Read a CEO Update about our 10-year Health and Safety Strategy


Here is Doug Ettinger’s CEO Update in which he launches the new 10-year Health and Safety Strategy that will change the conversations, expectations and outcomes on safety at Canada Post.

The last year has been a challenging time for our company and our country, but it also put a greater focus on Canada Post’s strength – our people. All of you truly are the heart and soul of the company. You are delivering a stronger Canada.

Your health and safety remain our top priority – your physical safety and your mental health. That’s why I’m delighted to launch our 10-year Health and Safety Strategy. It’s a more comprehensive approach to health and safety at Canada Post and builds on the great work of our Make it safe, Make it home program. The 10-year strategy will change the conversations, expectations and outcomes on safety across the company. It will create a stronger safety mindset, reduce injuries and make our workplaces safer for everyone. You’ll all play a crucial role in helping make it a success.

Our new plan provides the tools, structure and expertise that will help us achieve best-in-class safety results. It will be the foundation for every single health and safety initiative in the company. It represents a journey of continuous improvement with one goal: to keep every employee safe.

The strategy has five main pillars:

  • Leadership is about establishing roles, responsibilities and accountability needed to improve safety outcomes. It includes establishing cultural norms for how to think and act on safety. We’ll develop safety leaders, and recognize and reward employees for being safe.
  • Mindset change involves planning for safety and making it a part of everything we do in the workplace. We’ll collaborate more with our bargaining agents and increase our presence in the field to engage with employees.
  • Effective execution includes strengthening our oversight process to make sure all employees are being safe on the job. We’ll have national health and safety standards and put more emphasis on priority sites.
  • Health includes developing a mental health strategy that addresses stress, fatigue and workload. We’ll focus more on aggressive behaviour and violence in the workplace, as well as injury prevention.
  • Road safety is a huge priority considering we’ve got thousands of people on the road each day. Our approach includes a new national road safety standard, driver education and telematics in our fleet.

That’s just a quick overview of our 10-year strategy. You’ll see a lot more on it in the coming months.

This plan will make our workplaces safer, but we need your help. Every Canada Post employee plays an important role in achieving an injury-free workplace.

You’ve all taken safety to heart over the past few years and it has shown – the number of injuries has steadily gone down. We’re extremely grateful for your efforts. But we must continue improving on safety because our people are still getting hurt. The 10-year strategy is the next step in our safety journey and an important part of our transformation plan for A Stronger Canada – Delivered.

Together, we can make Canada Post a leader in workplace safety.

Thank you so much for all you do each day. Please continue to make it safe and make it home.

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