Psychological Competencies and Demands

What you need to know

Canada Post aims to create a work environment where there is a good fit between employees’ interpersonal and emotional competencies, their job skills and the position they hold.
Canada Post encourages hiring and promotion practices that are fair, transparent and inclusive. We value diversity of thought, identity and experience.

We endeavour to provide the support necessary to ensure career success for employees. Knowledge, skills and abilities including interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence are important for all individuals but especially team leaders. Compassion, respectful behaviour, the ability to build connection with others and support belonging in a diverse workplace. Canada Post looks for congruence between individuals’ strengths and the requirements of their roles.

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What you can do

3.1 Consider the benefits of emotional intelligence

  • Take the Workplace Strategies for Mental Health emotional intelligence self-assessment Emotional intelligence self-assessment (
  • Identify resources available that can help to build on the leadership competencies required for your role (i.e. Simon Sinek, Brene Brown).
  • Consider adding an agenda item to an existing monthly meeting within your team meetings (with other team leaders/managers) to share a learning from a leadership expert.

3.2 Facilitate conversations on the topic of psychological demands

  • View the following video Psychological Demands and then engage in conversation with team leaders, peers and employees (participants) regarding feeling prepared for the demands of the job by using the following questions to assist with facilitation:
  • Ask participants:
    • Think of a time at work when you felt that your job demands did not match your emotional and interpersonal competencies. What did you do to maintain your mental health, while ensuring you accomplished necessary tasks?
    • What do the psychological demands of your job mean to you? Is this different for you than it is for your coworkers(s)?

    Watch the video again.

  • Ask participants:
    • What could have been done differently in the scenario with Pierre and his manager?
    • What are some strategies to help YOUR workplace respond to Psychological Demands?
  • Write down different ways that YOU can help manage Psychological Demands in your workplace

3.3. Consider facilitating the “Putting Psychological Competencies and Demands on the Agenda” workshop

  • The workshop focuses on psychological competencies and demands in the workplace.
  • Psychological competency is determined by the approaches and strategies used to deal with work stress. Psychological demands are those things that create work stress.
  • This workshop will provide the opportunity to reduce demands and improve competencies.
  • The goal is to become aware of the sources of stress and put plans in place to manage it to the best of our ability.
  • Click the following for details regarding the workshop: Putting psychological competencies and demands on the agenda (

3.4. Conduct Building Stronger Teams workshops

3.5. Consider career coaching

Canada Post’s EFAP offers career coaching through Life Smart Coaching services. They offer counselling for those who have concerns about their job or are feeling uncertain or overwhelmed. Counselling services can be offered face-to-face, online or over the phone.

Review the following Homewood Health Career Coaching resource document:
Career Coaching

3.6 Headversity

  • Team training
  • Solo training