Distributing and using face coverings in our facilities


Our top priority throughout this challenging period continues to be the safety of our people. We have taken our guidance from public health officials to implement new safety measures, roll out supplies to protect employees and keep our facilities clean.

Recently, public health officials have suggested that where physical distancing is a challenge, wearing a face covering is an additional measure that can protect those around you. Health officials maintain that physical distancing and proper hand hygiene remain the most important ways to protect against the virus. Canada Post is making face coverings more broadly available to employees. We have been working to source these high-demand items as quickly as possible. Due to the demand, we will receive the face coverings we’ve ordered in waves, rather than in one bulk shipment.

Prioritizing to distribute as quickly as possible

To distribute these items to employees as quickly as we receive them, we have prioritized distribution. The first wave of face coverings have been sent to plants for distribution to employees, starting today. They will also be provided to employees at prioritized work centres where sustained physical distancing is not possible, and to employees who are designated and certified providers of first aid in their facilities. Physical-distancing measures are in place in our plants as they are across our network, but it can be more challenging to maintain two metres of separation in plants, especially when carrying bulk or heavy items.

Additional shipments of reusable face coverings are expected later this month. As the remaining face coverings arrive, they will be distributed to employees in Collection & Delivery, Retail and other work locations across the country, in addition to the physical distancing measures and plastic barriers.

Face coverings are not mandatory

It is not mandatory to wear a face covering. Employees who want them will receive up to two reusable face-coverings, which will last for a month. It is our intention to provide employees new face coverings each month while necessary. Employees will be responsible for washing the face coverings as they do with their uniforms. The company-supplied face coverings are loose-fitting masks that cover the nose and mouth, and have ear loops. You can see an image of the face covering by clicking here. Employees who receive face coverings are asked to review the job aid on how to properly put on, remove and wash a face covering. Employees can also wear their own face coverings, if they prefer.

Wearing a face covering is not a replacement for physical distancing and frequent handwashing, which remain the recommended primary approach. We also continue to provide gloves and sanitizer for employees. We will continue to evaluate our approach based on the guidance of public health authorities and keep you informed of any changes.

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