyone else has?

      • Doug says:

        Two of our key demands have been overburdening and forced OT. If the current backlog turns into many hundreds of trailers simply because we don’t work OT, wouldn’t this be proof that our demands are just? Name another business that relies on forcing it’s employees to work OT constantly…in many cases all year round! Incidentally, I do not know if OT ban would be lifted, or perhaps has to be lifted, if our fate lands in the hands of an arbitrator.

        • Ms. Annonomys says:

          I think Doug said there would be hundreds of trailers next week if we do not work OT. I concur. Unless we work OT the backlog will not clear before Jan.

        • Postie! says:

          Hahaaha, you flap on about CPC being “owners” then give legitimacy to a CUPW order “OT ban”

          CUPW boasts about the great effect theory rotating strikes have, then has to back peddle saying there is no backlog…… or is it the ot ban that accounted for that? Or maybe some basic human rights law that CPC is violating?! Keep spinning CUPW, once again you drove this into a wall.

          • Ms. Annonomys says:

            If a wall is what it takes to wake us all up, so be it. I want to work 8 hours a day and go home. Period. I don’t want to carry 90lbs of mail everytime I leave a box. I don’t want any hours worked on the weekend – inside or out – to be at straight time. A weekend should be an option, not a forced situation — weekends were always OT years ago, so why go back now? I am ready to fight for what I believe are reasonable ideas. CUPW is better side than CPC. CPC continues to send me letters saying how much they care about me, even though they have not heard a single word I, and many others, have said.

  • Big Load Every day. says:

    CUPW wants CPC to fix overtime and work loads. CPC offered a 4 year freeze on force back..aka compulsory over time. Instead, CUPW rejects this offer and asks for a study to be undertaken to address force backs, and work loads!!. Seriously? I would prefer to work 40 hrs a week with a wage increase, then Legislated back to work, with a wage increase and force backs still an option for the employer to use. Help me understand why a study is better than a 4 year agreement not to force letter carriers into overtime?

    This has nothing to do with overtime on another route. Force backs on your own route or another route would be eliminated for the life of a 4 year contract. Casuals would pick up the slack…and yes…voluntary over time would still be offered. Too much double speak from CUPW.

    As for CPC…..Crying about lost Business, Christmas, Canadians, and Charities will not change the minds of hard working Canada Post Employees. Words are lovely and can hold tremendous meaning. If Actions follow the well intention of the words, then evidence is seen. Evidence seen thus far?…the eliminating of certain benefits, STD, Vacations etc. Regular up dates that amount to nothing. A last ditch effort to ram a collective agreement in place before Christmas. What were you two clowns doing from February 1/2018?

    As for RMSC?..What a mess!!….This employee group has never been union friendly. It is only because a few loud mouths cried about wage parity that we have this crowd in our UNION. Using women as a tactic for a better contract is deplorable in this day and age!…what a disgrace that CUPW would publicly state female CUPW employees work for free!!…I would be the loudest in my office if I found out my female co workers did their work for free!!.

    This is the worst contract negotiations I have seen in 32 years. This has to stop!!….Both of you CPC/CUPW should kiss and make up privately ……then tell us the good news!. I do not want a Government imposed contract!. Thank you.

  • CUPW is a clown posse says:

    This would end now and definitively if CPC would exercise 108.1 !!

    It would put the power back in the hands of the worker where it belongs not some nut bag ideologues. Also, it would ensure CUPW stays in its lane in subsequent negotiations.

  • Darlene says:

    I personally hope the government legislates them back to work. The head hunchos of the union are just being greedy now. Legislate them back to work and give them 0, 0 1.5 and 1.5. That’s what CPAA got. Why should they be any different. Overtime – what’s that, not one RSMC I know has ever done that. Maybe letter carriers but not RSMC’s paid for 8 work 6 max. If you don’t start looking at reality people we will ALL be out of a job. CPC is not a bottomless pit that you think they are. Be thankful you have a job and get back to work.

    • RSMC says:

      @ Darlene….in case you didn’t notice…we are working!!!!

    • No one knows says:

      @Darlene, RSMC Time value is different than LC time value measurement.The ruling of pay equity report already clear and stated that the cheating time value measurement make by CPC. So CPC said it is 6 hours measurement mean equal to 8 hours work load. But pay 6 hours job rate base on no one knows how to get there.Understand the scammed now?

