COVID-19: Read a CEO Update and watch a video about the eventual return to workplaces


An update about your return to your workplaces

The past four months have been an incredibly challenging time. As you’ve worked remotely for so long, you’ve all shown just how dedicated and resilient you can be. I’m impressed by all your hard work, and by the qualities you’ve demonstrated in the face of extraordinary circumstances.

We could all use more certainty, so I understand if you’re eager to know when you’ll be asked to return to your workplaces. As Susan Margles explains in this video, we don’t expect to ask the first small wave of employees to return before mid-October. I hope that knowing this now will help you plan your personal lives.

We don’t have an exact date because the COVID-19 situation is still evolving. As we follow the lead of public health experts, we’re maintaining the safety-first approach that has served us so well through COVID-19. Other organizations are in similar situations. Some companies have said they don’t expect a full return until late 2020 or January 2021. Other employers are asking employees to work remotely “for the foreseeable future.”

In recent weeks, a national, cross-functional team led by Susan has been hard at work, determining the safest and best way for you to return. They’re applying the guiding principles we shared with you a few weeks ago, and acting on your feedback from the survey you completed. I’m informed of their progress regularly, and Susan’s team is doing a great job on your behalf.

I can tell you that whenever you’re asked to return, it will be to a different kind of workplace. We’ll need to maintain physical distancing in buildings and spaces that weren’t designed for it, for example. That alone makes several changes necessary. As promised, we’ll keep you informed. You’ll get a full package of information to reintroduce you to a workplace with different use of space and different protocols. People will return in waves, with a few weeks between waves, to allow us to assess and adjust as required. All along, we’ll continue to ask for your views and concerns.

I appreciate your patience during this complex process of assessment and preparation – and again, thank you for everything you’re doing for your colleagues, our customers and this great company.

As always, please stay safe and Keep Wellness in Mind as you work from home.

Doug Ettinger

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