Stress, anxiety and depression online toolkit

Your mental health and well-being is as important as your physical health and safety. To help manage stress, anxiety and depression you or your family may experience, please refer to the below resources. These tools come from Homewood Health, our Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provider and Medisys/Telus Health Centre.

Talk track Managing stress and anxiety

This talk track reminds employees about the risks of stress and anxiety on your overall health if left unchecked, includes warning signs to look out for, and shares important information on the support that’s available should employees and their families need it.

Training Supporting mental health

This training module explains the difference between mental health and illness, provides an overview of some common disorders, including stress and anxiety, and describes how both can impact a person, as well as the importance of a self-care plan. Employees can access the training in the Learning Zone using course ID 200022. Employees and their families can find the training by visiting and creating a free confidential account.

Expert’s Corner Stress and anxiety

Expert’s Corner provides employees with expert advice on a number of wellness topics from partners including Homewood Health and Medisys/Telus Health Centre.

Program Online behavioural therapy for mild depression and anxiety

Homewood Health offers you and your family a bilingual, 24/7 web-based tool to help those struggling with mild depression or anxiety. Learn more.

Service Stress solutions

Feeling stressed out? Homewood can provide you the needed support, guidance and helpful tools on stress management techniques. Learn more.

Service Depression and anxiety care

Depression and anxiety are the most common mental health disorders. Almost half of all people with depression also suffer from persistent anxiety. They often experience similar symptoms, including nervousness, irritability, and difficulty sleeping and concentrating. Homewood Health offers personalized treatment for employees and family members with moderate to severe anxiety or depressive symptoms. Learn more.