    • Larry says:

      Would love to work OT, but RSMC’S do not get paid for overtime! My route takes me over 8 hours now that I have to take everything out. I get paid 85% of my route, no benefits, no pension contribution. I has been doing this route for 3 years. I’m covering for someone on a disability leave. She is NEVER coming back! How fair is this!

  • Peter says:

    Love the online vote idea. How do we get that going? Would cupw be open to that or would we be wasting our time

  • J.c. says:

    This is a joke, no like really this has to be a joke.

    We work every day, we see the way you treat employees.
    Get that board out of their cozy offices and send them to depots.
    I cant believe you posted this message.

    After not paying people stdp
    Not letting us go on holidays
    Cant use personal days.

    • Regular Joe says:

      @J.c that is what happens when you go to battle, you give up the nice things that the company offers. They don’t have to provide any of it. Lucky you got to keep you prescription and dental at this point.

      • Joanne says:

        Who do you think got you all those benefits???Do you really think that cpc gave you what you have today? If you think cpc gave you all that you have without a fight, then why do we have a 2 tier wage system where an employee who does the same job as a regular employee receives 6.00 less.

        • Reality Check says:

          @Joanne It’s called a “starting wage”. Almost every company in the world has one. The only way it could honestly be considered a 2 tiered wage system is if the second employee never had any chance to catch up to the first. But the union can’t let little things like facts get in the way of their propaganda machine.

    • Postie! says:

      In what capacity are you in with the CUPW?, the ONLY threat we have received though any of this has been from CUPW. Threatening all employees that take OT (they have as much right to do this as a stray dog).
      For our $90 a month, its fully on the union to get this done. There is no objective person that reads crap like “listen to our demands!” one sentence then whines about wanting to negotiate the next that would understand what CPC is facing.
      I am an LC, and in the 25 yrs I’ve been here CUPW has failed miserably every contract. They conceded to all the health issues including the 2 bundle system, the new size of flyers for their own self serving reasons.
      Tell us exactly what your “global offer” was, not this fictional crap about gender equality and your phoney plight for the rsmc’s (more union dues!)

      I had a customer comment to me today how can CUPW justify ordering actions that hurt the customer, the company, the employees and their families………

      Time to let the 42000 lc’s vote of their offer.

  • RSMC says:

    All you do is lie and make yourselves look good! Give us a fair contract and maybe those nice bonuses the top guys get! We are the ones that do your dirty work and dont get paid enough to do it! Time to start acting like you really care….

  • Truth says:

    Brothers and Sisters,The truth is I think we are asking over price now. No one are support us anymore. Letter mail are not important anymore. Parcels is the main source to make profits. Time to change. Let convert all our walk to CMB, We will continues carry little letter mail plus volume of parcels to maintain our job.

  • Jackie says:

    You are unbelievable just give them a fair deal already you are sabatoging your business just to pinch pennies you should be ashamed of yourselves .

  • Scott says:

    CUPW was supposedly trying to address letter carrier overburdening. Yet we were out for two days and wow it has been excessive overburdening. Thanks CUPW NEB! Great strategy making the members pay the price for your poor choices. I am beyond frustrated and deflated.

  • C'mon Man! says:

    For the 1st time in my 35 years working at the Post Office,I can tell you that I am embarrassed to be an employee . I don’t know what to say to my customers and my businesses that rely on me to bring them cheques they need to pay their employees.yes there are still many using the old snail mail,even after all ads on radio telling people to sign up now for e this and that.Now Canada Post chimes in telling people not to send parcels, were too jammed up?WHAT? This is like a cake factory telling you to eat pie, or a car dealership trying to sell you a bus pass.Are we being scammed here?Privatization ? You have made money every year except 2011, and we all know it.

  • Déjà vu says:

    I think it’s rich that the union is accusing cpc of lying about mail backlog, when they constantly push the false narrative of women work for free at Canada post.

    • greg says:

      Cpc is overstating mail backlog for media attention. Women in the RSMC group end up working for free when volumes of mail, parcels and ad mail are higher. Not getting paid for working overtime is working for free. The Union has stated facts.

      • Spike says:

        So the men are not working for free just the women? Are you serious? I see many male RSMC’s in our facility.

      • CUPW is a clown posse says:

        Why you CUPW betas always gotta play the gender card. Absolutely no one buys it..I am embarrassed for you.

        Here is what you do:

        Get route measurement out to reassess (Union hacks love that job)
        Request help.
        Bring back after allotted hours.
        Bid on another route.
        Get a new job.

