Doug Ettinger thanks employees for two important accomplishments


The latest CEO Update highlights your incredible efforts to keep pace with demand as our capacity was overwhelmed by heavy parcel volumes. It includes a video showcasing the positive response to our free postcard campaign.

Keeping pace with demand while delivering smiles across the country

As we start to see signs that spring may finally be arriving across the country, I wanted to update and thank you for two major efforts.

The first is your continued dedication to serving Canadians and my appreciation for your impressive efforts in this area.

We finished the Christmas season strong, but record volumes meant we weren’t able to clear the floors as we normally do. Our capacity was overwhelmed as heavy parcel volumes kept coming through December and well into January and February. Despite a strong team effort, we found ourselves in a backlog situation until recently.

At maximum peak, we had over 900 tractor-trailers waiting at our facilities for processing. You worked together through late December, January and February. You focused on serving your customers and got ahead of the backlog.

We are now down to our normal inventory of trailers at our facilities, and items are moving well through our network and out for delivery with minimal delays. On average, we’re delivering 1.2 million packages every weekday in 2021.

A full year into this pandemic and we continue to process and deliver at levels we used to only see on our busiest days during peak. This takes an incredible effort and I want to thank you for that.

We understand we have to build more capacity in our network to balance the load and better serve our customers going forward. We are committed to doing so. In the meantime, you are showing Canadians they can rely on their postal service when it matters the most.

The other update I’d like to share is on the Write Here, Write Now postcard campaign. The free postcards have now been delivered across the country and the response we’ve seen is so much bigger than what we could have hoped for.

The campaign has been covered by international media and talked about on countless news programs and radio shows here at home. Canadians are also taking to social media to show how they’re personalizing their postcards. They’re sharing how excited they are to send their messages to friends and family, healthcare providers, frontline workers, and vulnerable people in nursing homes.

Those heartwarming messages show the postcards are deepening emotional connections. They are spreading some light and love at a time when those things are truly needed. None of that happens without you.

It started by fanning these postcards out to mailboxes across the country. You’ll then take it full circle as you deliver the heartfelt messages Canadians send to someone, somewhere in this vast country, who means something special to them.

By delivering record volumes under difficult circumstances and providing an opportunity for Canadians to connect to one another in challenging times, you are helping Canadians see the essential role we play every day.

Thank you for everything you do. Please continue to make it safe and make it home.

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