Psychological and Social Support

What you need to know:

Maintaining psychological and social well-being is an essential aspect of employee development and overall success in the workplace. Canada Post promotes an environment that supports and encourages psychological and social needs to be met. This not only benefits our people but also promotes a positive and productive work environment.

Click to learn more about the National Standard – Psychological and social support.

What you can do:

1.1 Adopt strategies for maintaining your psychological and social well-being in the workplace
  • Social support is important for mental health. Employees should maintain connections with their colleagues, even if you are working remotely.
  • Practice self-such as exercise, meditation or engaging in hobbies to help reduce stress and improve your mental health. You can check out this link for some ideas.
  • If you are struggling with your mental health, seek support from a mental health professional or access our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) here.
1.2 Support your colleagues
  • Ensure that you are equipped to respond to concerns related to workplace stress, conflict, bullying, or harassment.
  • Read the Identifying Employee Issues for Leaders resource to help develop a shared understanding among management, human resources and union representatives on how to support your colleagues at the workplace by adopting a solution-focused approach.
  • Performance management can offer safe and effective approaches to managing employees with personal or health issues.
  • The Protecting the Psychological Health and Safety of Volunteers Toolkit can be used to identify and support co-workers who may be struggling with personal or health issues.
  • Check out the “Stigma Reduction Plan“. It can be helpful in eliminating stigma and discrimination.
  1.3 Understand how words and behaviours can impact both physical and psychological health and safety
  • Take workshops like the Psychologically Safe Interactions Workshop. This can help you gain awareness of how words and actions can affect the physical and psychological well-being and safety of co-workers.
  • Read our Mental Health Resource List, which offers strategies to improve mental health awareness and well-being for employees. This includes addressing isolation among remote workers, developing personal coping strategies and offering mental health education during Mental Health Week and Mental Illness Awareness Week.
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