        Life is difficult and I’m not responsible for your bad decisions.

  • Captain Scabbin says:

    No one could defend this union unless you are a pod person and were replaced at a union retreat. Cpc’s last offer would have been accepted by anyone with a rational mind. If you like chaos and to pretend you’re relevant then this strike is up your alley. This government has bent over backwards to be fair. Now they know what every other government has already learned; Cupw won’t agree to anything. Knowing cupw’s intent, like they should have, legislation should have been tabled the second 72 hrs notice was given. Scab on.

    • The End says:

      @ Captain Scabbin Agree 100% The vast majority of us are rational. It’s the irrationality of the LEAP Manifesto crowd who live in an alternate universe who want to take down big business for the sake of taking down big business, all the while throwing their fellow employees under their electric-powered bus. They live for chaos. It’s how they get back at ‘the man’. Trudeau thought that by kowtowing to ‘labour’, the union would be reasonable. Ha! They will never be reasonable – ever. It’s about ‘the cause’ for them, not the issues.

  • Dude. Where’s my car says:

    If there are not that many trailers backlogged as the union claims may be the rotating strikes have not had any impact. I think we are all in trouble here. This will be the strike that is looked back on as the beginning of the end. Amazon might buy our parcel business for the infrastructure and get rid of the union and employees. They of course will shut down the letter mail business. At least we will have great stories to tell about how we were part of history.

    • Canuck Chris says:

      You’re uninformed. Canada Post makes 33% of their profit on parcels. They still make most (the rest) on letter mail. 9 billion pieces of mail…do that math. One of the problems with CPC is they had a monopoly and they went out of their way to make customers use that service (letter mail) less. By encouraging people paying electronically they shot themselves in the foot. They should have regular campaigns to increase mail especially at times of constant cyber threats to financial institutions. And every holiday should be a campaign to send cards, real cards, to loved ones. But they are blind to this. The bulk of their profits are from mail…yet they don’t pay attention to that end of the business. That’s just foolish.

  • Look in the mirror says:

    CUPW should take out their call to end double bundle.Just give it a few more years.And there won’t be enough mail to double.Problem solved.

  • A P erson O f C aring says:

    If CUPW members were really looking for a alternative union.Teamsters are not the answer.It would be PSAC.Who has the experience dealing with the government.They have lost nothing in their contracts,like CUPW has.

    • rj says:

      Wrong. It’s the PSAC members who were the first to lose their sick benefits. They walked the picket line for about 2 months to save it, though.

      • I remember says:

        Absolutly right….I walked it with you and I was CUPW. Only one of two Cupw that walked with you. That was the fight of fights but the head CUPW bosses did not understand how it would inpact them in the end. They thought it would not happen to them. They were stupid then and are stupid today.

      • A P erson O f C aring says:

        Federal psac members still have their sick time.

        • rj says:

          To be clear, the premise was that PSAC would be a better union for us: ” Teamsters are not the answer.It would be PSAC.Who has the experience dealing with the government.They have lost nothing in their contracts,like CUPW has.” I am pointing out that of the different unions at the post office, it was the PSAC members who were the first to lose sick pay. They fought hard, at least 2 months on the line. Without a lot of support from us, I might add.

        • rj says:

          We have many PSAC members here at the post office. Staffing and other clerical jobs. And they lost it first.

  • Derrick McEwan says:

    CPC’s “negotiations team” and their leaders always had as their endgame back to work legislation just as they did in the 2011 LOCKOUT. Why negotiate in good faith with your 50,000+ employees with serious H and S concerns and a basic pay deficit of about $10 per hour over the years, when you have a trump card called back to work legislation? Why even take Postal Banking seriously , which would address pension and other worker issues and be of benefit to all Canadians from coast to coast with awesome financial services as well as put CPC into the 21st century like other first world countries who do postal banking? The CPC NEGOTIATING TEAM and other leaders should be fired for their incompetence and their arrogance.

  • scratch head says:

    Not sure why government legislating back work.CPC not essential to country anymore.Just a parcel deliver now.No monopoly on parcel.Open for all to do.Business can go anywhere to deliver their parcels.dont need CPC.I think business cry to trudeau cause CPC do it cheapest.So he maybe do it for business friends.Not country of Canada.Not Good.

  • JasonYVR says:

    BOTH sides need to stop acting like petulant children and get back to negotiating….REAL negotiating that is.

