Members of PSAC/UPCE ratify 4-year collective agreement


A message from: Canada Post Chief Human Resources Officer Scott McDonald

I am pleased to announce that members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada/Union of Postal Communications Employees (PSAC/UPCE) have ratified a new four-year collective agreement.

The agreement includes a wage increase in every year of the deal, with 1.5 per cent in the first and second years; 1.75 per cent in the third; and 1.8 per cent in the fourth year. It also includes a single rate of pay for volume counters.

There are also improvements to the Extended Health Care Plan and increases in coverage to major dental services.

The current level of contributions (65% employer paid and 35% employee paid) under the Extended Health Care Plan (EHCP) will remain for employees who retire prior to three months from the date of signing. Those who retire three months or more after signing will contribute 50% to the plan, and the Corporation the other 50%.

No changes were made to the Canada Post pension plan.

The tentative agreement preserves the job security language in Article 28 but includes new language that addresses challenges with surplus status.

PSAC/UPCE’s new agreement is effective from September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2020.

I commend both negotiating teams for their significant efforts to reach an agreement, and want to thank all PSAC/UPCE-represented employees for their hard work and composure during a lengthy negotiations process.


  • Kim Zamostny says:

    Humm ,by my math , future retires will see an minimum annual increase of $408.00 + PST for Family Health Care Benefits. Shame , shame on the Corporation for hitting those who are already paying a substantial premium, with limited means!

  • C says:

    In response to Y’s question. The CA has been ratified but it has not yet been signed. It is taking way too long in my opinion!!!! The raises will be set retroactive to 2016 so 1.5% for Sept 2016-Aug 2017 plus 1.5 % for Sept 2017 to become current to a date in 2018. Once the back pay is paid and the increments reset you will have a new rate increase. Remember that it will be higher than calculating 3% since the second increase is on the higher wage from the first increase. There will be a third increase in September 2018 of 1.75%

  • doris says:

    What is the date of contract ratification?

  • Y says:

    On what pay will we see our 1.5 % increase?

  • C. says:

    Back to Sept 1, 2016

  • C. says:

    The contract is ratified. Let’s get this contract signed so we can all get our back pay ASAP!

  • D says:

    So when will this take affect??

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