Canada Post is delivering free postcards across the country. Doug Ettinger explains why


Through the “Write Here Write Now” program, Canada Post will deliver 13.5 million postcards, one to every residential address in the country. In this CEO Update, Doug Ettinger shares how the campaign will help everyone stay in touch when it matters.

Canada Post is sending a free, prepaid postcard to every household in the country

Hello everyone.

It’s been many long months since COVID-19 came into our lives and, in that time, so much has changed and challenged us all. One of the most difficult parts of managing the virus and staying safe has been the need to keep our distance from those we love.

That’s why, through the “Write Here. Write Now.” program, Canada Post will deliver 13.5 million postcards, one to every residential address in the country. There are six versions of the postcard, and each one contains a simple message of love, appreciation or thanks. The postcards are free, and they’re free to mail anywhere in Canada. No stamps are needed.

Each one of you will receive two free postcards, one at home and a second one at work. If you work remotely, you’ll receive both postcards at home.

We want you, and hopefully all Canadians, to send those postcards to loved ones, to remind them that they’re missed, they’re special and they matter. We believe this initiative can make a difference to the isolation we’re all experiencing. I know it’s been difficult.

Holiday gatherings moved online. Weddings, birthdays and anniversary celebrations have been postponed indefinitely. And the everyday rituals of connection that we used to take for granted were cancelled. Dinners with extended family and coffee dates with our brothers and sisters had to stop. Visits with friends and afternoons shared with our parents simply couldn’t happen. It’s been heartbreaking.

To keep everyone safe, those sacrifices were necessary, but that physical distance has taken an emotional toll. Everyone is missing someone.

Staying in touch can make a difference. When a hug isn’t possible, a handwritten message shows the people we care about that they’re on our mind and in our heart.

This initiative wouldn’t be possible without your support. I know how dedicated Canada Post employees are to the communities where they live and work. Throughout the crisis you showed up again and again for Canadians and I am so very proud of you all.

Please remember that meaningful connection is important for our health, sense of community and overall well-being. So while you stay safe, please also stay in touch. It matters.

Thank you for all that you do.

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