The latest CEO Update highlights your incredible efforts to keep pace with demand as our capacity was overwhelmed by heavy parcel volumes. It includes a video showcasing the positive response to our free postcard campaign.



With the availability of COVID-19 vaccines gradually increasing in the country, access to vaccinations is starting for some Canada Post employees. Health Canada is promoting vaccinations as one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the impact of the disease. Vaccine rollouts are managed by provincial and territorial governments, so timing may vary. To learn more about COVID-19 vaccinations and local availability, employees should refer to federal, provincial and territorial public health websites.

Information for employees who are eligible and choose to get vaccinated:

  • Where feasible, employees should arrange this outside of work hours. We realize that for some employees, appointments may not be available outside of work hours. Employees who can only get vaccinated during work hours must use their Personal Days.
  • Employees with a flexible work schedule who cannot get vaccinated outside of typical work hours should consider discussing a small schedule change with their team leader.
  • Employees who have used all their Personal Days can ask their team leader about accessing special leave.
  • If at any time, a local public health authority approaches Canada Post to offer vaccination clinics to our employees at a given facility, we will inform employees.
  • People who have received a vaccine (whether one dose or two) must still follow all the COVID-19 safety practices. These include wearing an approved face covering, keeping 2 metres of physical distance, frequent hand washing, and performing a daily self-assessment before reporting to work.


Through the “Write Here Write Now” program, Canada Post will deliver 13.5 million postcards, one to every residential address in the country. In this CEO Update, Doug Ettinger shares how the campaign will help everyone stay in touch when it matters.





In this special holiday CEO Update, Doug Ettinger expresses his pride in and gratitude to employees for their hard work and dedication in delivering to Canadians at an incredible pace in this year’s very different peak season.



In this CEO Update from Doug Ettinger and a video message from Jean Caron, General Manager of Finance (Budgeting & Forecasting), they share our November business results and look ahead to our busiest few weeks of the year.



Canada Post employees receive a special gift for their extraordinary efforts during the COVID-19 crisis



Our Parcels results continue to be strong – proof that we’re an essential service for Canadians and retailers, especially during COVID-19. In his CEO Update, Doug Ettinger shares Canada Post’s October and third-quarter results, while Rindala El-Hage, a General Manager in Finance, speaks to the results in a video.



In this CEO Update and video message, Doug Ettinger describes how Canada Post plans to handle this year’s holiday season that, due to COVID-19, will be unprecedented.



In this video message, President and CEO Doug Ettinger explains our new campaign to reduce aggressive behaviour toward our Retail workers and to keep them safe.



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