Belonging at Work

Our recently launched Mental Health strategy is one of the ways we strive to be Doing right by our people – one of the key pillars of A Stronger Canada — Delivered. As part of this strategy, we will all be building our knowledge and skills regarding psychological health and safety in the workplace. […]

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Resilience is the ability to bounce back or effectively deal with life’s challenges. While some people may be naturally resilient, most have to work on building their resilience through changes to their lifestyle and outlook. Resilience can be learned and must be practiced. […]

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Shift work support

Shift work can interfere with the body’s natural wake-sleep pattern, and may place a strain on your health, well-being, family and social life. A Homewood Health coach can help you find solutions to your unique challenges – to help you stay healthy and safe and enjoying family, friends, life and work. […]

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New parent support

Having a baby is one of the most special times in a person’s life. Caring for that precious miracle is incredibly rewarding, yet it can feel overwhelming. Most of us don’t receive any formal training to parent a newborn, or how to eventually transition back to work, but good information and support can help. […]

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Relationship solutions

Our closest relationships can be so rewarding – but nurturing them takes time and effort, and recovering after a rough patch can be challenging. From better communication to getting the spark back to resolving conflict, a Homewood Health professional will help you take a proactive approach to your relationships. Coaching and a Relationship Solutions resource kit are included in this service. […]

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Financial coaching

Budgeting, managing debt and credit, unexpected expenses or transitions in your life or your partner’s or other family member’s life: these can pose challenges for any of us. Working with an expert can help you gain control of your personal or household finances. […]

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Legal advisory services

Do you have a legal matter to sort out, or need help finding an affordable lawyer? Homewood Health’s Legal Advisory service provides you and eligible family members easy and convenient access to experienced lawyers. From child custody to writing a will or learning your rights as a landlord or tenant, they can point you in the right direction on any number of legal matters. […]

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Flu prevention

We strongly encourage all employees to protect themselves from the flu by getting a flu shot each year. Flu shots are free for most Canadian residents through public health clinics, pharmacies and health care practitioners. […]

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