COVID-19 HO Comms – Automated calls contacting employees on Quarantine Leave


Subject line: Automated calls contacting employees on Quarantine Leave

Beginning April 17, 2020, we will use automated phone calls to contact employees who are on a 14-day Quarantine Leave to help determine if they should return to work or if their situation requires further review.

We recognize automated calls aren’t as personal as having a live voice on the other end. However, we are using them because they can help us to quickly reach employees and determine next steps in the quarantine process. The safety of our employees and the communities we serve remains our highest priority.

This new automated call will be for employees who were placed on a 14-day Quarantine Leave if they:

  • Were symptomatic
  • Came in contact with someone who has been exposed to COVID-19
  • Have come back from international travel
  • Employees placed on Quarantine Leave for these reasons can now be cleared to return to work by Canada Post if their leave requires no further review. Our process for having employees return to work continues to align with Canada Life and the recommendations of public health authorities.
  • We are advising employees on Quarantine Leave to look for a call from the phone number: 1 866 325 0052 with the caller ID of Canada Post.

    During the automated call, employees will be asked to confirm their employee ID and complete a short screening assessment that will help determine if they can return to work or if their file requires further evaluation.

    Employees who have reached the end of their quarantine, but might not have been available to take the automated call, can call 1-866-325-0052 to go through the clearance process for returning to work.

    Thank you for your hard work, resilience and commitment to staying safe during such challenging circumstances.

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