In this CEO Update and in a video message, Doug Ettinger shares new information on how Canada Post plans to navigate the next phase as businesses reopen and government ease COVID-19 restrictions.



These last few months we’ve seen COVID-19 alter the way we live, the way we shop and the way we interact with one another. Through it all, I have been incredibly proud as employees across the country stepped up to keep Canadians connected. (more…)


In this CEO update and in a video message, Doug Ettinger shares a snapshot of the business results in June and talks about what this means for employees and the company.



Read the latest CEO Update and watch a new video from Doug Ettinger about the wonderful recognition we’ve received from Canadians.



In this CEO Update and in a video message, Doug Ettinger shares a snapshot of Canada Post’s enormous parcels volumes in May and talks about the impact on employees.



Read this message from Doug Ettinger and watch a light-hearted video thanking frontline Retail workers for their efforts to keep Canadians safe while providing an essential service.



We are advising Canadians to anticipate parcel delays for the foreseeable future, even as we deliver at record levels. As Canadians continue to ramp up and diversify their online shopping, we are responding to unprecedented parcel volumes while maintaining important physical distancing measures in all our facilities.



Our top priority throughout this challenging period continues to be the safety of our people. We have taken our guidance from public health officials to implement new safety measures, roll out supplies to protect employees and keep our facilities clean.



Watch Canada Post’s new TV commercial that introduces our Think Small initiative to Canadians and encourages them to join us in the big fight for small business.



Given the exceptional circumstances around COVID-19, all employees in MGT & Exempt and those represented by PSAC, CUPW, APOC and CPAA are allowed to cancel vacation leave previously booked up to and including May 30, 2020.



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