Read a new CEO Update and watch a video about managing this year’s peak season


In this CEO Update and video message, Doug Ettinger describes how Canada Post plans to handle this year’s holiday season that, due to COVID-19, will be unprecedented.

Managing Peak Season

As you know, we’re heading into our busiest time of year, when Canadians count on us the most – the holidays.

This year, we’re facing a holiday peak season like none we’ve experienced before. Due to COVID-19, Canadians will be ordering more of their gifts online, while we’ll need to continue practicing key safety measures. It’s going to be challenging. But I want you to know we are taking steps to ensure you are not overburdened.

To prepare for this year’s peak, we are committed to the following:

  1. 1. We’re maintaining our commitment to safety that has been so important this year. Physical distancing and other safety measures will continue to be critical.
  2. 2. We’re gearing up to respond to the expected heavy parcel volumes. We’re doing everything possible to ensure we can deliver without overburdening our people.

To help us meet these two commitments, we’re taking some unprecedented steps.

We are working with our largest customers to manage demand. Our goal is to steady the flow of parcels within our network and move overflow volumes between facilities for processing more easily.

We’ve been appealing to Canadians in the media and on social media to shop early, which will also help spread out volumes. Retailers have been picking up this message as well and encouraging their customers to shop earlier than they normally would.

We are also scaling up on our end.

For instance, we’re adding more than 4,000 temporary seasonal employees; we’re increasing our fleet by more than 1,000 vehicles; and we’ve improved processing capacity at key locations in our network.

We’re adding more PDTs and ring scanners. We’ve made improvements to a number of plants and depots. As well, new equipment like the packet sorter in Montreal and new parcel sorter in Moncton will help us.

We all know how important the holidays are to Canadians and to us, and I’m confident that we can respond to the challenges ahead.

By working with our customers, asking Canadians to pitch in by shopping early and preparing our operations, I know we can make this a successful holiday season while staying safe. I know we can deliver the holidays with pride to Canadians, along with some much-needed holiday spirit.

This has been such a difficult year, but I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved together, and of what we’re about to achieve.

Thank you for your continued commitment and for your incredible efforts to serve Canadians.

Please, make it safe, make it home for the holidays.

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