CEO Update on the importance of Neighbourhood Mail


These last few months we’ve seen COVID-19 alter the way we live, the way we shop and the way we interact with one another. Through it all, I have been incredibly proud as employees across the country stepped up to keep Canadians connected. When Canadians and Canadian businesses quickly shifted to online sales, we were there to provide the essential parcel delivery support they needed. As governments begin to ease restrictions and allow businesses to reopen, I’m confident that we’ll continue be there to support them.

When businesses of all sizes temporarily closed for months in response to COVID-19, we saw Neighbourhood MailTM volumes drop suddenly and significantly. Compared to the many small shops, local restaurants and even large retailers that had to cancel their advertising, the impact on us was manageable. Stopping their advertising was likely the easiest of many tough decisions those businesses had to make just to survive.

Helping our communities recover

Those businesses and restaurants are such an important part of our communities and they need our help now.

As they begin to cautiously reopen, they are returning to their advertising and Neighbourhood Mail volumes are slowly coming back. I’m certain these volumes will continue to climb over time. Businesses will need to tell people they are up and running and ready to welcome customers back. They may want to advertise sales and online promotions or explain how they will keep their customers safe.

Every piece of Neighbourhood Mail we deliver will be critical to the recovery of those businesses and our local economies.

The communities we serve are made up of small businesses, shop owners and many people who operate local franchises of large retail and restaurant brands. They employ countless numbers of people, sponsor local sports teams and contribute to communities in meaningful ways.

All those businesses, from the small family-run shop to national stores, need us to help them get back on their feet.

Commitment to safety continues as we deliver to every address

I want you to know that while Neighbourhood Mail volumes are increasing, we are not changing the current process for safely handling and distributing Neighbourhood Mail items. We must focus instead on continuing to reach every address.

Getting their messages to every person they’ve identified as a possible customer is incredibly important to these businesses. They are investing in us, trusting us and counting on us to help them move forward.

I am incredibly proud of your efforts and commitment to provide an essential service when Canadians turned to us in need. It means we are well positioned to continue providing support as the needs of Canadians evolve on the long road to recovery.

Thank you for all that you do.

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