Providing clarity on Flex-Time and peak season in our time-limited offer


By now you have likely seen the time-limited offer we tabled to quickly bring discussions to a close and reach a negotiated settlement with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). It provides a number of improvements and responds to the union’s concerns, including overburdening and health and safety.

Clarity on flex-time and overtime for Group 1

We want to provide clarity about the proposal regarding flex time and how it will impact overtime opportunities for Group 1 employees, particularly in mail processing.

With our offer, there will continue to be significant opportunities for mail processing employees to take on voluntary overtime.

The flexible work hours will only amount to a maximum of 10 per cent of the available full-time hours (at the national level). These flex schedules will be across the country. For the employees on flex schedules, the most common schedule will be four days of 10 hours with access to two hours of overtime on their scheduled days and access to overtime at premium on their three days off.

The proposal to create 500 jobs over three years is to respond to the union’s request to give temporary and part-time employees more opportunities to become full-time.

Full-time employees will still bid on schedules by seniority.

Clarity on peak season and overtime for Group 2

The peak season temporary workforce proposal contained in the offer is a Monday-to-Friday solution and is not for weekend work. Therefore it will not impact overtime opportunities on weekends. For current full- and part-time employees, overtime opportunities will continue to be available.

The offer contains significant improvements designed to conclude negotiations and get us all ready for the holiday season. It is all we can afford and represents the best opportunity to quickly resolve negotiations and deliver the holiday rush for Canadians.

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