Organization Culture

What you need to know:

Canadians are expecting more from us. We are here to deliver for them and play a meaningful role in their lives. It starts with this bold plan to transform how we serve our great nation.

Canada Post has shared a new Purpose: A Stronger Canada — Delivered.  This new purpose is the foundation of our company wide transformation. As part of the strategic plan there are three pillars that we are working to deliver on: Providing a service all Canadians can count on, doing right by our people and committing to social and environmental leadership.

Our refreshed values are: Trust, Respect and Deliver.  They are at the heart of everything we say and do as we deliver on our strategic pillars.  These values communicate that we matter as individuals, we matter to one another, we matter to our Country.  When we treat each other and Canadians with trust and respect we can deliver on our new purpose.

We demonstrate our values through our behaviour. There are four new signature behaviours: Make the Call, Know the Destination, Deliver for Others, and Ignite our Pride.  W-hen we behave with these actions in mind and with positive intent, we will create an environment of trust, respect and belonging. A place where people will feel both physically and psychologically safe to participate and share ideas and create solutions.

Click here to learn about the National Standard – Culture

Tools and resources:

What you can do:

  1. Put up new Culture Posters and take down posters promoting old values and leadership habits
  1. Open the meeting with a safety pause and introduce a “Culture Close” at the end of the meeting
  2. 1. Open your meetings with a Safety Pause/Mental Wellness Moment or Diversity Pause
    2. Close your meeting with a “Culture Close”

    A Culture Close is a reflection or discussion about how the values and signature behaviours were displayed within your meeting.

    For example, ask: Does anybody have any reflections on which behaviours or values were displayed in our meeting today?

    Possible responses:

    1. This was a know the destination meeting where we learned about a new initiative, pilot or project that is rolling out.
    2. Thank you for sharing your experience when you “made the call” on “x” and what the lessons learned were from that experience.
    3. It was great for us to celebrate our successes so far this year — we have had some big wins and have great momentum!  It was great for us to recognize the work that this team has contributed. Our pride is ignited!
    4. Thank you for sharing how the team focused on delivering for others so that we could prevent people from fatigue during the heat wave this week.

    Note: when you ask someone to share a Culture Close, you may see a difference in perceptions.  Some will feel strongly that one behaviour was the clear focus, and another person may feel differently. These discussions can be very interesting, and they help people build a deeper understanding our refreshed values and new signature behaviours.

  1. Create a “Know the Destination” Slide at the beginning of your meeting or as part of your Agenda
  2. When building you agenda, frame it with all four Signature Behaviours:

    Sample Meeting Agenda Template
    1 Know the Destination Meeting topic
    2 Make the Call Share any calls that were made and the learnings
    3 Deliver for Others Share how the team or a team member delivered for others
    4 Ignite our Pride Note team successes
  1. Create a “Culture Committee” or hold a monthly or weekly meeting to discuss culture with your team – along with Supervisors and Superintendents. Invite your HRBP, too.

Agenda Meeting 1 – Purpose, Strategy, Values

Review and discuss the Culture “Why Slide”:

  • Discussion on the Purpose and our new Values:
  1. How do you serve and deliver for Canadians daily?
  2. How does your work at Canada Post connect to the three strategic pillars?
  3. What’s different about our values and how do you see them changing our culture?
  4. How do your daily activities align with our new signature behaviours?

Agenda Meeting 2 – Make the Call

Play Make the Call video –

Group discussion:

  1. What does Make the Call look like in your role?
  2. What do the guideposts look like for Making a Call?
  3. What Calls are you making today?
  4. What do you need to Make more Calls?
  5. What happens when you Make a good Call?
  6. What happens when you make a Call, and you don’t get the desired outcome?
  7. What happens when you don’t Make the Call?

Agenda Meeting 3 – Know the Destination

From the last meeting has there been any calls that you made differently?  How did it go?

Group discussion:

  1. What can you do more of when your Know the Destination?
  2. What happens when you don’t Know the Destination?
  3. What one or two ways can you Know the Destination more?

Agenda Meeting 4 – Deliver for Others

From the last meeting have done anything differently to Know the Destination or share it with others?  How did it go?

Group discussion:

  1. How does “Deliver for Others” create a sense of belonging at Canada Post?
  2. How do you “Deliver for Others” every day at work?
  3. What is one thing that you are going to try differently around the “Deliver for Others” behaviour this month?

Agenda Meeting 5 – Ignite our Pride

From the last meeting have you been Delivering for Others differently?  How did it go?

  1. How do you create an atmosphere where people feel a sense of belonging?
  2. What Ignites your Pride?
  3. What part of your work leads you to work satisfaction?

Agenda Meeting 6 – Sharing Culture stories

Organize some recognition for the team as part of this meeting.

Group discussion:

  1. What does a positive organization’s culture look like?
  2. Each person shares one story, a culture moment that has occurred since we started these discussions.