    With black Friday and cyber Monday windows now closed, and lost, all that is left is Christmas…with it’s window quickly closing, also.
    Loose Christmas, and all will be pretty much lost for both sides.
    Countless millions and millions of dollars will be flushed down the toilet, with no chance of ever getting it back!

    Back to work legislation will do nothing but cause a very toxic work environment. It’s the very worst possible outcome. It will just slow everything down as workers will have next to zero incentive and motivation to get things down, clearing all the back logs, etc. And no overtime can be ordered in legislation.

    Bargain in good faith and GET IT DONE. That is the only answer!

  • Too much BS says:

    I keep seeing on the news about the Health and safety crisis. Women working for free and now the union claiming CPC is lying about the backlog of trucks. That’s a truckload of BS. Both sides keep saying they are waiting at the table for the other side to come negotiate. Starting to wonder if there have even been any talks or was this the plan all along for both sides. Enough already. Both sides have contributed to the stress, anger and negative financial impact to the employees and customers. I used to be proud to work for Canada post. Not so much anymore. I’m also embarassed that I let the union steal $90 a month from me. Sure not feeling like I’m getting my moneys worth. Might be a good time to get off this sinking ship.

    • Harm no one says:

      If you really are going to go.Then all the best in your future endeavours.I know CPC will be happy as the employee chain moves.And a new employee comes on board with no benefits.

  • Postie says:

    Unfortunately we all should have known it would come to this point. The union wants too much all at once and the corporation can only afford so much. If you thought these rotational strikes were going to work then fool me once. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday the writing was on the wall. CUPW should have known this and not gone in with guns ablazing and been reasonable with their requests. I am sorry to all the workers who lost money during this pointless endeavor and to the businesses that suffered. Take care all. We will be doing the same old dance in 3 more years!

  • Postiegurl says:

    As a 16 year RSMC employee I am proud to work for Canada Post.
    Our customers need us back to work, we need to be back to work, and we need to have a say in the offers that are being tabled!
    Let’s get it done so our customers can again trust Canada Post with their livelihood!

  • somethingsmellsbad says:

    Canada post under the Canada Labour code can make this a one time offer straight to the membership, bypassing the union, if Canada Post chooses to do so.

    The Canada Labour code “section 108.1” reads:

    Vote on Employer’s Offer

    Minister may order vote to be held

    108.1 (1) Where notice to bargain collectively has been given under this Part, and the Minister is of the opinion that it is in the public interest that the employees in the affected bargaining unit be given the opportunity to accept or reject the offer of the employer last received by the trade union in respect of all matters remaining in dispute between the parties, the Minister may
    (a) on such terms and conditions as the Minister considers appropriate, direct that a vote of the employees in the bargaining unit to accept or reject the offer be held as soon as possible; and
    (b) designate the Board, or any other person or body, to be in charge of conducting that vote .
    No effect on time limits or periods

    (2) A direction under subsection (1) that a vote be held, or the holding of that vote , does not abridge or extend any time limit or period provided for in this Part, including those stipulated in section 89 for the acquisition of the right to lockout or strike.
    Consequences of favourable vote

    (3) Where the majority of the employees participating in the vote accept the employer’s last offer,
    (a) the parties are bound by that offer and shall, without delay, enter into a collective agreement that incorporates the terms of that offer; and
    (b) any lockout or strike not prohibited by this Part that is in progress when the Board or other person or body in charge of conducting the vote notifies the parties in writing of the employees’ acceptance shall cease forthwith.
    Powers respecting vote

    (4) The Board or other person or body in charge of conducting the vote shall determine any question that arises under this section, including any question relating to the conduct of the vote or the determination of its result.

    1993, c. 42, s. 2.

    SO use this and show us you care and put your offer back on table let us vote on it cause our union is holding us Hostage! We will deal with our union. We want a new union. Teamsters has been contacted so show us you care and we will get you a new union one that doesn’t want to hurt the company all the time.

  • Furious1 says:

    Both sides please put words into action. Stop public slandering of each other. Work on agreements and get settled. Let us move on and serve Canadian for the holiday season. This has taken more time then it ever should have. Get this done now! For the sake of customers and employees that are caught in the middle of this game and they are the ones who suffer as a result! Finish this NOW! No time left! Time is up!

  • Mary says:

    The less CPC offers CUPW employees
    How hard is that to understand

    • veteran says:

      @mary. Wow!! Reading your post, it occurred to me how stupid have I been to not have thought of this myself. Now I know why they have been negotiating aimlessly for a year. And, I was thinking that the union had this PLANNED to coincide with the holiday rush.

  • Matt says:

    Table another offer please, I believe you were close and we need an offer to get to a member vote!! Lets get back to business.

  • Pete says:

    I cannot believe once again you lie! Canada Post never has and never will have our best interest and health and safety iñ mind. You have waited for the government to step in once again and save you! You at no time negotiated in good faith. Shame on you and all your vice presidents enjoy your 6 figure salary and bonuses on the back of the front line workers.

  • Who is the boss says:

    30 days already, We need to stop our rotate strike.To all we need show union to know, we will not follow your order because we are the boss not you.

  • Yasmin says:

    Please give us a “good contract+bonuses”. We all will be ☺. Thank You.

  • Let’s make a deal says:

    Please let’s reach a deal and not have a 3rd party decide our fate for us. Let’s work together for all our futures.

  • Roy44 says:

    CPC were always the only ones negotiating.

    Extremely disappointed in this Union and it’s communist-led, 1980’s style “leadership”.

  • Mike says:

    I was just notified that my location is out as of 6 pm . What is the point of this ? As I see it this is a futile exercise and it hurts the customer and the employees . I’m frustrated and want this to end . My union has failed us again .

  • Furious1 says:

    Please just reach an agreement. It is affecting workers and their families who struggle without all this uncertainty, couple that with this on going battle where both sides fight like kids, never negotiating fairly as they keep throwing sand in each other’s eyes from the sandbox. For the sake of the employees who work very hard to do the best they can, more importantly for the sake of our customers, without them this company does not exist. Yet amongst the mud you sling at each other in positioning the customers and employees that make this company are forgotten in your battle. Peoples lives and livelihoods are being severely affected. Please stop this nonsense and negotiate to get this done for the sake of everyone! Enough is enough already. We have zero control of your battle that you both say so eloquently you are both at the table bargaining and negotiating fair collective agreements. Nothing is fair about it when you push the workers to the side and customers while you battle each other telling lies on both sides of the ball to gain support. Just get this done NOW! Time is running out and there is no more room for nasty little games. This will reach a boiling point and whether you like it or not if you do not make serious efforts NOW to get this done then things will turn on the entire negotiations in ways neither party wants to see happen!

    Finish this NOW!

  • Captain Scabbin says:

    There is one group of people benefiting from this disruption. Yep, it is the union. They are the only group that doesn’t lose anything. If this ever ends, watch your pay stub for “union arrears.” You owe them for the last month.

  • Jd says:

    Well said pb yyc couldn’t have said it better myself. If the corporation cared soooo much about our health and safety wouldn’t be on the bargaining table it would be addressed and fixed. Sadly new government new CEO same old games.

  • Captain Scabbin says:

    Yes give us a fair contract that includes postal banking, amphibious electric cars for the rsmcs and why not throw in a starting wage of 60$ per hour.

  • Rick says:

    How about sharing management bonuses with your union employees, that do all the physical work and sacrifice their bodies, for financial well-being of the Company.. If there is not enough money to have Labour peace at Canada Post, no bonuses should ever be paid. WHAT I WANT TO SEE AT CANADA POST IS A CULTURE OF SHARING. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO SHARE, THEN NO ONE SHOULD GET A BONUS…EVER!!! We all do our part in contributing to the bottom line of the Corporation…as seen in the last 4 weeks.
    If you do this one act , you will go a long way in mending relations at Canada Post. Otherwise risk a repeat in 4 years.

    • Reality Check says:

      @Rick Unfortunately, you will never see a culture of sharing like you described as long as CUPW is involved. CPC tried to “share” the bonus structure and CUPW fought tooth and nail against it every step of the way because they cannot collect union dues from bonuses.

  • Yasmin says:

    Both sides, please “resolve” so that we start serving our customers especially during this period of Christmas, etc. without any delay. These customers are very important to us. I am “very proud” to work for Canada Post. Thank You

  • PB yyc says:

    If you truly cared about Canada post and it’s employees you would have began negotiations 10 months ago instead of delaying delaying delaying and creating a fake crisis with lies and falsehoods.
    If you cared about the front line workers and their health and safety you would recognize the injury crisis we have due to Double bundle and a ever increasing workload from parcels and fliers.
    Stop with the damn lip service and put your actions where your words are and give us a fair contract that moves forward in ensuring the health and safety of the workers who make this company what it is..

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