NEW: Domestic violence prevention and support program

Domestic violence is any behaviour that is used to gain power and control over a partner in an intimate relationship. It affects about one in three women in their lifetime and can have a devastating impact. Domestic violence can be physical, verbal, emotional/psychological, economic and sexual. Individuals of all ages, genders, cultural backgrounds, sexualities or occupations can be affected by domestic violence. This online program provides information to prevent and support employees and their families who experience domestic violence. It also contains information that can help team leaders and coworkers identify when an employee may be struggling and provide them with helpful resources.

Resource About Domestic Violence

This resource highlights various risk factors, as well as prevention strategies for domestic violence.

Talk Track Domestic violence

This talk track provides facts about domestic violence and explains the risks. It includes warning signs to watch for as well as information to help with navigating domestic violence concerns. It also lists resources that employees can access. Manager and Supervisor Toolkit

Resource Domestic Violence Team Leader Procedures

This resource shares helpful procedures for team leaders to follow should they need to support an employee affected by domestic violence.

Training Workplace violence and harassment

This training provides employees with knowledge that will help ensure their safety and reduce incidents of violence and/or harassment at Canada Post. It includes realistic scenarios that could occur at work. To register for this course, go to Learning Zone and sign in. Look for the course name: “Workplace Violence and Harassment Training” or ID: “201005” in the search tool under « Find Learning ».

Policy Canada Labour Code

The Canada Labour Code outlines a new leave that supports employees who are victims of family violence.

Policy Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Policy

Canada Post updated its policy on harassment and violence in the workplace.

Article Experiencing Acts of Violence

This Homewood Health article provides recovery and coping strategies for managing trauma caused by acts of violence.

Article COVID-19: Increases in Domestic Violence

This Homewood Health article explains the impact COVID-19 has had on domestic violence.

Additional resources and support

Here are some resources with more information about this topic: