Coronavirus (COVID-19): Instructions for working remotely – March 17 2020


Further to last night’s message, the Government of Canada has directed all federal government employees to work from home where possible, while maintaining all critical services.

Canada Post has an important responsibility to continue operating the national postal system at a time when Canadians need us most. Our primary goal is to protect employees, while ensuring the smooth functioning of the postal system. We are asking several employee groups to work remotely, effective immediately. Several other groups will begin working remotely in the coming days.

Employees can find instructions on how to work remotely by clicking on the following link: The site also includes handy troubleshooting information and a contact number for the help desk. You can access the site from any computer or mobile device.

With such a large number of people working remotely, employees should try to limit their use of VPN to help ensure our network continues to function smoothly. You do not require VPN access for corporate email, Skype and some other applications. If you do need to access the corporate network for files, please log on and log off as quickly as possible.

Also, please remember to:

  • Update your work voicemail to let people know if you’re working remotely and what number they can reach you at, or forward your landline to your cellphone or alternative phone number.
  • Stagger times for conference calls so we don’t overburden the system. Try to schedule conference calls at more random times that aren’t at the top or bottom of the hour – it makes it easier to connect.

For the list of employee groups who should now be working remotely, please see last night’s message to all employees.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to serving Canadians during this difficult time. Your safety remains our highest priority as the situation continues to rapidly evolve.

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