In this short video on and on social media, Doug Ettinger, President and CEO of Canada Post, speaks to Canadians about the postal service during COVID-19.



To keep employees and customers safe during this challenging time, we’ve made significant changes to how we operate our post offices, plants and depots, and deliver items. Given the urgency, these changes have been implemented in a very short period of time. I’m therefore sharing this update to help you understand the extent of our efforts across the country as we continue to put safety first. Thank you for your dedication and perseverance.



As we continue to face the challenges of COVID-19, our people’s safety remains our top priority. To help strengthen our efforts, we have made several changes to the way we operate our post offices and in how we deliver items. We are also asking Canadians to make changes as well.

To ensure Canadians know what to expect, we are communicating these changes to them through media, on social media and in radio spots that will begin playing in local communities later this week.

President and CEO Doug Ettinger has a letter to employees about these changes, and our efforts to keep our people safe while continuing to serve customers across the country.

Please read the letter to keep yourself updated.

We will continue to keep you informed about our ongoing efforts during this challenging period.


Thank you for your patience, hard work and commitment to serving Canadians as we respond to the rapidly changing situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19). We continue to evolve our approach in order to support and protect employees, following the guidance of the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Government of Canada. We understand that many employees are dealing with the challenge of school and daycare closures, and caring for elderly parents. We want to provide some peace of mind as they seek alternative care arrangements.



Read the letter from Doug Ettinger and view the video.



We want to share important messaging regarding social distancing – one of the most important things we can do to protect ourselves and each other from COVID-19.



Further to last night’s message, the Government of Canada has directed all federal government employees to work from home where possible, while maintaining all critical services.



The ongoing situation with COVID-19 is rapidly changing and we are evolving our response accordingly, with your health and safety always top of mind. The Government of Canada has directed all federal government employees to work from home where possible, while maintaining all critical services. We will continue to align with the Public Health Agency of Canada when it comes to the health and safety of our employees and Canadians. Your safety remains our highest priority.



We continue to monitor the rapidly changing situation regarding COVID-19, keeping employee safety front and centre. Late last night, the Government of Canada informed federal government employees to work from home where possible while maintaining important front-line services to Canadians.



Audience: All employees

As we’ve witnessed the last few days, the current situation involving COVID-19 (coronavirus) is evolving rapidly. Our primary goal from the beginning has been to ensure we are doing everything possible to keep employees safe. As we continue to respond to this rapidly changing situation, our actions have been guided by the expert advice of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), the Government of Canada’s lead for COVID-19.



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