COVID-19: Moving to Level 2 medical masks for all employees


Canada Post is moving to provide all employees with disposable Level 2 medical masks as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance pandemic safety measures. These medical procedure masks are proven to offer high levels of protection against COVID-19.

Rollout details

Distribution has already begun with roughly one million Level 2 masks a week, as we ramp up efforts to distribute the roughly six million a month that will be required across the Canada Post network. We expect full implementation to all employees by the end of February. You’ll receive instructions for the new masks when they arrive at your work location.

To date, these masks have been well-received by employees due to their ease of use and added protection. Until you receive your Level 2 masks, continue to use your company-provided, three-ply reusable cloth masks, or disposable medical masks, which meet Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) guidelines.

Devices requiring a fit test

Canada Post is required to verify the safety of any respiratory device used in the workplace by an employee. This includes CSA standards, which require a fit test for certain respiratory devices (commonly referred to as N95 or KN95), with no exceptions. The fit is crucial to their effectiveness; therefore, a qualified fitter must conduct a fit test for each individual.

With over 50,000 employees in workplaces across the country, the requirement to safely use respirators with fit tests is not feasible in the short term. Starting with three of our major facilities, we will be working with the Local Joint Health and Safety Committee (LJHSC) to use these respirators in controlled conditions, with plans to expand further. Respirators will be used for specified higher-risk tasks such as two-person lifts, two people working inside a trailer to unload, and required two-person in-vehicle training. If you have questions or concerns about wearing the masks provided by Canada Post, please talk to your team leader.

Ongoing commitment to our mandatory face coverings practice

Following discussions with industry and regulatory experts, it remains imperative that Canada Post continue to follow Employment and Social Development Canada directives. Please remember that whichever mask you wear must be provided by Canada Post.

The mandatory face coverings practice, using company-provided masks, has been an important part of our efforts to keep employees safe through the pandemic. The move to Level 2 medical masks will offer greater protection for employees while continuing to meet or exceed PHAC standards.

Thank you for continuing to follow all health and safety protocols and working together to create a safe workplace.

What you need to do

  • Watch for further information and instructions about how to get your Level 2 masks when they become available.
  • If you are a team leader with employees who do not have access to corporate email, please share this information with your team, using this talk track.
  • Please continue to wear a Canada Post-supplied mask while in the workplace, and remember to follow all health and safety protocols.


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