Childcare and parenting

Life Smart Coaching from our EFAP provider, Homewood Health, can offer you information and support to help you parent.

Need child-related resources? We can do the research for you (e.g. daycare, after-school care, school work assistance). Blending families? We can help you create a harmonious family structure. Nurturing a child with special needs or gifts? We can provide you with tools and approaches to help your child.

When you call Homewood’s Client Services Centre, here’s what you can expect:

  1. They’ll ask a few questions to make sure you receive the customized service that will be most helpful.
  2. They’ll arrange for a childcare specialist to call you and walk you through the types of support that you could benefit from – written materials, internet resources, printed materials, and more.
  3. They’ll be in touch with you while you’re using the materials, and help you build the confidence to solve almost any parenting challenge.