Recognition and reward

What you need to know:

At Canada Post, we acknowledge the exceptional work done by our employees both individually and collectively. They inspire their colleagues and contribute to the success of the company and the communities we serve.

We also recognize the significance of empowering our people and are committed to providing the tools needed to achieve unparalleled success in their careers. This includes our comprehensive employee recognition program. Our program is tailored to celebrate employees’ achievements, milestones, and engagement while aligning with our corporate values and behaviors as part of our overarching mission: A Stronger Canada – Delivered.

Based on the feedback received from team leaders in the 2021 Employee Engagement Survey, we have enhanced our recognition program to address their suggestions. The improvements include more options and flexibility for recognizing employee achievements, additional recognition categories, and a streamlined ordering process.

You can check out the recognition program here: Canada Post Recognition Program

Click to learn more about the National Standard – Recognition and reward

What you can do:

1.1 Maintain a positive attitude

  • Focus on the opportunities and positive aspects of your work.
  • Express gratitude and appreciation to colleagues for their contributions and support.
  • Use positive language when communicating with colleagues and avoid negative or critical language.

1.2 Understand the different types of recognition and reward

1.3 Set effective goals

  • Goals should be clearly defined and communicated. Avoid being vague or difficult to measure.
  • Set goals that can be objectively measured, such as increasing sales by a certain percentage or completing a project by a specific deadline.
  • Large goals can be overwhelming, so break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks.

1.4 Keep a record of your accomplishments

We encourage you to communicate your accomplishments regularly. Here are some strategies to help you effectively communicate your achievements to your leader:

  • Quantify your accomplishments, when possible, with specific numbers, percentages or other metrics.
  • Use specific examples of projects or initiatives you have led or contributed to and highlight how your work has positively impacted the company.
  • If you faced any challenges or obstacles while achieving your accomplishments, be sure to highlight these and explain how you overcame them.

1.5 Stay proactive

  • Pay attention to potential issues or challenges that may arise and make plans to prevent them from becoming bigger problems.
  • When you encounter problems, focus on finding solutions rather than dwelling on the issue.
  • Continuously expand your knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the curve.

For more resources, you can always refer to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) link below: