Aggressive behaviour

Any form of aggressive behaviour against our employees is concerning. If you are confronted by an aggressive customer in the workplace, you should always put your safety first. A number of resources are available to help employees prevent, recognize and respond to violence and harassment in the workplace. This includes online training, steps to follow when an employee encounters aggressive behaviour, and support that’s available following an incident.

Video Watch a video about our new campaign to reduce aggressive behaviour toward Retail workers

In this video message, President and CEO Doug Ettinger explains our new campaign to reduce aggressive behaviour toward our Retail workers and to keep them safe.

Talk track Aggressive behaviour: customer on employee

This talk track reminds employees about the risks of aggressive behaviour from customers, includes step-by-step instructions on what employees should do during an incident, and shares important information on the support that’s available following an incident.

Training Workplace violence and harassment

The goal of this training is to provide employees with knowledge that will help ensure their safety and reduce incidents of violence and/or harassment at Canada Post. This training is provided mostly through realistic scenarios that could occur at work. To register for this course, go to Learning Zone and sign in. Look for the course name: “Workplace Violence and Harassment Training” or ID: “201005” in the search tool under « Find Learning ».

Policy Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Policy

Canada Post has updated its policy on harassment and violence in the workplace.

Resolution Process Preventing and responding to workplace harassment and violence

There is a new resolution process in place to guide employees and team leaders in reporting and resolving incidents of workplace harassment and violence and for restoring safety in the workplace.