COVID-19: Gradual rollback of measures in Phases 7 to 10


In accordance with public health guidance, we continue to gradually roll back some of the temporary health and safety or operational measures adopted during COVID-19. Between mid-June and late July, as part of phases 7, 8, 9 and 10 of our 10-phase de-escalation plan, we are safely resuming some practices and lifting some restrictions. An overview of the remaining phases is included below, and more details about each phase will be provided closer to implementation dates.

  • Starting on June 16 at 12:01 a.m. (Phase 7):
    • Employees, contractors and visitors are no longer required to wear a face covering in Canada Post facilities. While we still recommend face coverings, you have the option of wearing one or not.
      • If you choose to wear a face covering, you can continue to wear a CPC-provided one or bring your own.
      • Please be respectful of each other’s choices on whether to wear a face covering.
    • Once PPE stock is depleted at facilities, we’ll reinstate e-catalog procurement for COVID PPE and products.
  • Starting week of July 4 (Phases 8 and 9):
    • Physical distancing no longer required.
      • Resume regular start and break times (end staggered start times).
    • Reinstate physical signature for all products.
    • Employees working remotely have opportunity to work in the workplace. More information to come.
    • Cleaning activities and frequency will be aligned to evolving COVID-19 situation.
  • Starting week of July 25 (Phase 10):
    • International travel no longer requires Health and Safety approval.
    • No longer sanitizing facilities after COVID-19 cases (unless identified as a location with a high number of COVID-19 cases).

Some COVID-19 health and safety measures remain in place

The health and safety of our employees remains our highest priority. Several safety measures will remain in effect, including:

  • The Mandatory Vaccination Practice remains in place.
  • You must conduct COVID-19 self-screening each day before going to work. Stay home if you are sick.
  • Employees confirmed or presumed positive for COVID-19 must continue to isolate based on their local public health requirements.
  • Employees must continue to report confirmed or presumed cases of COVID-19, and team leaders must record them.
  • We continue to provide five days of quarantine leave for employees confirmed or presumed positive for COVID-19 who are required to isolate.
  • Employees returning to the workplace after an isolation period must wear a face covering for five days, even if they are not experiencing symptoms.
  • Hand sanitizer and cleaning products remain available in all facilities.
  • Plastic shields will remain in facilities currently using them.

Introducing new Tactical Pandemic Response Toolkit (TPRT)

With the introduction of Phase 7, we are rolling out a new Tactical Pandemic Response Toolkit (TPRT) that will guide our response to COVID-19 going forward.

Under this risk-based approach, the TPRT will be activated once a facility with 20 or more employees is identified as a hot spot (reaches an established threshold for confirmed or presumed cases of COVID-19). Whenever a site reaches the threshold, certain health and safety protocols will kick in at that facility for 21 days, including:

  • Medical masks (level 2) will be mandatory.
  • Staggered start times for employees.
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitization.
  • On-site rapid testing clinics or at-home test kits distributed to employees.
  • Possible work from home for administrative functions.
  • No non-essential in-person training or meetings.
  • Gyms and multi-faith rooms closed.
  • No visitors allowed other than essential safety inspections (ESDC, Public Health, CPC H&S, etc.).
  • No non-essential contracted work.
  • Updated signage and targeted communication.

We continue to align our de-escalation plan with guidance from Employment and Social Development Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days and weeks as we move to Phases 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Please note: our plan may be modified, paused, stopped or reversed at any time depending on public health conditions.

Thank you for continuing to follow our health and safety protocols and for working together to keep each other safe.

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